Gathbandhan 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghu thanks Dhanak

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Gathbandhan 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dhanak runs to Raghu and pushes him away from current using a stick, she shouts to call doctor.
A woman comes to Mai and tells him that Raghu got current and is not waking up. Mai runs to him. Dhanak tells Aslam about Raghu and try to wake up Raghu. Mai comes there and shouts what happened to him? ASlam says he got current from that window. Maya says how could that happen? When I came here, there were some open wires but.. Dhanak glares at her and asks what she was doing there? Mai says first save Raghu.

Doctor checks Raghu. Mai asks what happened? Doctor says intensity was a lot, I will give him medicines. Mai goes with doctor. Dhanak sits with Raghu and caresses his face, she recalls their moments. Raghu opens his eyes and sees her. He tries to get up but Dhanak says calm

down, I got so scared. Raghu says I didnt know I would get shocked. Dhanak says you take rest. Raghu recalls her thanking him for saving his life. Dhanak gives him water and turns to leave but Raghu thanks her. Dhanak gets emotional and leaves. Aslam comes there and says I knew it, whatever happened was for good, you are still in love, there is Maya one side and Dhanak on otherside, you have to agree that you cant move on. Raghu smiles and thinks what I am doing?

Scene 2
Preeti says to Dhanak that Maya’s name is coming in every problem that is happening. Preeti tells Dhanak that Maya had to be kidnapped but you got kidnapped, you have to find truth otherwise if something big happens then you wont be able forgive yourself.

Mai comes to mandir and says sorry to God, she says I will not plan something like this again. Maya comes there and says I have an idea to put Dhanak in place. Mai says nothing should happen to my Raghu. Maya says just trust me, she tells her plan. Mai says its good you are thinking but she is an officer, Maya says I will put her in place but I need your help. Mai says I will. lets see how Dhanak will be saved.

Mai talks to chawl people and says we keep kabaddi match everywhere so tomorrow will be a match. Woman says its good you are doing this. Mai says I want Dhanak to play tomorrow’s match too. Dhanak says what? Mai says Raghu is fine and will be referee, I will give trophy and prize of 5K, I will also gift new watch. Dhanak thinks Raghu needs new watch so its a good chance. Maya says I will win watch for Raghu as I am in team for which Mai is captain. Dhanak smiles and touches Mai’s feet, she asks Mai to bless her as she will be captain of second team and will win watch for Raghu. Woman says Mai’s daughter in law is going against her. Maya says Mai’s team always win. Dhanak says we will see tomorrow who will win. Mai looks on.

PRECAP- Dhanak’s team stands against Mai’s team. Maya starts match with Dhanak. Mai says you cant lose, its about our respect. Maya thinks I have to teach her lesson. Dhanak is later attacking Mai but sees chandelier falling.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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