Ladies Special 25th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Bindu To Divorce Amar

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Ladies Special 25th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu reaches Kangana’s house and asks Amar how is Kangana. Amar says she is fine, but groggy, not to disturb her much. Bindu asks to go home and meet Mota pappa, she will finish her work. Amar asks what does she mean. She says she means she will take care of Kangana while he returns meeting Mota pappa. Amar says Kangana’s servants have gone on leave, else there would not have been any problem.

Viraj insists Prarthana to let him call head office and ask why they ordered overtime to employees. Prarthana says he should not and even she does not like them do overtime, but she is helpless. He says he will call Das babu and confront him.

Mandar tells Meghna that he will handle all minor issues of their company and if he cannot, he will ask Meghna boss. Meghna asks to stop joking. He says that is what happens in companies. She asks Baba who says same. She then sees 2 employees missing and asks where are they. He says they had family issues and went home. She says she and Jyoti would have attended their family. He says they are working for their family and would why they work for her if their family needs them most. She asks how will she manage 50 sample dresses by tomorrow morning. He says he will manage and takes her to his old company’s colleague Khadar bhai who is very arrogant but expert in his work. She asks why he did not hire Khadar bhai before then. He says she will know herself. They reach Khadar bhai’s shop and see him scolding his subordinates for being careless at work. She walks to him and introduces herself. He angrily asks so what. She says she needs his help and is Mandar’s wife. He asks who Mandar. Mandar enters and explains him his problem saying only he can rescue him. Khadar says he respects his hard work and loyality, so he will help him but will work on his machine and his terms and conditions. Mandar and Meghna agree and take him home. Jyoti asks where did they find this arrogant uncle. Meghna says he will help them. Khadar bhai asks to show him other machines and walks behind them.

Bindu meets Kangana and asks how is she. Kangana cries that her father does not want to meet and she is unwanted by everyone, so she wanted to end her life. Bindu consoles her and after a long discussion shows her divorce papers and says she will divorce Amar and let him marry Kangana. Kangana asks why Amar did not return yet. Bindu calls Mota pappa and asks if Amar reached home. Mota pappa says yes and he slept on sofa itself tired while chatting. Bindu informs same to Kangana and says she will leave now and send hand over divorce papers to Amar. Once she leaves, Kangana yells that Bindu is so commanding, once she signs papers, she will see how will she be in Amar’s life.

Precap: Sales tax officers catch Meghna’s dress samples. Bindu gives divorce papers to Amar. Prarthana sings in front of family, and Puneeth records video.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. these tracks same in almost all Hindi serials , wife other woman and wife always sacrificing but wont speak up for the wrong husband has done or doing. it boring to see docile women in this day and age. change the track and let the men loose and women come up winning.

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