Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Shashi calls her niece to know Suman’s truth

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Badal’s mother scolding him and asks what is going on between Pujan pandey’s daughter and you. Badal asks who told you? His mum asks who told you to be bahu bali and asks what was the need to go there and save her. Mohan says he did a favor on them. His mum scolds him. Badal says let me get ready. His mum asks to go and stay there. she closes the door. Mohan asks what did you do? Badal’s mum says Suman has done magic on her son. Mohan asks her not to say it again and says if Pujan Pandey or his men hears then will not leave Badal. She comes out and searches for Badal. Shashi comes there. Rama asks if there is any good news. She praises herself and says she has done 18 months work in 9 months. Shashi tells that her niece is coming there and wants to meet Suman.

Rukmani says Suman is not at home and went to drop him to college. They are celebrating father’s day daily. Chandrama asks Shashi if her niece is coming to meet her or if she invited her for her plan. Shashi says who is doubting now. Chandrama says I hope it is not and goes. Shashi thinks Anjali will expose them.

Ashok and Kamal meet Badal. Ashok asks why bhabhi ji came early morning. Badal says Suman must have come here to thank. His mum comes there and apologizes. She says she was afraid to lose him. Badal says I am not going anywhere. She asks him to promise that she will not work with Suman. Badal says it is not good to leave work midway. His mum says if you do work then will see my dead face. Badal says just a month then I will prepare for my exam. His mum asks him to swear on her.
Badal asks his mum to trust him. She says ok and asks him to come home and have breakfast.

Suman comes home. Shashi introduces Anjali to Suman and says she is reading Social science and wants to work in NGO. Anjali says hi. Shashi asks if Suman will have any objection. Suman says no. Anjali shakes hand with her and hugs her. Suman thinks if this girl is in my NGO then it would be difficult for me and badal to meet. Shashi asks Anjali to be careful with Suman and says she is Pujan Pandey’s daughter. Anjali says she will pierce in her eyes that Suman will speak the truth. Suman says she is going out and asks Badal to make a list of children below 5 years. She says they will get the check up done. Suman and Pallavi are leaving. Anjali comes and shakes hand with Badal introducing herself. Suman tells Pallavi that she has a work and asks Pallavi to take Anjali with her. Suman takes him to side and asks him to stay away from her. badal asks who is she? Suman says she is Chachi’s niece. Shashi calls Anjali and says you have to be more clever. Badal tells Suman that this is his last month to work here. Suman asks why? She says why are you threatening me? Badal says my mummy have a doubt that something is going on between us. He says my mummy is smart and she catches the truth. He says I gave her swear that I will leave this job. He says my parents want me to become collector and have many dreams. Suman says do you think that I am wrong. Suman asks him to do what he thinks right. Badal says we have still one more month. Suman hugs him.

Pujan Pandey and Lakhan come home late in night. Anjali comes out running and says she is very scared to sleep alone. Shashi says I can’t make you sleep in my room. Rama says she can sleep in Suman’s room. Suman says I won’t share my room with anyone. Pujan pandey and Rukmani ask her to let Anjali sleep. Suman goes to her room.

In the morning, Anjali comes to the dressing table and looks at herself in the mirror gifted by badal. Suman wakes up from sleep and scolds her for using her stuff. Anjali says sorry and asks from where did you buy? Suman says banaras. Anjali says you have to adjust with me for few days. Shashi comes there. Anjali says I have no problem here. Shashi says it is best like Suman. Anjali hugs Suman. Suman thinks she is chipku. She thinks if Anjali comes to know about the mirror truth then…She has to hide it.

Precap: Anjali talks to badal and befriends him.. Suman gets upset. Shashi thinks now see what happens.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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