Patiala Babes 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Minnie To Leave Hanuman’s House?

Patiala Babes 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mickey tells Minnie that maybe Babita does not know what Hanuman Singh/HS feels about her. Minnie says yes she doesn’t, thank god she doesn’t. Mickey asks why she is against love. Minnie says love hurts a lot, didn’t he see how her papaji treated her Babes, her Babes is very much hurt and she had to do a lot to get Babes out of this mess. NB enters and gives her night dress. Minnie asks if Babes knows about it. NB says yes and asks Mickey to go home now as it is late night. Mickey leaves.

At home, Babita sees HS vents out his anger asking Laala to distribute mangoes in locality. HS insists and says he will eat all mangoes. Laala says his will get stomach upset and asks not to punishment himself because of Minnie’s misbehavior. HS says Minnie spoke arrogantly and she should be taught manners. Babita walks down and picking mango asks why is he having mangoes alone. She praises mangoes. HS says he brought mangoes for her, but Minnie spoilt his mood. Babita says faced many problems today and describes them. HS asks if so much happened in a single day. Babita says anything can happen and it is a perception; why didn’t he scold Minnie right away when she misbehaved with him. He says he is a strict man and would have scolded harshly. Babita walks away saying he can as he has right on Minnie. HS asks what did she say. Laala says she spoke a lot in just a few words.

Minnie sleeps with Biji. Biji asks if she is not getting sleep, it is obvious as she never slept away from Babita. HS walks in and asks Minnie to return home as his mother is worried for her. Minnie asks why should she. Biji says let her stay here tonight. HS requests her not to interfere and says he is very strict and does not like children misbehaving with elders, they should pamper children and also correct their mistakes. Dadaji says HS is right. HS says he will count till 3 and Minnie should return home with him. He starts counting. Minnie continues he cannot order her. HS counts 1..2. NB says even she cannot keep Minnie in her house without Babita’s permission. Minnie angrily gets up and leaves with HS. Biji asks Dadaji who gave right to HS to scold Minnie. Dadaji says if Babita thinks HS is doing right, then they should not interfere.

Minnie returns home and argues with HS again. HS also starts arguing and warns that he will not tolerate anyone breaking his house’s rules, here they respect elders and love youngsters and if youngsters misbehave, elders scold them. Minnie asks if that is the case, they will vacate his house and find another rented accommodation. Babita just says Minnie.. HS asks if Babita also has same decision, they both can discuss and inform him in the morning. Once he leaves, Babita asks Minnie what is she doing and why is she anger. Minnie argues even with her and tries to prove herself right. Babita finally warns not act like her mother and impose her decisions on her, she is the mother and sole decision maker, she will not vacate HS’ house at any cost.

In the morning, Laala goes to buy jaggery for HS and seeing Dadaji and Biji going on morning walk chats with them, he says HS loves Minnie like his daughter and scolds her like one, he is worried for her. Biji says he is right. Once he leaves, Dadaji asks what is going in her mind. She says he will not understand. At home, Babita walks to HS and requests not to feel bad for Minnie’s misbehavior as she is a kid and apologizes on Minnie’s behalf, says what he did is right and she wants to increase house lease and she means it. HS listens silently. Minnie wakes up and sees she is late for college, asks Babita why did not she wake her up. Babita says she thought she is going to college late as she did not wake up even after many alarms, after all she is a grown up girl now and can take her own decision. Minnie asks where is her breakfast. Babita says she is busy and asks her take bread and jam from fridge as she is grown up and can take care of herself. Minnie angrily leaves. Babita tells NB that she is getting strict to correct Minnie. NB says whatever she is doing is right and calms her down.

Precap: HS confronts Minnie reason for her anger. She says leave her alone. He warns not to reply in English. Minnie plays HS’ voice recording where he confesses he loves Babita.

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  1. Mini really thinks no end of herself, at times she crosses limits
    Wonder what will happen next?

    1. SsiyAa

      nothing… minnie will have stomach ache and will be hospitalised by hanuman, later both will have emotional conversation and hanuman consoles her by saying….he can’t see tears in her eyes and what she wants only that will happen.. but she should be happy all that he wants…..”… so i feel their distance is for 2-3 episodes but what will happen next is a must watch as minnie’s anti-love thoughts is stopping babita from moving on in her love life..

  2. minnie is not able to digest the fact that hs loves her mother as she is to naive too but she thinks she knows everything and is jealous that hs has came in between her and mother and she fears of her mother emotional turmoil but once she gets married babita too needs someone like hs as life partner to live happily so makers should immediately bring in imarti the wife of hs to create more drama and confusions for viewers to enjoy and hava a gala time

  3. Minnie today said she has worked hard to bring her mother to the present situation and she can’t take a risk with Hanuman… like, its not her risk to take? Will she decide everything about her mother’s future life? lets say Minnie never falls in love and never marries. But she will get a job right? Maybe her own photography studio. whatever she does, she will have to shift from the colony, maybe even outside Patiala, maybe even outside India. Does she expect Babita to leave her established business behind to go with her? Should Babita just follow Minnie her entire life? That’s not possible. Babita has now a life of her own and she will be left alone when Minnie goes away. Will then she be forced to stay in life long loneliness? Minnie thinks of herself as very mature and righteous but she is lucky that people around her love her enough to support her and bear her tantrums.
    Btw, does anyone know what happened to Biji? She was complaining to Lala about HS but when Lala bought the gud for HS Biji stopped complaining and even said to Bauji ‘you wont understand.’ What happened there?
    Today we finally got to know Lala’s real name, Lalit Mohan

    1. MeTooPatialaBabes

      Biji wants Babita to think for Hanuman.
      She will tell her that a person who takes so much care for her and Mini (like a father), why can’t he be your humsafar?
      May be this idea might had striken her mind while she felt that Hanuman takes care of and loves Mini like a father.

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