Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil feels about Vaidika and his relation

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 22nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mandagini calls the family downstairs to see what she has shopped. Guddu tells Mandagini that even groom’s family has to gift to a bride. Nani comes to inspect all the shopping and finds it all a cheap one. Guddu asks Mandagini why she bought all the cheap things for Aarya. Mandagini argues she can’t let him loot everything for Aarya. Vaidika tells Guddu that gifts are only for Shagun, what matters is the love and intentions. Sahil also sides Vaidika. Aarya asks Guddu to improve his mood now. Sahil sends them to get ready for the Haldi ritual.
Vaidika was getting ready for the function in the room. Sahil comes to the room and helps her tie the pin of her blouse. He tells Vaidika that she might assume he is crossing his limits, but he feels a strange connection between them. He promises nothing such will happen again, I am sorry. Vaidika sobs while he turns to leave. When he has left, Vaidika says Sahil is feeling their deepened relation. She was thankful to God and wish to be able to tell Sahil they are spouses. She thinks may be Sahil isn’t any more shocked to hear this.
During the function, Aarya takes Vaidika to dance with her. Sahil also insists on Vaidika. Pankti and Vaidika dance together. Sahil join them and comes to dance with Vaidika. The family join the dance.
After the Haldi ritual, Sahil goes to wash hands. She thinks she knows what she must now do. She comes to Pankti and asks her about her medicine. She tells her to check if she forgot in the washroom.
Pankti comes to washroom. She and Sahil open the door together at the same time, and slip in the washroom together. Sahil watches them with each other. Pankti comes out and complains to her mother for deliberately sending her inside. Her mother says she knows Pankti won’t do anything for herself. Pankti says Vaidika is Sahil’s wife and is sacrificing herself and her love; how can she interfere in their matter?
Vaidika stood in front of the temple and prays for the strength to be able to tell Sahil that they share such a pious and deep relation.
Pankti’s mother swears her to forward her relation with Sahil.

PRECAP: Pankti sends Vaidika to tell Sahil everything they share. Vaidika comes to Sahil. Sahil asks if there is something special between them? Vaidika replies yes.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Nina

    Sadika is one gold heart. Theirs seems to be a relationship based on love a mutual aid from the very beginning. Even the big troubles can change nothing.

    1. Perfect..100%true..Nina..
      Sahil just lost his memory from brain not from heart..and Vedika also said to manjula same thinks when she was talking with manJula in the back epi..I hope they will be reunite very soon..waiting for the next episodes..

  2. Friends didnt i mention how sahil has become fickle minded. Sometimes he stares at vedika n sometimes at the stray puppy. Dint wecall notice their fall in the bathroom. Th puppy had fallen very conveniently in between his legs. Now very soon he ll fall on her n wont even get up for hrs together. The blo*dy writers hv spoilt a beautiful n unique love story. And the stray puppys enunch mother is forcing the puppy to be in a relationship with the fickle minded chap. Mark my words very soon she ll turn into another whore bhoomi. And our chap cant decide what he wsnts whether a young lass or an middle aged lady. Vedika deserves it. Why did she want to be a QUEEN OF SACRIFICES. Saving the enunch mother n the stray puppy n bringing them home. Tell me who does all this. I can understand the fickle minded uncle bringing the puppy home since he is an hottie young chap n wants to enjoy with th young lass in all respects. I hate this serial now esp Sahil. How can he change so fast. Once upon a time he didnt even bother to look at nidhi n the whore bhoomi n nowbhe is just throwing himself on the puppy. Is this his true love. My foot MEMORY LOSS.

  3. I’m losing interest in this serial and that’s not good…that means it’ll be easier to walk away from this forum than I thought. Writers have spoilt my love story… Raji dear just letting you know that I’m taking a break..for a few days but I’ll be back,!! I know how you panic quickly.. Don’t worry, I’ll be back!

  4. I’ll miss u too Naz..

  5. That was the most genuine reaction of vedhika..her insecurities…her fears.. that’s how a woman is..that’s how humans are..
    Now Pankti will join the whore clan and try to take away sahil is it?
    sick..really sick… how many times this has to continue???? how predictable the story line has become now… sad…

  6. Hi friends…
    I am not a fan of Pankti, but in this instance I feel its unfair to blame her. It’s her mother who is creating the problem. How dare she said that Vedika is nothing to her when she put her life and the life if her unborn child in danger to save. What an an ungrateful b*t*h. Knowing well that Sahil is already married and has almost 2 kids and try to ask her daughter to steal him from Vedika. What kind of mother does something like that??? Plus threatening that she will kill herself. She should have been left with Tej Pratab.

