Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th January 2019 Written Episode Update : Tiwari learns about Gulfamkali

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gulfamkali performing at Mishra house,Vibhu says your shows wont be allowed here, Gulfamkali says if you have problem go to your room and sleep. Tiwari watches them, Vibhu says quite Anu is calling if she finds we will be dead, Prem says quite Bhabhi is dangerous.

Vibhu picks the call, Anu aks where were you, Vibhu says i fell asleep, Anu asks how come so quickly all good, Vibhu says yes, Anu asks did you pay bills, Vibhu says yes,Anu says send pic of Bill, Vibhu says baby i was busy i will pay bills tomorrow, i went to an interview, Anu says stopying,Vibhu says im not lying,it was prems friends, Gulfamkali rings her bangles, Anu asks where are you i hear music,vibhu says no where, Anu says look if your friend specially Prem drops down in my absence i will kill you.Tiwari says this is why he didn’t allow me in,very good i will infrom bhabhiji now.

Angoori looking for Vibhu says when will he begin pooja, vibhu hides seeing her, a man asks him why is he sitting like this, vibhu shhs him. Angoori greets him and asks why are you sitting there, Vibhu says i was stretching,Angoori asks pooja, Vibhu says soon, Angoori feels giddy, Vibhu asks why, Angoori says fasting for Pooja, I’m devotional you see,bye.

Tiwari calls Anu, Anu says good to hear from you, Tiwari says oh then i will call you everyday, Anu says i feel good when you call me sometimes,Tiwari syas i have soe news for you, Anu says before that i would like to tell you, my grooming classes are in boom here, and also one more thing please you and Angoori take care of Vibhu in my absence, i know he troubles you a lot but thats his nature he is a pranksters but good at heart, bye.

Tiwari calls her back but she isnt reachable, Angoori asks whats wrong why you look upset, Tiwari tells about Gulfamkali,Angoori says i didnt get you, Tiwari says forget it did you eat, Angoori says waiting for pooja, Tiwari says stupid lady dont believe that man, Angoori asks why, Tiwari says he has turned House to Gulfamkali bar, Angoori says im so hurt, Tiwari says he played with emotions of a devotional woman like you, you should teach him a lesson, first eat something then we will find an idea.

Boys discussing about Gulfamkali, prem says it’s temporary the renovation has began, malkan says good work,prem says its 5 lakh expense you also have to pay 1 lakh each, forget boys hapu you can manage but, Hapu says i will but it shouldn’t recah my house. Boys say we can contribute 5000 each paid by hapu, hapu asks why me, boys say if you don’t we will infrom your wife about it

Vibhu looking at Anus pick and missing her, he finds Gulfamkali beside her and gets scared, Gulfamkali says im beside you and you missing her, Vibhu says forget it, my wife will kill me. Anu on call with verma for good marketing, and thanks him,she calls vibhu. Vibhu asks Gulfamkali to leave, Gulfamkali says i promise i won’t do anything i just want to see how husband wife talk,vibhu says shut-up and picks the call. Anu asks where were you, Vibhu says Baby i was in bathroom, vibhu says i was missing you and thinking of calling you, Anu says before that what were you doing, anyways did you have food and what did you eat, Vibhu tells, Anu says im missing food cooked by you, Gulfamkali troubles him while talking and shouts seeing lizard, Anu asks who it is, Vibhu says no one, anu says i heard women shout.Vibhu says im watching movie, tiwari sees vibhu with Gulfamkali in bedroom and says now i have to infrom bhabhiji about all this its too much.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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