Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Gabbar attacks Raghu

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 11th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harbheji coming to her room and finds Madhav taking out something from the cupboard. She switches on lights and asks what is he doing? Madhav tells that he is loading the money. She says she has seen what he was doing. Madhav tells that Putli Bai had hidden the looted money/treasure somewhere before surrendering to Police. He tells that his children has only the right on the treasure. Harbheji tells that she is liking it and tells that only Gabbar has the right on this treasure. She tells that she knows his Amma well and knows that she must have hiding the money in this haveli. She asks Madhav to mend his ways else everything will go to Guddu. Madhav says Guddu is bal brahmachari and what he will do with the money. Harbheji says she made him brahmachari so that he don’t ask for his rights. Madhav says our Gabbar is elder and has the first right. Harbheji says she has figured out how Amma’s mind works and that’s why she made Atta as a drunkard and Guddu as bal brahmachari. Madhav tells that Gudiya is roaming around Guddu. She says if something happens then she will not leave Gudiya and her family. She asks him to search the girl for Gabbar and tells that only the intelligent person will get Amma’s treasure. Atta hears them at this moment and thinks he will search the treasure. He thinks which is the place where people get scared to go? He thinks Amma’s room and goes.

Gabbar is in his room. Harbheji brings food for him. He gets happy seeing lauki ke kofte and gives her money as a prize. She asks from where did you get the money? Gabbar tells that he has snatched from Atta’s hand. Harbheji gets happy to know that he has snatched the money from him. She says I want you to snatch money from this house. He asks her to call Guddu. Harbheji says he is studying and can’t come. Gabbar gets violent and asks her to call Guddu.

Radhe, Sarla and others hear Gabbar. Pappu says he must be very unwell. Gudiya tells that he is just unwell. Sarla asks her not to say anything. She tells that this girl is spoiling. Radhe tells that they will be soon connected with politics and asks Gudiya to take precautions when you go there. Gudiya tells that she feels that she shall go and know him, why is he shouting. She says he is not dangerous that he seems to be. Sweety cries and tells that the food is not made of her choice, and she is eating outside food. She tells that her heart is shouting and crying. Sarla asks her to go and make food in kitchen. Sweety says when you are there, why to cook food. Sarla asks if I am your Servant? Sweety asks if you are everyone’s Servant. Sarla calls her bhagodi/runaway girl and asks if she learnt this from Mumbai. Sweety goes from there crying. Radhe tells that he will not support her. Gudiya says nobody wants to talk about Gabbar.

In night, Atta comes to his Amma’s room and searches for the treasure. Putli Bai wakes up and slaps him hard. He says he wants to get the treasure. Putli bai asks her to ask the person to come to her and ask.

Radhe asks Sarla to behave as a politician’s wife. Sarla smiles and tells that there is no advantage of breaking the empty things. Radhe tells that there is a woman’s hand behind every successful man and tells that behind him, it is her hand. She tells that he has learnt politics from her and salutes her. Sarla says I agree that you can become a politician. Radhe asks her to behave like a politician wife and tells that you are getting very strict with Sweety. Sarla says if Pappu asked you to say this. Radhe says no and asks if she don’t trust him. Sarla says no. Radhe says I will show you after becoming a politician. Sarla asks him to become a married girl’s father. Radhe says he will soon get her married.

Pappu asks Sweety why are you upset with me? Sweety says didn’t you tell Amma that I can’t work. Pappu says how can I say that to Amma. He says it is not good that you don’t do work. Sweety says she will never work. Pappu says the fight will never end then. Sweety asks him not to get upset and asks why fight will not end. Pappu gets happy. Sweety asks him to tell Amma directly that his Sweety will not do any work. Pappu gets upset.

A servant is sweeping in Gabbar’s room when the table slips and the water pot, jug and Gabbar’s toy falls down. Gabbar reacts seeing it broken and laughs. He then takes the mop and hits on Servant’s neck. Servant writhes in pain and tells that he didn’t do it intentionally. Gabbar tries to suffocate Raghu. Matai comes there and asks him to leave Raghu. Gabbar holds his neck also. Putli Bai, Harbheji and Guddu comes there. Gabbar pushes Putli Bai. Guddu holds Gabbar while Harbheji gives him injection. Gudiya tells that she wants to help Gabbar. Putli Bai tells Harbheji that she wants to get him married in such a condition and goes. Gudiya asks God if he gives her permission then she will try to solve this problem.

Precap: Putli Bai asks about Gabbar’s health. Harbheji tells that he was sleeping peacefully all night. Putli Bai asks how do you know. Guddu prays to hanuman ji that Guddu don’t stop her from meeting Gabbar. Harbheji tries to stop Putli Bai from meeting Gabbar.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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