Tara From Satara 30th September 2019 Written Episode Update: RD and his crew check each contestant

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Tara From Satara 30th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Arjun stands up and extends his hand towards Tara but she gets up on her own. Can’t you see while working? She says sorry eventually. Chiman and Salim come there. Tara speaks to Chiman. He asks her to send Radhika with Arjun. He got a new bike. Arjun tells him to stop his nonsense. This bike isn’t mine. I have to repair it and return it. Tara says we will come and run. Salim tells him to hear properly. Arjun tells him to hear properly. She said we. Salim says maybe she is from a royal family. Don’t be rude. Chiman pulls his leg but Arjun stays in his usual avatar.

Next morning, everyone in the chawl is busy with their routing. Varun asks his family to come asap. He asks for tea. Chinu gives him water and bun. There is no tea. I will bring ration in the evening. She fixes his shirt’s

buttons. Rohan smiles at Ajji. Varun calls out to Radhika. Chinu tells him to eat outside if he feels hungry. I will pack lunch from tomorrow. Ajji teases her. The miser from Satara has become a queen in Mumbai! Ajji asks Tara why she is so lost. Are you missing your parents? She affirms. Ajji says you are missing Satara and Bedane also. Tara nods. I thought we have come for 2 days but I don’t know till when we will have to stay here now. Ajji gifts her Bappa’s idol. Tara is thrilled to see Satara’s Bappa and shows him Mumbai’s Bappa. You have to be ahead of him. You are no less. She keeps Bappa’s idol in her bag. I am ready. Varun asks Tara why she is coming along. An elder should accompany her. Tara says that’s why I am going but he tells her to study at home. She says I forgot my maths book. Ajji smiles hearing her story. Tara will go with Radhika. Varun says I am also ready. Tara tells him to un-ready. She goes to wash her hands. The tap breaks. Varun helps her and gets drenched. Tara murmurs that the day has started on a bad note.

RD is with his crew. He says passion brings drama. Papa ji says we must look for stories where you hear a heartbeat. We have to keep our eyes open for this reason. We must dig deeper than the masks of the participants. We make stories. One of them is recording it. Everyone claps as he ends his pep talk.

Chinu does Radhika’s aarti. Tara makes her do her aarti as well. It is my 1st day in Dancer No. 1 as well.

Priya is doing Arjun’s aarti. He tells her to hurry up or Tara wont spare him. She tells him to wait a minute.

Ajji tells Radhika that they have come far from home. We will lose path if we part on the way. It is your responsibility. Radhika nods. Tara also offers to take care of this fact.

Arjun folds his hands in reverence upon his mother’s request. She says you work really hard. It will be good if God will bless you. He says I will work hard enough to make sure He blesses me. You are my God after all. She rues that his father dint give them any happiness. I will become a queen because of you.

Radhika and Tara are all set to leave and so is Arjun. They all are positive that they will be victorious.

Tara calls out to Arjun the moment he steps outside. Shall we? He nods reluctantly.

RD says it is not just their first day but ours too. We will decide what will happen and how. We will decide who our hero will be. Who will be the heroine and who is Mr. or Miss Damadol? Who is a cheater and who is different than the rest? On top of it all, who will be our villain? World likes villains and not good boys. A story is made with twists, turns and surprises. Find out the surprise package of this year. It maybe a face, a dance or maybe it is another story in itself. Every contestant’s personality should be different. Audience need to connect with them. All the contestants have reached the academy. RD says relations are formed when you know someone closely; when their happiness and sorrows become yours. One needs to know everything about them in detail. I need to know everything about each contestant, their inspiration, strengths and weaknesses. They are very sensitive. They are artists. They will be angels if you touch their hearts otherwise they will be very dangerous!

RD and his crew watch the small bytes given by the contestants. RD raises a question about the son of a rich movie producer. They see Radhika’s story next. Ankit notices Tara in the background and gets curious. RD says is Radhika trying to fulfil her dreams in the name of Kathak. There shouldn’t be anyone else in the frame next time. His crew nods. RD tells them about Gurpreet’s engagement. There is something strange about their relationship. Find out. AJ is a free spirit. RD says his face and words are incomplete. Find out his story. There is something behind it. RD asks his crew to find out the similarity between Divya and Radhika. Arjun’s story plays next. RD says Priya is his mother’s name which means his father has given him a lot of pain in his childhood. Find out his back story.

Radhika goes to for the practise. Tara tells her to practise well. Radhika asks her if she will tell her this. Tara says I am telling you on Baba’s behalf. Radhika asks her what she will do here alone. Tara says I will practise. I don’t do anything else after all. They both laugh. Radhika asks her if there is something special about today. She tells her about Bedane’s predicament. Ajji brought Bappa from Satara. Everything will be fine. Radhika heads to the classroom.

Tara notices Gurpreet and her fiancé and tries to focus on her book instead. She repeats the words to herself – the day has started on a good note! Why isn’t MK here yet? I will meet him too.

Precap: Ankit asks his friends about Radhika. Is she from Satara? His friend nods. Ankit points at Tara. That girl was of her height. Tara hides in the classroom behind a rack. Ankit’s friend does not see her. Arjun drops his belt under the rack and reaches out for it. Tara closes her eyes worriedly.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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