Patiala Babes 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Hanuman Warns Makhan/Mickey

Patiala Babes 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Minnie eats Babita’s prepared food while Babita is asleep and emotionally says she loves Babes. Next morning, Babita does tulsi pooja. Minnie walks to her and asks if she is angry on her. Babita says no and smilingly asks her to get ready for college. Minnie gets happy thinking Babes’ anger is gone. Mickey reaches near her house and calls Minnie. Minnie asks him to call her on phone. He says her phone is off and writing a message wraps it in stone and throws it towards Minnie. It falls on vase. Babita asks what fell down. Minnie says nothing and hides seeing Nayeem bi. Nayeem bi walks to Mickey and asks what is he doing here. Mickey looking at other side leaves on his bike. Minnie picks letter and reads that her phone is switched off, she should attend college for a few days until situation settles down in college.

Hanuman tries to remove thorn from his foot sole via safety pin with great difficulty blabbering his usual dialogues and his sole bleeds. Babita walks in and offers help. He says he will get sin. Babita says nothing will happen and removes thorn from his leg. A romantic song plays in the background. Babita says he should use safety pin next time as he can get septic and he should tie chia seeds at night instead and thorn will pop out itself in the morning. She continues her blabbering and Hanuman looks at her nervously. Nayeem bi walks to him and says she caught red handed. Hanuman nervously asks what does she mean. She says she saw Minnie speaking to Makhan/Mickey standing in balcony. Hanuman relaxes and says they are friends. Nayeem bi says she saw them yesterday night and even today morning, so he should meet Makhan and find out what is happening.

Hanuman enjoys tea at Balli’s tea stall. Constable brings Makhan. Makhan says it is illegal to bring an Indian citizen forcefully like this. Hanuman says he is doing KYC (know your customer) and asks what his father does. Makhan says his father is a rich farmer in hoshiarpur. Hanuman after a lengthy interrogation asks him what is happening between him and Minnie. Makhan says if a boy and girl cannot be friends. Hanuman says he is delivering filmy dialogue, girl and boy can be friends, but there should not be any hidden conspiracies, warns him to stay away from Minnie and says if he finds out he is hiding any secret, he will not be spared. Makhan leaves.

Minnie nervously wanders in home reminiscing Makhan’s suggestion not to attending college for 1-2 days until Manmeet’s issue settles. Bobby calls her on Babita’s phone and asks why she is not speaking to him, if she and Preet fought it is not his problem, he is angry seeing Preet blindly trusting Kittu. Minnie disconnects call and seeing Babita searching something and asks what she wants. Babita asks where is her phone, she should keep it for charging. Minnie’s phone beeps and Babita finds messages coming.

Precap: Babita gets a call from college that she has to be at principal’s office at 9 a.m. and he has already sent a notice to her home. Hanuman picks notice and reads it.

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