  7. But pooja mark my words. Very soon the stray puppy ll fall for our fickle minded chap. Didnt u see when they both fell in the bathroom how they both were staring at each other. Of course it ll be the eunch ie puppys mither who ll poison the puppys mind. I want to see how long ll this stray puppy resist the hottie sahil. I also read in google in latest news that sahil ll divorce vedika. I dont know how far this is true. I wonder where has vedikas self respect gone. She should leave this blo*dy ungrateful aggarwals n stay separately with her close knit family. I dont know how much is she going to take the stress at this age n with she being pregnant. That fellow instead of taking care of her is allowing that stray puppy to fall in between his legs. Now the puppy has got a taste of the fickle minded chap physically that day is not far when she ll want him fully. Naz do come back fast. We ll miss yr lovely comments.

  8. Pooja You are absolutely right…I have already said it that Personally pankti is not bad and not havoc for our Sadika..don’t know why others blaming her.I am also not a fan of this actress…and Pankti’s mother is so selfish..what kind of mother shame on her..Pankti and her mother is not vedika’s relative but Vedika saves their at a risk during in her pregnency period..but Pankti’s mother think that vedika is not her relative…I hate her so so much…a very selfish women..

  9. Yes she should be left with her cruel husband Tejpratap..

  10. Ladies….earlier when the pundit had predicted that Vedika’s husband is destined to be with another woman, I was shocked. Sadika was and is meant to be together so in my opinion, there is absolutely no room for another woman as a wife to him, that’s the main reason why I hated Bhoomi plus her criminal activities as well.. When I thought that was the end to the other woman factor in Sadika’s life, Pankti came in..wearing sindoor and mangalsutra! Thinking of it, if Pankti was bringing in the sister angle to the story, I wouldn’t have minded but mangalsutra and sindoor aren’t something to play with, they hold important significance in a woman’s life and this alone tells me that eventually Pankti will fall for Sahil. He’s doing so much for her personally, is it farfetched to think that she wouldn’t fall in love with him eventually? Her blasted mother is playing the tears game and trying to influence Pankti to remain with Sahil and I’m mightily pissed off about this!! Initially, I liked her, didn’t think she’ll pose a threat but I know for a fact that in reality, when someone spends time with another, feelings are going to be formed and in this case, Sahil is married to Pankti, illegally but that won’t stop her from wanting him for herself!! She didn’t come into this story for nothing for sure.. I don’t know how many times Sadika’s love has to be tested!! I can see some progress in Sadika’s relationship and that’s good enough for me…i don’t like the Aarya thing happening but this is unavoidable, there must be other stories here besides Sadika’s… I’ll read the updates though and it’s only for a couple days I may not post comments but I’ll be back soon, I have lots to do in the meantime across here ..until I clear up my calendar, stay blessed my dear friends, keep the fire going… Take care..

  11. Have you all seen the new promo it’s horrible…..I’m so done they are putting these little love scene with sahil and vedika to fool us when in the promo he’s chasing vedika/pankti and end up hugging up pankti…..they totally sideline ved and new baby track for this crap

  12. Leisa s morris

    I agree with pooja n gayatri,pantki is a sweetheart and is really trying to get sahil and vesika together. Ir is very shameful for her mother to try and ruin another marriage just so she could secure her daughters future. Wat about sahik and vedikas kids do t dey deserve to have a secure future and b happy. Vedika risked her life and dat of her unborn to save her from dat wretch of a husband and dis is all d gratitude she can show? Wen she didnt know bout sahil and vedikas marriage she got a pass but now she nows she should back d hell off. Sahil isnt fickle d man has lost his memory and dont kno bout his relation with vedika yet still his heart tugs for vedika hence his behaviour so it is unfair to blame him. Pantki may try to pacify her mother by doing wat she ask but she knows in jer heart dat sahil and vedika belongs together. She is a nice girl and writers shouldnt ruin her character by letting her hurt d one person who helped her wen e veryone else was against her

  13. I saw the fickle minded chaps interview yesterday in u tube. He is shown in the Durga with vedikanwhere he remembers his past. How unlucky for him since now i dont think he can enjoy with the stray puppy in all respect. After this scene he is telling the nterviewer that he doesnt know much as to what is going to happen further since the obviously the story was changed today morning. He also told that in the new promo he is running behind vedika n pankti. I hv not seen the promo though. But Sam has said in his comments that ultimately he embraces the stray dog. Why not. She is very young, beautiful n energetic. He will enjoy more with her in all respects than an elderly lady. I think friends vedika is very strong. She should leave tjis fickle minded bastard n go. She should not come back to him till he comes begging to her. blo*dy fickle minded writers who are like sahil only. Naz has said correctly. Ultimately the stray puppy ll fallfor him like the whore bhoomi n become another whore in sahils life whom he ll start liking in all respects. U know what i mean. Poor Ved n vedikas unborn child. They r sidelined because of this stray puppy n another WHORE IN THE MAKING.

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