Bigg Boss 13 30th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Ameesha lightens up the house

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Bigg Boss 13 30th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 1, 5:45am
Paras washes dishes. He calls Aarti to do her duty. She asks already? He says yes.

Abu says no one chose him for duty and he got special disadvantage ring. Shehnaz says she chose Paras because she has seen him in the show, and he’s young too, so she will get along with him well.

Shukla shows surprise at how much work he’s going to have to do it.

Asim wants to sleep without tshirt as he’s used to that. He’s sharing bed with Mahira. Housemates tell him there is no rule, but he has to think about his bed mate too. In end, he puts on tshirt.

Paras discusses that he has to sleep between two girls.

Shukla and Rashmi sleep on opposite sides.

Sid Dey is

snoring loud. Others are not able to sleep and laugh.

Abu says he wants tea, but everyone is sleeping still.

In discussion, Asim says “black people”. Housemates call him racist. Aarti comes to his rescue. Later, Koena goes to Asim and says not to get serious, they are teasing him.

Asim tells Shukla that Paras interrupts for no reason. He’s testing his patience. Inside, Paras comments about him to other housemates.

Ameesha Patel comes in the house. Bigg Boss welcomes land lady. Shehnaz asks why BB needs to rent, he’s already so rich. Some housemates show Ameesha around. There is a special room that’s locked. Ameesha says it’s a special bathroom. One girl who will become queen will get key to that bathroom.

Ameesha then gives them task for ration. Everyone will line up and pass certain things mouth to mouth. Whatever they gather will be their ration. If they drop anything while passing, then they will lose that. Things vary from veggies, to eggs, to masala bags. After task, Ameesha leaves.

Devoleena says she was lucky that she had girls to both sides. Mahira and Rashami says things were smelling so bad. Housemates get their ration as per their task performance.

Shehnaz sings her song that’s releasing soon. Abu also sings his composed song.

Paras complains about Asim to Aarti. She says he’s sweet, it’s his first show, so he must be excited. Paras says he’s irritating and calls him ‘dog’ too. Outside, Asim complains about Paras.

Shehnaz now sings a rap. Asim joins her. Again racism argument starts. This time, Jammu and Punjab. Paras tells him to say India.. what is this Jammu and Punjab. Asim says he cleared in beginning that for entertainment, Shehnaz will sing and he will add a rap.

Dey advices Shehnaz to be like what she is. Shehnaz says she’s fat, so she doesn’t get much work. Dey says she isn’t. She is sweet and everyone likes that.

Devoleena says they will have to tell Mahira to clean bathroom properly.

Ameesha is back in the house. She dances in swimming pool. Housemates come out of the house and cheer her. She says it’s time for a spicy task.

Name of game is land lady wants.. guys will take part. Whoever 2 don’t perform well will get black hearts. BB will tell what those black hearts mean. First task, girls will chose 2 guys. Remove their shirts and write 2 first impression words on their body with lipstick. Koena chooses Asim and Abu. Girls write loud for Abu, short tempered for Asim. Second task, girls will chose 2 guys and put blindfold on them. Dey and Paras are chosen. Girls will give their hands to them and they will have to guess who it is. Asim comes. Paras is able to guess it right. Now girls come. Dey fails to recognize. Paras does good job. Third task, 2 guys will be chosen for ramp walk. Shukla and Asim are chosen. Shukla impresses everyone. Last task, Abu and Dey will need to get in the pool and sing their composed song. Ameesha gives black hearts to Paras for hardly participating, and to Asim. Dey tries to impress Ameesha but it backfires and he ends up getting black heart that Paras had gotten.

Paras said since morning he’s giving attention to Asim. Now he left him alone for 20 minutes and his face became so small.

Precap: Nominations time. Boys vs girls. Dey vs Shukla.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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  1. Thanks for the update @Simmy

  2. why paras is always behind azim? He intentionally picking him & irritating him so that he get much drama & footage… annoying guy paras. Always complaining… azim is doing this, azim is doing that, azim… azim.. uff…
    i think ab thak daljeeth is doing gud.. lets wait & see… kya kuch hone wala hei

    1. It’s hard to see two of ur favorite contestants fight… It’s my case now… Don’t know y both of them give so much attention to each other, especially Paras…πŸ˜‚ I’ve not watching splitsvilla, so there’s no idea about him… Got no idea abt asim too… So I feel like it’s too early to judge anyone… Let’s wait n see… But this season is quite interesting… N the house is good as well…

  3. Amal

    LMAOOO mental slavery is still there I’m guessing β€˜ black people β€˜ sick guy 😭😭😭😭 hope this makes it to Twitter and they drag this Asim guy who thinks he looks better than blacks. 😏😏 paras seems entertaining and I liked when he told Asim to say India instead of Jammu or Punjab ❀️

  4. Paras and Azim do not like eachother. I feel like Paras (during contestants intro) kind of felt insecure after seeing Azim. But Azim seems too conceited. I am Punjabi, and I hope Shehnaaz doesn’t represent in a bad way. Thanks to bwood, Punjabis don’t have a good reputation. They use our songs but make us look illiterate. I really hope she represents well. She seemed to do some overacting.
    I dont know how i feel about Ameesha in the show. Lets see how this season goes

  5. Neeru

    Well too early to pick favourites but i feel shehnaaz is a cutiepie…. also Dey seems like a good guy… i have seen splittsvilla ,so i knw paras… paras nd prince wer totally against each othr dat season nd since i liked prince since roadies,, i kinda hated paras…. but here i prefr him over azim… azims attitude ryt frm d intro episode got to my nerves… He feels he is d most established among dem being an international model and all .. As for other famous faces,, too early to judge… !!

    1. Hello Neeru, How’s going. I mssed you a lot. So this season you are against Azim but I liked him. Wao this gonna be awesome to fight with you again after an year. Please don’t be nice. Lets be harsh. btw I missed you hahaha but let’s fight like venus and mars. I really lke Azim over parak. Paras is kinda di**k t him

      1. Neeru

        @ciesta sie….. haha…. i missed you toooo buddy….. hw hv u been…. ???
        Lol… no i don’t hate azim… and no i definitely dnt like paras…. i hated him in d whole season of splittsvilla…. jst felt azim was d rude one in the intro episode…. i mean he cud hv jst said nicely ki i dnt knw u guys… bt he was a lil rude in d way he said…. dats all… Also i blve itz tooo early to pick sides… dnt u think ??

  6. horrible episode….Not at all Entertaining

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