Shot 13…
The Episode starts with Myra having her dinner along with Kunj without any tantrums while he was telling her a story and giggling while earning her cute reactions …

Done papa she said keeping a hand on her tummy ..

Last one doll Kunj said but she nodded in no …

Are last one take it na baby plsh Kunj said  trying to convince her while she opened her mouth and Kunj put the morsel she had it while he fed her water …and wiped her face ..

Chalo now my baby’s tummy full Kunj said hugging her tightly …

No papa I am not a baby pihu is baby I am a big girl she said while Kunj smiled ..
Oho my big girl come let’s sleep Kunj said taking her inside …

While both laid beside twinkle with Myra in between them Kunj switch off the lights and was patting on myra back ..

Papaaaaa she said while Kunj hummed in sleepy voice ..
Hmm bolo baby Kunj said ..

I don’t want to sleep nini nahi alahi Myra said ..
Ale Baba plsh sleep papa has to go office tomorrow na Kunj said ..

Haan she said and closed her eyes …for sometime …
Paapaaa she said again going above Kunj ..

Hmm he said again …
Myra sleep don’t tease papa twinkle said pulling her towards her and cuddles her she hides faces in her mother embrace and slept …

After sometime Kunj woke up and sees them finally she slept oh my god how much i missed them to be beside me these days he said and had water and went back to sleep ..
While on the other side pihu was teasing Yuvni alottt she was continuously sneezing and coughing while Yuvni was with her whole night ..

Are baby sleep na what happen to you Avni said checking her ..
Hawwwww I want to sleep cutie sleep na baby Yuvi was walking taking pihu in arms to and fro while she was crying rubbing her nose …

Finally the trio dozed off to sleep but still again pihu woke up and Avni took her outside so that she can calm down …
It was 7 am in the morning bebe woke up for her morning prayers while Avni too come down with pihu and gave her to bebe while Usha too joined them …

What happen to mera bacha bebe said hugging pihu while she hugs her back ..
Aww Usha said seeing them ..
Myra woke up early and got down the bed she sees her teddy on the couch …

Sorry pooh you have to sleep alone she said and moved back to bed and saw twinj cuddling each other and sleeping she looks at them and went downstairs taking her pooh with her talking to teddy..

She reached downstairs and sees Pihu bebe Usha and Avni ..
Dadi she said gaining their attention ..

Are Myra you woke Usha said while she ran in her dadi arms and sees pihu ..
Ohhhh hi cry baby she said waving at pihuuuu while she makes faces seeing her and hugs bebe back ..

Myra baby why you came down ??? Usha asked seeing her yawning ..

Wo mein …I woke up and went to take pooh but papa took my place on bed so I came down she told them keeping her head on Usha shoulder closing her eyes ..while bebe Avni and Usha giggled .
Ohoooo so papa took your place bebe said while she hummed they giggled again ..

Let them come Avni murmured chuckling ..
@ twinj room ::
Twinkle woke up after sometime she sees herself caged in Kunj arms and smiled caressing his hairs …

Kunjjj leave me she said while he nodded in no and cuddles her more tightly …

No I won’t sleep na for some more time he said while she smiled closing her eyes ..

Soon something clicked her mind where’s Myra ??? Twinkle said ..

Are she make have woken up and went downstairs as she usually do Kunj said ..

Still Kunj I have to give her bath dress her and then make breakfast too twinkle said ..

Huhuh such a unromantic wifey you are Kunj said while twinkle giggled ..

I am she said and got up from there and soon got freshen up while Kunj too woke up and sat on the bed waiting for twinkle to come out of washroom ..

Twinkle came out after dressing herself and went to Kunj and sprinkles her wet hair on his face ..while he pulled her by waist and cuddles her ..

Eww Kunj first get freshen up she said while he nodded in no teasing her ..then leaves her ..

Go and see where is my baby huh Kunj said ..
Yeah twinkle said she pecked his lips and ran downstairs ..

She started searching for Myra and asked everyone ..
Maa where is Myra ? She asked ..

Are ? She went to your room only Usha replied ..
But she didn’t came twinkle said ..uff ye ladki why she makes me run behind her always twinkle said while bebe giggled ..

