Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update Vibhuti Nightmare

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu asks boys to board the auto, Angoori and Tiwari, walk to them, and says even we are coming with you,you go ahead we will follow, Vibhuti says come then,Tiwari asks Tilu if you are going who will manage the shop, Tilu says i wont i will go have fun. Angoori stops Tiwari from arguing with Tilu,and says text me the address we will join you.

In train, vibhu has a dream and wakes up scared, Vibhuti says it was a nightmare, malkhan asks did Anu bhabhi catch you red handed, vibhu slaps him and says shutup, first this was something i dreamt at times but now its become dialy, teeka asks what is it, vibhu says a snake poisonous,comes to me and she turns to woman and when i go close goes back to snake and bites me,and im scared of snakes. malkan says im scared too and having negative vibes, teeka says dont be scared,just be quite and sit here,dont you know we are paid,Vibhu says quite and i will get back i have to go washroom.

Angoori gets Tiwari milk and dry fruits, Tiwari asks why all this, Angoori says we are going out,so to gain strength, Tiwari says i am strong, Angoori says cmon catch the signs, Tiwari says you tell me clearly, Angoori says actually amaji called and she said, we both are going on trip and not to return without good news and so give you lot of dry fruits.

Vibhu and boys reach the destination,malkan says its a hill station, vibhu says im here first time but feel some connectivity, Tilu says how will we go, uncle asks where do you want to go, vibhu says chanderagaon,uncle says one hour distance or may be never. All get scared,vibhu says no option just bored luggage in the cart and lets go.

Prem walks to Badami, and praises her, prem says Gulfamkali called and asked to look after you, i asked her not to worry, prem gets call from his wife and leaves, Hapu walks in,badami greets him,Hapu says how about going to chaunderagaon together, prem says me and badami are going as i have a new bungalow there, both start arguing, badami says let’s toss and decide, they agree and toss,coin stands still, Badami laughs and says Badami will go with both of you, we are going together.

Vibhu asks.uncle why did he say sometimes no one reaches chaundera, He says incidents happen accidents happen, Tilu asks how are you alive,he says i have been through more than 50 accidents,but God saved,malkan gets scared,vibhu says dont believe him. he says when you will go through it you will believe, Vibhu says enough take us to Bungalow no 13, uncle says i stay there with my daughter,boys start taking interest in his daughter.

Hapu on call with his wife, Badami walks to him and he cuts the call, Hapu asks what are you upto,she says just bought new sweaters for our trip, Badami says this shopping costed 10000 give me your wallet, Hapu says go to prem, Badami says prem has already payed.hapu gets call that commissioner is coming, he throws Badami out.

Boys and Vibhu reach venue, uncle tells him people dont usually return from here,malkan gets scared, vibhu says he is mad don’t believe, uncle asks for 200, vibhu asks boys to pay, boys say we have no money.Vibhu hands him money and asks prem said there was a Watchmen here, uncle says i will send watchman you wait here, uncle turns around and says im the watchman here and says this cart is my part time job,his daughter walks to them and asks who is here bapu,boys excited to see her, uncle says our guests,vibhu asks what do you mean anyways show me the house, she starts flirting with boys and leaves. vibbu says why do i feel connectivity with this bungalow.

Pre cap: Vibhuti following Angoori and says bhabhiji why arent you listening,angoori turns to snake.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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