Patiala Babes 30th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Irfan To Sell Nayeem BI’s House?

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Patiala Babes 30th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Irfan asks HS why his wife’s ex-in-laws are staying in NB’s house. HS says their children stay abroad and so not have parents’ visa. Irfan asks why don’t he keep them at his house. HS says his wife will be uncomfortable seeing her ex-in-laws around and NB as they know is very kind hearted from before. Irfan says everyone just want to washoff their hands and misusing his mother’s kindness by paying 4000 rs rent including food instead of 8000 rs plus. Minnie while filling juice hears their conversation and drops glass. They both turn hearing sound. Minnie nervously says she was carrying juice and keeping their glass walks away.

Minnie serves juice to Rukhsana, NB, Imran and Babita. Rukhsana praises Babita’s brave move of starting a business. Babita says

she had to to support Minnie and herself. Rukhsana says even she took kindergarten class teaching job to be near her son Imran. Minnie tells Babita that she will go and enjoy some fresh air and NB backs her. Minnie walks to NB’s house where she sees Biji serving Dadaji a bland khichdi saying she could prepare only that due to her ill health. Dadaji says its amrit for him and reminds that she prepared khichdi for the first time when he had flu. Biji says he was behaving like a kid then. Minnie calls them and they both get happy seeing her and feed her khichdi.

Before going to bed, Babita tells HS that NB’s family liked her prepared dished and she is happy. HS says NB also needs some privacy to spend some quality time with her family. Babita asks him to be specific. He asks if they can keep senior citizens in their house till Irfan is in NB’s house. Babita says they remind her of her bitter past with Ashok and she cannot bear them at any cost and they can book a hotel for them. HS says NB will feel bad and will not approve it. Babita says they can rent a house and she will pay rent. HS says NB will not approve even that. Babita says its his house and he can do whatever he wants to, who is she to oppose him. HS says he literally meant when he called her as his house owner and will not do anything that will hurt her feelings.

Next morning NB enjoys her grandson Imran’s talk when Khatri enters greeting irfan. Irfan hugs him and asks how is he. Khatri says he is same as irfan left him and offers chocolates to Imran. Rukhsana asks why did he give Imran so many chocolates as he already had Biji’s gifted laddoos. Imran says Jhanjat daadi’s laddoos were very tasty. Biji asks him not to insult elders. Khatri says kids always speak truth. Biji scolds him and takes Imran in. Irfan tells Khatri that he wants to sell this house and to find a buyer soon. Khatri says if old couple will agree to vacate this house. Irfan says he can convince his mother via Imran, but not old couple

Minnie brings dadaji and biji home after their medical check up. Babita watches from balcony. Khatri interferes and taunts that Minnie is acting as Shravan Kumar while old couples children ransacked them, he will fix beds outside hospital for them with samshan/burial ground in the other side. Minnie warns him, but biji stops her.

Precap: Babita scolds Minnie for meeting Biji Dadaji and breaking her promise. Minnie says she did and says Babita cannot blame them and Lovely for her failures as she is equally responsible.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. It is clear from this episode that Babita and HS have become a couple in all aspects…the way she leaned on his shoulder shows that there are no barriers between them now and they are wife and husband in true sense….and I am happy for them…What I am worried about is Babita’s persisting insecurities…she is hesitant to give shelter to two old people that too just for a week….the reason that she gives is they remind her of Ashok’s memories…when Minnie ,Ashok’s daughter ,doesn’t give her any nightmarish memories ,why to cast them away with this unbelievable reason..Till before that unpleasant fiasco that happened during the marriage,she did n’t find their presence suffocating….I feel Babita’s character is becoming weak day by day…she doesn’t want to face her fears and insecurities…rather she wants to hide behind them and invent ways to make someone else scapegoat…hope HS,instead of supporting her by saying that he will abide by whatever the ‘ makan ki malikin’ says ,will put some sense into her insecure psych …
    As usual Khatri has proved that there is no one that can beat him in meanness …the way he remarks original Baap ki original maa ,baap ‘ was just too wretched..and finding a home for the senior citizens with hospital on one side and burial ground on another was too insensitive..and I was even more shocked to see Babita just standing there in her balcony and seeing the fun ….leave alone,Biji and Dadaji, she didn’t go to the rescue of her own daughter…just unbelievable! On top of it ,in the pre cap ,she castigates Minnie Ivor helping her grandparents….does Babita remember how meanly her own younger brother behaved when she was desperately in need of some shelter and relatives…still when HS brought him and his family on Raksha bandhan day,she ran to hug him forgetting everything…Babita should remember that blood relationship is applicable to everyone and we can not cut off ties over minor differences….

    1. Agree with you lakshmi… i know the show started with babita getting over her shortcomings and learning to live independently… but now the writers are showing as if babita doesnt have a single good quality in her. Will she have to learn things from minnie and hanuman throuhout her life? Its time hanuman or minnie learn something from babita too! She was a kind caring woman… how is it possible that she does not realize the plight of her in laws at all? This same babita sent minnie with cake to biji bauji on their wedding anniversary because she knew these relations still mattered. Now, completely out of turn, she has become so selfish? I understand if she is angry at lovely. But to forbid minnie from meeting her old, weak grandparents is so cruel, to be honest. The writers shouldnt have made babita’s character so weak

  2. Very true and well said. I totally agree with you. I think Babita ia very selfish and being very arrogant and an emotional fool trying to get sympathy from Hanuman. She needs to wake up and change her attitude or she will lose her daughter too.

  3. The grand parents are not blood relations to Babita , they are Babita’s ex In-laws , and she is their ex daughter in-law. Yes Minnie is their grand daughter and should meet them when and as often as she likes.
    But the ex in-laws have no business moving in with Babita, in her new married life and in her new home. They are absolutely nothing to Hanuman Singh, so why are the creators of this show trying to load them onto Hanita’s newly married life???
    This show is spinning its wheels in the same muck over and over again, so how will it progress to any other level?

  4. It is true that her ex in laws are not blood relatives of Babita…but it is also true that she can not change her daughter’s blood bond with them and the love and affection that they showered on Minnie……if helping two elderly with whom she had spent 18 years of her life requires blood bond,NB should not have wasted her time all these months helping out the mother and daughter in so many ways..without her initiative she wouldn’t have become Mrs.Hanuman Singh also ..Ofcourse there is no obligation on Babita’s part to invite her daughter’s grandparents into her house as legally no relationship exists between them except that ‘humanity aspect’…if Babita is ok with whatever is going on now with her ex in laws ,nothing to say….but as Reva said ,she should be ready to lose her daughter who is already feeling terrible to see her grandparents being orphaned like this..

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