Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Holika vows to kill vrindavan people.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with narad muni saying prabhu, if balram lives this way with kanha then kanha’s leela will be revealed before everyone. Lord Vishnu says balram does not live the way he is, now that he knows the truth about himself and kanha and radha, he wont stop serving kanha as a disciple, but you have to wait and see what kanha does.
There hiranyaksh, hirankashyap and holika stand on a mountain and look at vrindavan. They are angry and say Vishnu cheated with us and killed us all, kansa has given us powers and brought us alive now we shall take revenge for what Vishnu did to us. vishnu’s avatars shall die. Hiranyaksh says yes brother hirankashyap, I was very powerful and was also going to marry devi prithvi(earth), but that Vishnu took the varaha avatar and killed me. in flashback, hiranyaksh takes the earth away from the universe in his lok and says devi prithvi, now I shall marry you! no one can stop me. lord Vishnu arrives and says hiranyaksh, you have done a sin by taking prithvi away, you shall be punished. Hiranyaksh says Vishnu, you cannot kill me! I have a blessing that no god or human can kill me neither on land, nor water, air! So I cannot die, I will marry prithvi. Lord Vishnu then takes the Divya and immense Varaha(wild boar) avatar, he runs towards hiranyaksh and throws him away by hitting him with his tusks, hiranyaksh falls in a swamp. Varaha then goes and kills hiranyaksh in the swamp, thus also keeping the decorum of the blessing given to hiranyaksh. Varaha takes earth on its tusks and puts it back to its place in the universe.
Hiranyaksh says this way Vishnu killed me and he cheated with me, he took everything away from me but now I will not spare him. hirankashyap says yes brother, when you died I decided to pray to brahma dev and get myself a blessing/boon such that I would be so powerful no one could kill me. in flashback, hirankashyap prays to brahma dev for years and one day brahmadev appears and says hirankashyap, I am impressed by your prayers, ask for the boon you want from me. hirankashyap says brahmadev, I want to be immortal, I want the amrit. Brahma dev says no hirankashyap, we all gods are also bound by the law of the universe, whatever is born has to die so other than immortality ask anything. Hirankashyap says okay brahma dev, then give me such a blessing, where I cannot be killed by any god, human or animal, I can not be killed by any weapon or arms and I cannot be killed on any place, be it ground, sky, water or anywhere and I cannot be killed at day or night! Brahma dev says okay and grants hirankashyap his boon, but one day when hirankashyap breaks a pillar of his palace attempting to punish vishnu’s disciple and hriankashyap’s son prahlad, Lord vishnu’s avatar Narsimha comes out, a half man-half lion deity with claws and at sunsetnarsimha takes hirankashyap on his lap and tears his stomach thus killing him. hirankashyap says Vishnu cheated with me too and killed me.
Holika then says brothers, you both were killed by Vishnu but I died when I sat with prahlad on the burning logs to kill prahlad, i even had the cloak which could save me from fire but still Vishnu cheated with me and got me killed. Hirankashyap says yes, I never understood how you died even when you had the cloak. Holika says when I sat with prahlad on the burning logs, he prayed to lord Vishnu. In flashback, prahlad prays to lord Vishnu and holika says don’t be worried you will die soon. Prahlad says I am not worried for myself, I am worried for you because my prabhu is here. lord Vishnu appears and says holika, you were granted this cloak for dharma work but you are using it for adharma, but the cloak shall do only dharma and not support iniquity, lord Vishnu goes. The cloak lifts itself from holika and wraps itself around prahlad instead of holika, holika is shocked and she burns in the fire and is killed and turned to ash.
Holika says this way I was killed but this time, as holi is coming! I, holika shall play a holi of blood and death with the people of vrindavan and vishnu’s avatars.

Precap: Kanha gets to know of hiranyaksh, hirankashyap and holika coming back alive due to kansa as they plan to kill Varaha and Narsimha avatar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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