Hey pihu darling how’s you twinkle said and pecked her cheeks ..while she smiled …

Myra baby where are you twinkle said while Myra was seeing her hiding from her vision and giggling …

Twinkle felt her presence and decided to make her jealous ..
Uff ye Myra to yaha nahi hai pihu baby you come to me twinkle said while pihu  readily jumps in her arms ..

Mumma Myra said coming from behind and pats her foots on the floor …
I am your baby she said while Avni too sees them …

Acha you toh always tease Mumma na twinkle said ..
No no I won’t tease you Pinky plomish she said hugging her legs twinkle smiled ..Avni took pihu …

I’ll just come after giving her bath twinkle said while others nodded Avni too went to her room to wake up Yuvi as well ..

Twinkle was giving bath to Myra while Kunj was working while having his coffee soon twinkle comes their wrapping myra in towel …

Uffff Kunj said seeing them both ..
Mumma I’ll go down ?Myra said ..
You will go like this Haan in towel twinkle asked while she nodded in yes and Kunj chuckled ..

See na Mumma it’s too hot na she said ..
Huhh I can’t win over you meri maa twinkle said she took out sleevesless top and shorts and made her wear that while Kunj was done with checking everything they all went downstairs ..

While Myra sat on Manohar lap pihu was in Kunj arms Yuvi was yawning as his sleep didn’t got completed bebe and Usha having their morning tea and Avni twinkle seeing the breakfast .. they call everyone for breakfast …

Pihu started crying again while Myra looks at her drinking her milk …

Ofooooooooooo cry baby stoppp now she said ..while pihu cried more ..
Give her to me twinkle said taking her from Kunj ..

What happen pihu bacha twinkle said checking her …are she got rashes twinkle said …while Avni was making Myra eat ..
Wait I’ll apply cream to her twinkle said and Avni nodded ..

Chachi I don’t want Myra said ..
Are Myra bas thoda sa na Chachi ke liye please Avni said ..

Only for you Myra said and was having her breakfast while twinkle was back with pihu ..all the men’s were done with their breakfast and left for the meeting ..while twinkle and Avni too had and sat in the hall with their babies ..

She didn’t let me sleep whole light Avni said yawning while twinkle giggled ..
Acha she didn’t or Yuvi didn’t she asked teasingly ..

Huhuh such a bad one waise Avni giggled ..
What happen twinkle asked ..

Bechari Myra Avni said ..
Why ? Twinkle asked while Avni narrated her morning scene while twinkle turned red and Avni was teasing her ..

Ab what she will do when her parents always romances she said ..
Shut up its nothing like that she said while Avni giggled …

This girl na but I love her alottt twinkle said ..
Yeah I know Avni replied ..they both were having fun sharing gosspis after so many days ..

Soon it was lunch time and Kunj and Yuvi came back home while they brought mangoes and mango ice cream as Myra and pihu loves mangoes alottt …

Yuvi went inside to have a quick nap while Kunj sees Myra who was playing with her pooh …

Hey doll Kunj said while she hugged him ..
Papa I missed you ..she said while Kunj smiled and bites her cheeks ..

Why are you playing outside where’s Mumma ? Kunj asked…
Mumma is inside and pooh wants to come out so I came she said showing her teddy while Kunj smiled at her cuteness ..

But you will get tanned na see the sunlight Kunj said ..come let’s go in he added ..
Na I’ll play for sometime na please she said ..

Acha if you come inside I’ll give you ice cream Kunj said .. while she immediately agrees Kunj giggled seeing her ..

He gave her one cup and went to keep the rest on refrigerator while Myra went to pihu who was playing with her toys ..

Ohh ratt Myra said while pihu looked at her having ice cream ..
Iceeee she said jumping ..

No it’s mine Myra said turning to other side ..while pihu kept looking at her ..
Okay fine I’ll give you too myra said feeding her and herself while scattering it all over their lips ..

Are ice cream finish Myra said she went from there while pihu again started playing ..

Yuvi who came out sees pihu playing while Avni too comes to check on her ..

Areee who made her have ice cream avni said ..looking at her while Yuvi nodded in no ..

I just came he said ..twinkle too comes hearing their voice followed by Kunj ..

