Patiala Babes 9th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Hanuman Gets House Eviction Letter

Patiala Babes 9th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Babita applies pain balm to Mini’s forehead and asks if her headache is gone now. Mini says yes. Babita says all because of her fight, she should keep her mind calm. Babita’s mangalsatura strikes her head. Mini angrily asks why don’t she remove it, there are many good pendants available. Babita says mangalsutra is party of her body now and she is wearing it since she married Ashok. Mini takes her stand in front of mirror and says she should realize she is just Babita and not Khurana or Chaddha, she should live her life and not under pressure.

Hanuman bathes in open while Laala applies soap on his back. He praises Laala that he should open massage parlor. Laala yells silently. Babita comes on terrace to dry clothes and runs away shy seeing Hanuman bathing. She nervously tells Mini about it. Mini excitedly tries to check, but Babita stops her. Hanuman’s jokergiri starts. Laala scolds him that he should have built bathroom in ground floor also and

Hanuman polishes his uniform shoes. Laala asks to stop rubbing shoes too much. Hanuman says one can see their face in his shoes and continues his speech. Khatri enters with neighbors and warns Hanuman to either evict mother and daughter from his house and evict his house himself. Neigbors support Khatri. Khatri boasts about himself that he is society’s secretary and has got an eviction letter. Hanuman tears letter and asks him to get 30 people’s sign on letter and get out till then. Khatri walks away with his team. Babita tries to speak. Hanuman says he already told that they don’t have to go anywhere as he is fighting for justice. Babita asks Mini to tell her Hanuman uncle that he should never give up and they will not leave his house.

Precap: Mini worriedly tells Babita that Hanuman uncle has gone to meet society committee regarding evicting his house. Khatri provokes society members to sign on eviction letter and they all fall for his provoking thoughts.

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  1. I loved the scene where Minnie asks Babita to look in the mirror and try to find the girl before she became daughter in law, wife, mother and everything else. Babita needs to find herself, maybe something in the creativity area, like the dolls she painted from flour, or she is good at cooking too. Or maybe something completely new, an old hobby that she has forgotten…
    today for the first time the show gave an indication that Babita and Hanuman will be paired up later. It felt too soon to me, suddenly Hanuman watching Babita and romantic song playing in the background. Actually, i like Hanuman’s story with his first wife, how he adores her and because of her his viewpoint changed about women in general. I would prefer if Hanuman and Babita stayed just as good friends because a woman doesnt have to find a romantic partner and can stay happy single also. But if they chose to go the other way, even then i am fine. Because the concept of remarriage especially for people with grown up kids is treated as immoral in most places. So if they tackle that, it will be good too. Besides, it will be good if Babita manages to move on in her life and find true love that she deserves
    One little point, I am amazed how Babita and Minnie’s house has all these beautiful curtains and what not and their rooms look so pretty! Realistically, with so much spending, they will start facing financial problems sooner and i thought they will be spending every rupee with much more caution…

  2. Firstly Babita has to accept that her marriage is over. She will soon get divorce papers and will feel hurt all over again. She deserves some happiness. She has been married for such a long time and never actually had the happiness of a wife to a loving husband. Hanuman seems a perfect fit.

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