Hey guys.. How are u all??I am here with the 96th episode.. Only 4 more to go.. I am very excited..

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Let’s see what happens today..


The episode starts with Ritika talking with her dad..

Dad : Beta.. Tell me who saved u from that cheater??

Ritika : I don’t want to talk about this papa.. Let’s talk about something else..

Dad : Beta.. Don’t try to hide anything from me.. I could sense that u have something in ur mind which u are trying hard to hide from me..

Ritika hugs her dad and tells him everything crying..

Dad : Beta.. So,Abhi married u to save u from him?? U should have told all these to me before itself nah?? I want to see him.. I want to thank him..

Ritika : Ya papa.. He did not think about his life even once before marrying me..

Dad : Did that Arjun bother u after that??

Ritika : No papa.. He left for some other country with his wife for vacation.. Before he could return,mami threw me out of the house.. I don’t know what happened then..

Dad : I think he has returned now and that is why they were talking about u.. Let’s be careful..

Ritika : No papa.. He will not come to me again..

Dad : Ok beta.. When will my son in law return??

Ritika : We usually return at 5.30.. I guess he is busy with some work..

Dad : Hmm.. I wish both of u love happily for hundred years..

Ritika : But papa.. That will not happen..

Dad : Why beta??

Ritika : That day Abhi married me as he did not have any other option to save me.. Basically, it is a marriage that happened out of compulsion.. I don’t think this will work out..

Dad : Why beta?? Does he mistreat u??

Ritika : No papa.. He takes care of me very well.. He thinks that I am his responsibility and he treats me like a queen.. But,I think he deserves a better life with a better person..

Dad : U don’t like him??

Ritika : No papa.. I like him so much.. In fact,I love him.. That is why I think he wants to be happy.. He deserves someone who is a suitable match for him.

Dad : But beta.. U both are married nah??

Ritika : So what papa? This is not a marriage where we loved each other and got married.. His parents too are not talking to him properly as he had married me.. They are right.. He is their only son and how can they take him marrying a random girl?? And he has suffered a lot only because of me.. I don’t want him to suffer anymore.. I am gonna end this marriage..

Dad : Beta.. What do u mean??

Ritika : I am gonna divorce him..

Dad : Don’t say like that.. I will talk to him..

Ritika : No papa.. He is not a problem at all.. He will live with me for years.. But I will feel guilty that I spoiled the dreams of his parents.. And moreover,he too might have had some dreams for his wife.. I messed up everything.. Its time to set everything right..

Dad : But Ritika..

Ritika : No papa.. This is my final decision.. I won’t change it whatever u say.. Will u take me to Mumbai with u??

Her dad thinks..

Ritika : if u can’t,then I will go somewhere else..

Dad : I will take u with me.. But u can think once..

Ritika did not reply and she began packing her bags.. After sometime,Abhi reaches his house.. He is shocked to see Ritika’s dad there as he has not seen him before..

Ritika’s dad: Abhi??

Abhi nods with a smile..

Dad : I am Ritika’s father..

Abhi : Oh.. Sorry uncle.. I have not seen u nah?? That’s why I could not recognise u..

Dad : That’s ok beta..

Abhi : How are u?? When did u come??

Dad : I am good beta.. Thank u so much for whatever u have done for Ritika.. I know that thanks is a very small word in front of whatever u did.. I will never forget u in my life..

Abhi does not know what to say.. He smiles..

Abhi : Did Ritika give u something to eat??

He calls her.. She comes with her suitcase.. Abhi sees her..

Abhi : Ritu.. Where are u going??

Ritika : I am going with papa.. To Mumbai..

Abhi : Oh.. Ok.. U go and take rest.. When will u return??

Ritika : I will not return Abhi.

Abhi : Ritu.. Don’t joke..

Ritika : Abhi.. I am serious..

Abhi : (to Ritika’s dad) Uncle.. What is she saying??

Dad : U talk with her beta..

He goes out..

Abhi : Ritika.. I can’t understand what u are saying..

Ritika : I am going away from u Abhi.. Forever..

Abhi : But why?? What happened to u?? Did I hurt u?? Did someone say something to u??

Ritika : No Abhi.. This is my own decision.. I think u deserve someone better.. I am not a suitable match for u.. Thanks for saving me from Arjun putting ur own  life at stake.. I want u to be happy..

Abhi : My happiness is u Ritu.. Don’t u see it??

Ritika : No Abhi.. U began believing that I am ur happiness as u had married me.. Just forget it Abhi.. What if we have not got married?? U would have got someone better than me.. So,I am leaving u.. In fact,I am freeing u from this marriage..

She did not look up to see Abhi.. She had tears in her eyes and was staring at the floor..

Abhi : Have u gone mad?? U stupid.. Listen to me..

Ritika : No Abhi.. I am not ready to listen to anyone.. This is my decision and that’s final.. I won’t change it.. So take care Abhi.. Thanks for everything.. Take care.. Be happy.. Good bye..

Abhi : Stupid.. Listen to me.. I cannot live without u..

Ritika : No Abhi.. U will get used to live without me as the days pass.. I am sure u will get someone better than me.. I will send u divorce papers soon..

Abhi : Don’t do that Ritu..

Abhi holds her hand with tears..

Ritika : Leave me Abhi. I have to go..

She releases her hand and goes.. He goes out and tries talking to her.. But she did not listen.. She gets on a cab and goes with her dad.. She cries..

