Patiala Babes 25th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Mini Gets Arrested By Police Again

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Patiala Babes 25th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Laala sells scrap to scrap dealer when Babita enters and he asks where had she gone. She says to meet Nayeem bi and walks in keeping news paper bundle. Hanuman enters asking Laala if he finished selling scrap. Scrap dealer shows news paper bundle. Hanuman realizes Babita had taken it, but why? Mini with Preet goes to different city to sell her jewelry thinking nobody would identify them. Jeweler greets them and asks what jewelry they need. Mini says she wants to sell her jewelry and shows it. Jeweler asks if she informed her parents about it and asks to call her father. Mini nervously asks why should she. Jeweler says she wants to sell it to buy drugs then. Mini says no and asks to return her jewelry. He says he will not until her parents come and asks servant to call police.

Babita calls some company for receptionist job. Receptionist says she need replacement and asks if she is Ms. or Mrs. Babita says Mrs. Receptionist asks her qualification. Babita says BA. Receptionist asks if she knows to use computer. Babita says no, but will learn. Receptionist asks her to send her resume to company then. Babita gets tensed thinking if Mini was here she would have helped her prepare resume.

Police reaches jewelry shop and calls Preet’s mother. Preet’s mother enters and scolds her, yells at Mini to stay away from Preet and takes her along. Inspector asks Mini to call her relatives. Mini calls Hanuman. Laala brings Mini. Hanuman scolds Mini. Babita says she was selling her own jewelry. Hanuman asks if she has any proof it is her jewelry, mother and daughter live in filmy imagination and think themselves as smart and know everything; he will call Mini as smart girl instead of brave girl. Mini asks why is he telling that. Hanuman says their supergo don’t let them see reality and ask their right, he suggested them to file alimony case, but they are so egoistic. Babita says it is self-respect. Hanuman says she does not know difference between self-respect and super ego. They both agree to file alimony and maintenance case.

Preet’s mother meets Lovely and informs Mini was selling jewelry and people are badmouthing about Khurana family. Lovely warns her to mind her own business. Lady continues she can shut her mouth, but not whole society. Lovely stands yelling and cursing Babita.

Lawyer meets Babita and Mini and tells he has filed alimony and maintenance case against Ashok, Mini can study peacefully now. Mini asks Babita to sign papers and she does.

Precap: Ashok informs his parents that Babita has file alimony and maintenance case. Biji walks to Babita and curses her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This was bound to happen… after all mother in showed her true colors…

  2. the precap made me so angry, i almost wish Bauji had left Biji and gone to Haridwar. the old woman almost had a heart attack when she thought her husband was leaving her and it was Babita who convinced Bauji to stay, and still Biji has the guts to go and curse Babita. No wonder both her children turned out as selfish as Ashok and Lovely. They have a problem even with the fact that Babita is asking for the things that she HERSELF BROUGHT from her Maika. Kudos. Any conscientious person would have given those jewelry back to Babita the moment she left her in-laws home, those ornaments belong to her. But look how angry the in-laws got, specially that useless Ashok. Bauji is the only person who has my sympathy. He even gave Minnie her scooty, that he bought with his money, when he realized Biji will not throw Mita and Ashok out of their house. But Biji is still hoarding jewelry. Huh. I will have zero sorrow if Ashok throws his Biji out in the streets along with Lovely.
    Ashok was hoping he would get a easy divorce through mutual consent and live lavishly. Not happening. Babita should ask even more than 15k per month.

  3. I am glad how Babita’s journey is going. I hope she learns how to use computer and gets tech savvy in course of time. This is one hurdle that many middle-aged women might face if they think of doing a job right now. Back when they studied in schools and colleges, computer education was almost nil. My mother too is afraid of using smartphone and doesnt even want to learn about it. She prefers her own simple handset and uses it only to make calls. My mother relates to Babita so much, specially in yesterday’s epi when the customer care asked Babita to dial # and she couldn’t find it. I cant wait for the day when Babita confidently goes about her life.
    I wonder what Ashok is doing though. He wrapped up his business in London (or was it America/Canada?) and had planned to open a new one in Amritsar along with Sukhi. But since his return he spends his days fighting with everyone and getting jealous of his parents’ sympathy towards Babita. I would be so glad if it so happens that while Babita is progressing in her career everyday, Ashok’s business and financial situation goes down the drain

  4. well babita lawyer did say daughter in law can only be that not a daughter, maybe bauji will support biji and son who knows, cause they did not expect it from babita to do what she has done, Ashoka wanted to get out of giving her alimony he is a sleaze bag and a rotten husband and father. maybe meeta will see his true colours and leave him as well. that will be icing on the cake,

  5. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Nice realistic episode! But, very upset with precap! Finally, Mother-in Law supports her own son and misunderstood Babita also misbehaving with Babita. Really this show is showing true face of society. Still very disappointed with the precap.

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