Yuviiii I know you may only have made her eat it Avni said know about her cold since last night still she stayed miffed ..

Are I swear I didn’t he said while twinj looks on …
Shitttttttt Kunj said ..

What happen twinkle asked
This Siyappa is done by your Siyappa Kunj said ..

Means ? Who gave her ice cream ???  Twinkle asked ..
Me Kunj said ..

Myra comes there and looks at them before Yuvni looks at her Kunj keeps his palms on her lips covering her stained lips …

Avnii Yuvi didn’t made her have it it’s Myra twinkle said ..
Haan Myra said coming out from Kunj clutches ..

But Myra baby pihu is Ill na Avni said matching her height ..

I am sorry she wanted to have it so I gave as papa told na we should share Myra said making a pout twinj and Yuvi smiled ..

Okay Avni said and hugged her and pihu as well while all of them went from there ..
Soon 2-3 days passed even Leela and rt returned back from their vacation they came to meet sarna family as it was Sunday as well ..they all greeted each other ..

Where are my grand daughters ??? Rt asked while pihu came to him running slowly and Myra came running both hugged him tightly ..

Oh my god I missed my dolls so much rt said ..

Are you both will meet only nanu ? Not Nani ? Leela asked while Myra hugged her and sat on her lap while pihu in rat lap ..

Or maa papa how’s your journey Kunj asked ???

It was good but we all missed you so much Leela said while Kunj pouted signing at Manohar while twinkle Yuvi and Avni giggled ..

Haan leave all these things we will plan something again when everyone will be free waise twinkle he accompanied us to Amritsar to meet you ..

Who papa ? Kunj asked ..
Twinkles best friend Leela added ..if you all don’t have any problem should I call him here ? She asked ..

Yeah Usha said .
Ohh it’s good bebe said chalo we all will sit in lawn as the weather is good bebe said all agreed while Leela called him ..

Kunj was burning with jealous seeing twinkle excited just on mentioning his presence …

Soon the time passed and someone entered inside sarna mansion ..and called twinkle ..

Twinkiiiiii he said while twinkle smiled and hugged him tightly Kunj sees them closing his fist …

Hehe Kunj ? you were jealousy of me and twinkle and now see another sautan for you Yuvi said ..
Bhai shut up Kunj said ..

I missed you soooooo much Karan twinkle said while they broke the hug ..
Even I missed you Kamini he said ..

You got married and didn’t even invited me he added ..
Huhuh as if you were in touch twinkle added ..they both giggled and hifi …

Twinkle made him meet Yuvi and Avni and then Kunj ..
He is my bestest half my Kunj twinkle said entwining their hands ..

Ohhooo ? nice to meet you Kunj ..
Same Kunj said faking a smile ..
Where is your daughter ? I heard a lot about her Karan said ..

Are she is in lawn with papa twinkle added ..they all went there while Karan met others too they all were gelled up with him ..

While twinkle and he were talking infuriating Kunj alottt ..
Oho you are engaged as well ? Twinkkle asked while he nodded in yes ..

Congratulations she said …
Thank you he blushed ..and met Myra as well ..

Are Yaar she is so cute …after all she went in charms on her father not her wild cat mother Karan said ..

Huh ? she looks like me twinkle said ..
Not at all Karan said they were fighting while Yuvni was teasing Kunj ..
Soon they had their dinner and tanejas and Karan left …

Twinkle after settling up in kitchen comes back in room and sees Kunj ..Myra already slept ..

Hey kunjjj what happen ?
Huhuh what will happen he said turning to other side ..

Ufff Kunj sarna ye berukhi twinkle said smiling ..
Hah your Charan left ? He asked ..

It’s Karan twinkle added ..
Whatever he said ..
Omg Kunj sarna is jealous twinkle said ..
Huh yeah ?? he added ..

What is this Kunj I love you I am legally married to you I have a cute child with you and then also you are inscure twinkle said ..

Yes because I can’t see what’s mine with anyone else Kunj said pulling her closer to himself ..

I love you alottt twinkle he said while she smiled at his possessiveness …
I am already yours she added while he smiled ..
To be continued ..
So how’s the chapter ??
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Love you all
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Bye Allahafiz ?✌

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