Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani scares Rivaaj in his own style and then blames his family

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rivaaj coming to the dark room and the door gets locked from outside. Rivaaj says hi, I have come and asks where are you? Mayura is watching him on mobile and smiling. Rivaaj hears the stalker saying I love you and asking him to come. Rivaaj says sala..The audio is played from the recorder, which says I love you. Rivaaj says I will kill you. Stalker asks don’t you love me, want to spend life with me. She says you are not coming to me, but I am coming to you. He turns and sees many girls coming there with Rivaaj’s face mask on their faces. Stalker says I am mad about you and sees just you everywhere. Rivaaj asks the girls not to come near him and is afraid. Mayura recalls Rivaaj doing the same with her in the fort. The girls laugh at him. Rivaaj asks them to be

quiet. Voice is played. The stalker says I am mad about you and want to see just you. Rivaaj says I will call Police and asks them to be away from him. He calls Mayura. Stalker says I love you rivaaj. You had said that you love me, right? Mayura is watching him. Bhanu is also watching him. Premraj calls him while coming inside. Mayura signs the girls to leave from there. The girls run away from the other door. Premlatha asks are you okay? Premraj asks how he must be feeling with many girls. Premlatha says Kesha thought you are in trouble and we shall come here. Kesha asks where is Mayura.

Roop sees his girl friend giving interview on TV and thinks if Tashi sees the dress. He asks her to switch off the TV. The reporter asks the girl about her dress. Girl says it is gifted by my boyfriend. Roop mutes the TV. Tashi recognizes the dress and says it is mine. She asks what it is doing with this girl.

Rivaaj calls Mayura. Mayura comes and shoots magnetic dart on Rivaaj’s pendant. She says I aimed dart on your pendant to give example that my aim is good. Premlatha is about to scold her. Mayura asks are you happy to ruin my plan to catch stalker. She says Stalker was about to come infront of him, but now she will not come again because of you. She says I will not work with such people who ruins my plans. She says I am done and says sorry. Rivaaj says you will not go anywhere and calls his family as bewakhoofon ki fauj. He says if anyone opens their mouth then I will cut their tongue. He asks Mayura not to go. Mayura asks them not to interfere in her work.

They come home. Tashi asks Rivaaj if Stalker is caught? Rivaaj says don’t trouble me, I am going to my room. Mayura thinks trouble has just started, see what will happen next. Bhanu reminds Rivaaj that he has done same thing with Rani and asks if she is behind. Rivaaj slaps him and asks did you see ghost there, don’t know that she is dead. Bhanu says it was same to same. Rivaaj asks him to stop his nonsense and leave.

Later Rivaaj is sleeping in his room and wakes up from sleep. He sees masked girl staring at him. He gets shocked and calls Mayura. The girl goes out and she is Mayura. Premlatha and others come there. Mayura also comes there and asks what happened? Rivaaj says I have seen a girl who was staring at me. Mayura says it must be a dream. Rivaaj says she came. Mayura asks then where did she go and asks them to get the windows checked. Roop checks and says all windows are closed. Rivaaj says I have seen her. Mayura asks him to sleep and says I will guard your room. Rivaaj says if she was Rani. Mayura asks did you say something. Mayura thinks my plan is working.

Roop asks kasha to help him. Kesha asks him to solve his own problem. Roop says Mayura will trap you one day and then I will say the same. Kesha tells him that Roop’s friend have taken the dress from him in the name of charity and gifted to his girl friend. Tashi says don’t know what I will do if you cheat on me. Roop says he will never do this.

Mayura says once Rivaaj realizes that the girl is Rani, he will contact her family surely. She peeps in his room and finds him sleeping. She then hears premraj telling premlatha that she would have given him candy rather than sleeping pills. He asks if Rukmani is doing this. Premlatha says I have done the right thing with this girl. Premraj says then who can do this? Mayura thinks they have done something with Rukmani didi and kept her somewhere. She comes to the baby and takes care of her. She says I can’t wait anymore. She talks to the lady and says I can’t wait anymore and will do this plan step 1. Her friend says it is risky. Mayura says she has to do this and says she can’t be away from her family.

Precap: Mayura makes parathas. Tashi says Rukmani bhabhi gave its recipe. Premlatha asks who made this paratha.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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