Na kuch poocha,na kuch maanga
Tune dil se diya,Jo diya
Na much bola,na much tola
Muskuraake diya,Jo diya..
Tu hi dhoop,tu hi chaaya
Tu hi apna,paraya
Aur kuch na jaanoon,bas itna hi jaanoon..
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai yaara main kya karoon plays..

Mudhal murai partha gyabagam..uyirinil thandhu pogiraai..
Idhayathil aedho oar eeram.. Needhane en ponvasandham.. Plays..

Abhi cries..

Abhi : (thinks) I have to do something..

He calls Shruti..

Shruti : Hey Abhi.. What about ur work in office?? Ur boss asked me to ask u..

Abhi : Shruti.. Ritika is leaving for Mumbai..

Shruti : Oh.. Ok.. Let her go.. She too will be missing her hometown nah??

Abhi : Stupid.. She won’t return.. She told me that she would send me divorce papers..

Shruti : Hahaha.. Ur pranks won’t work out with me..

Abhi : Hey.. Promise..

Shruti : No.. U and ur wife are playing with me…

Abhi : (shouts) Are u mad or what Shruti?? I am telling the truth.. I pleaded.. But she did not listen to me.. I did not have lunch and I am feeling dizzy.. So I did not follow her..

Shruti : Don’t call me mad Abhi.. Ok.. Let me and Arnav come there.. If I come to know that it’s a prank,I would make arnav fire u from the job..

Abhi : Ok.. Do whatever… Now come as soon as possible..

Shruti tells everything to Arnav and both of them get into the car and go to Abhi’s house..


Shruti also calls Sid and Swadhu and asks them to come too..

Sid tells everything to Swadhu.. He starts his bike and asks Swadhu to get in it..

Swadhu : No.. I won’t come with u.. Then if I say something,u will find fault in it..

Sid : So,u have decided that I am the one who always fights with u,isn’t it??

Swadhu : No.. I did not say anything.. Leave me please.. I will come in cab..

Sid : U have to come with me.. We can at least save some fuel..

He grabs her hand and makes her sit..
They too reach Abhi’s house..


They see Abhi sitting in the sofa with closed eyes..

Arnav : Abhi.. Are u alright??

Abhi gets up.. He cries and tells everything to her.. They console him..

Shruti : What happened to her?? Why is she doing like this??

Sid : Hmm.. These girls.. I don’t know how they become mad abruptly..

He says it seeing Swadhu.. Swadhu stares at him angrily..

Swadhu : So,u say that I am mad,right??

Sid : I did not mention ur name.. I just said generally..

Swadhu : No.. U meant me only..

Shruti : Hello.. What is this new problem?? What happened to both of u??

Abhi : Hello.. Please listen to me.. U have come to solve my problem.. Keep that in mind..

Arnav : Why are u both arguing?

Abhi : Leave it bhai.. They would fight like this and later they will Romance like love birds.. Please do something for me..(he folded his hands and imitates like begging)

Arnav : Okok.. Sorry Abhi.. Don’t worry.. We will go to the airport and talk to Ritika..

Abhi : Hmm.. Do that soon..

Sid : Don’t worry.. We will bring her..

Swadhu : Eat something before u faint.

Shruti : Haan Abhi.. Be alive at least till Ritika comes.. Don’t die without seeing her..

Abhi : Seems like u will do funeral for me..
Shruti : Don’t worry.. We will come before ur funeral with Ritika..

Abhi makes pout..

Four of them come out of his house.. They get into the car.. Arnav and Shruti sit in the front .. But sid and Swadhu were standing thinking..

Shruti : Do I have to welcome u inside the car??

Sid : U come out Shruti..

Shruti : Why??

Sid : Just come out..

Shruti comes out..

Sid sits in the front seat..

Sid : U go and sit with her..

He says looking at Swadhu..

Swadhu :Hello.. I am also not dying to sit with u..

She smirks.. Shruti holds her head..

Shruti : These idiots are impossible..

Arnav turns from the driver’s seat and smiles at her..

PRECAP : The four people talk to Ritika in the airport.. Shruti says that Abhi attempted suicide and is serious in the hospital..

Hey guys.. What do u feel about Ritika’s decision?? She has inferiority complex and that’s why she feels like she has spoiled Abhi’s life.. This is my point of view.. If u have any difference in opinion,tell me in comments.. Drop ur like and comments..

  1. Wowwww sisss….beautiful episode wid sad abhi….but i hav hope on sruthi she will make ritu understand…..but even in serious situations sid nd swadhu are silly ppl fytng….also sruthi nd abhi cant change anytym…tat funeral part osm…precap omg I think so its sruthi plannings….waiting fr next epi….update soon

  2. Anokhi21

    Ya dear.. Shruti and Abhi won’t change at any situation..and about precap.. I think Shruti could be true too..??who knows?? That idiot writer can do anything..??lets wait and watch..Thank u Ramya for ur long comment..

  3. Awesome episode akka..some unexpected things are happening…rithu left abi…s…this inferiority complex kills many pepoles life and dreams???…so we can save fuel by going in single vehicle..can u write these point in my next examination fa fuel consumption question?….eee…always having some spicy nadakuthu nail biting preacaps…?..WAITING to know what happened to abi..

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u dear..thank u for agreeing with Mr on Ritika’s pov.. U have to agree.. U don’t have any other way as u are my sis.. And write this fuel consumption in ur test.. Don’t blame me if ur teacher scolds u.. Ya dear.. 4 more to go..

  4. 4 more to go..??????

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