Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 29th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Amma and Rajjo get angry on Happu again

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Hritik and Chamchi playing cricket. Hritik calls her Aishwarya Rai. She calls him Virat Kohli and says I will make you out. Happu thinks they have ruined his sleep when he got holiday as ball fall on him. A school teacher comes to Happu and says your son misbehaved in school and had beaten up a student that he fainted. Happu asks why did you beat him. School teacher tells your house environment is good, then why your son is spoiled. Amma comes out talking angrily and scolding someone. She complains to Happu that her phone is bad. Then comes Rajjo scolding someone for teasing her sister Vimlesh and says I would have pulled out your hand. Happu says she is a neighbor. Rajjo says I am happu singh’s wife. School teacher says now it is proved that you people don’t have values and this boy is from this house.

Later Rajjo tells Happu that kids wants icecream and asks from where to get. Happu says it is in the fridge. Rajjo says your kids didn’t leave anything. Happu asks Hritik to eat food today. Rajjo says they want mutton daily. Hritik says I will drink just tea. Dadi says he is like his mother. Rajjo asks why don’t you tell the truth. Amma says I am peace loving woman and bearing you. Happu tries to stop their fight. One of the sons sings song. Malaika slaps him and says they have angry behavior. Other son asks them to be happy. Kat says house is burning on fire. Happu asks elder kids to take care of her siblings. Kat says I am not the tall child of this house and says even malaika is tall. Malaika scolds her. Kat asks her to mind her language. Happu scolds her.

Amma tells her husband that she is very angry today. Dada ji asks why she is angry. Happu comes there and greets Amma. Amma slaps him. He asks who greets this way. Amma says if I had known that you will do this, then I will not given you birth. She says you had said that I get much angry. Dada ji says he said right. Amma says she will call tantrik to make him go. Happu says you did right. Amma slaps him again. Dada ji says good shot. Amma asks him to stop. Happu says to tell you truth, I lied to praise Rajjo and says Rajjo is angry in the house. Dada ji asks her not to fight in the house. Amma slaps Happu again and says his wife only fights. Happu says even I agree that Rajesh is much angier. Dada ji says sometimes. Amma says he is saying that she is always angry. Happu says so you are elder and calm down. Amma slaps him again. Happu says I promise that if you touch me again then I will leave from here. Amma slaps him thrice and asks him to go to his room. Dada ji asks her to fight less. Amma asks shall I show my roop. Dada ji goes. Amma says she is so smiling.

Rajjo is taking care of the baby. Happu asks what is his number and says I don’t remember. Rajjo asks him to talk to the walls. He says you are my 9 kids mother. Rajjo says if you can then will make the wall as your kids mum. Happu says why you are talking strange. Rajjo says your Amma talks nicely in this house. Happu says anger is bad for health. Rajjo says this thing is suitable for your mother and asks him to make her understand. Happu says you get angry and calm down easily. Rajjo asks why did you scold me infront of everyone? Happu says I was praising Amma. He thinks to agree to her else she will not let him sleep. She asks if he has cement in his mouth. Happu tells that he agrees with her. Chamchi hears them.

Kamlesh comes through window and asks Malaika why she is staring at him. Malaika says why will I stare at you, you are not Ranbir Kapoor. Kamlesh brings jalebi for her. Kat says you are bringing sweets etc for Malaika and not for me. Kamlesh says I brought it for you also. Kat says you are showing true colors. Kamlesh says you are jealous of Malaika. Kat says she is my sister and you are a cheater. Kamlesh says you are fighting always and your family are angry, fighting types. Kat says why you are pulling my father and says I will kill you, and is a dangerous girl. Kamlesh says your dangerness is falling from your face. Kat asks him to leave and take the sweets. She asks him never to come. Malaika asks Kamlesh to go. Kamlesh goes. Kat asks Malaika why she is not beating him today. Malaika says anger is bad.

Precap: Amma says we shall prove who is much angrier. Rajjo says I will prove that you are much angrier in the house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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