Patiala Babes 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Babita Rejects Nayeem’s Monetary Help

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Patiala Babes 22nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mini tries to prepare egg omlette for Babita and it breaks down, she feels angry. Babita says she will prepare it. Mini serves her egg omlette. Babita says it is burnt. Mini asks if she cannot have burnt omlette for her daughter’s sake and says she used to feed her during exams, now she will feed her during her exam. She asks her to fill form or will she take whole night. Babita cries that she cannot. Mini says this is her exam, tough but she has to pass it to enter next class; she has traveled so long and should not accept defeat. Babita fills form reminiscing Khatri and lawyer’s questions.

Next morning, Minin wakes up hearing message tone and sees Babita asleep with application form in her hand. She takes papers and keeps them aside. In living area, Hanuman and Laala stand arguing while preparing tea. Mini walks down. Hanuman greets her and asks if her mother prepared tea. Mini says she was filling form till late night and fell asleep sometime ago. Hanuman says let her rest and offers her tea. Mini sees lawyer’s advertisement and sees per court presentation is 5000 rs. She asks Hanuman how many court case hearing will happen in a divorce case. He says 5-6 min. Mini gets tensed that they need 30,000 rs min and how will they manage.

After sometime, Mini gets ready to meet her grandparents. Babita gives her money and says every housewife saves money for heydays and gives sooji kheer for biji. She says Nayeem bi asked to prepare papad for her as her daughter and SIL are visiting her from Dubai. Mini leaves home and calls lawyer to meet him. Babita calls Nayeem bi and asks if she can come and meet her as it is very important. Nayeem bi meets her. Babita preparing papad for Nayeem and describes her financial issue. Nayeem bi scolds her that she did not save her and was dependent on her cruel husband. Babita says she has some money left in her and Mini’s joint account and is spending from it till now, but cannot manage for court hearings. Nayeem bi suggests to take Hanuman’s help. Babita says she has already taken many favors from Hanuman. Nayeem says she can at least lessen her rent amount. Hanuman in police station tells Laala that he will not lessen rent as it is a question of Babita’s self respect. Laala says there will be huge expenses in court case, so they have to help Babita somehow. Hanuman says he can ask lawyer to reduce his fees. Laala says he will reduce some fees, but not whole.

Mini meets lawyer who says he will take 1000 rs less as she is Laala’s referral and asks if she has to proceed case or not. Mini says she has to, but is worried about expenses. Lawyer says she should speak to her mother who will manage expenses. On the other side, Nayeem bi offers help to Babita. Babita says she cannot take help from her as she knows she does not have much money. Nayeem bi asks how will she manage then. Babita says she will learn to manage as she cannot back off.

Precap: Ashok’s lawyer informs him that his wife can ask alimony and daughter’s maintenance money. Mini tells Babita that she lied her and did not want her to react. Babita nervously asks to tell what is it.

Update Credit to: MA

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