Bepanah Pyaar 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Pragati cant stop looking at Raghbir

Bepanah Pyaar 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pragati is looking around for Raghbir. Aditi tells Bua that there must be something.
Pragati sees Kuldeep dizzy and makes her sit down. Kuldeep says I am fine, are you finding Raghbir? Did you have a fight? He must have done something, he is like that, he gets angry but he can raise hand too. Pragati says he kills too? Kuldeep says what? Raghbir cant do it, he didnt do anything wrong? Pragati says no, I said it mistakenly, she hugs her and says I will find out truth.

PRagati comes in garage and sees Raghbir repairing a car. She says you repair car too? Raghbir says yes, these are my classic cars and dont let anyone touch them. He says my car is not running. Pragati thinks I dont know if he is a killer or savior. Raghbir asks her to pass tools. She gives it to him. Raghbir gets hurt, Pragati runs to him and blows air on his hand, she wipes his hand. Raghbir smiles at her. Rang tera plays. Raghbir says why are you here? Pragati says you didnt want me here? I will leave. He says no. He comes closer and wipes grease from her face, Pragati looks on. Raghbir says you dont like cars? Pragati says I saw an accident. Raghbir says its not car’s mistake but person’s mistake, he asks her to pass another tool. Pragati finds a car which has same tattoos which killed Sanket. She is shocked. Raghbir says my work is done, lets go to office? Pragati looks on. Raghbir says your silence is a yes.

Scene 2
Raghbir is getting ready and tells Kuldeep that he is going with Pragati. Kuldeep says you are wearing this? You look nice but wear this. She gives him three-piece suit and says you used to ask me for underwears too in childhood. Raghbir says dont tell anyone. Kuldeep says if you wear these then I wont tell anyone, he takes them. Kuldeep says I thought Pragati was miffed with you but its good that you both are fine. She gets dizzy. Raghbir says I will call doctor. Kuldeep says I am fine, go to office. Raghbir says are you sure? She nods. He leaves.

Pragati is in car with Raghbir and thinks where he must have kept the key? Raghbir says why I feel like you want to say something? I dont understand sign language. Pragati thinks I should be friendly to find key. Pragati says Kuldeep thinks that you are calm and cant hurt anyone. Raghbir says she knows me well. Pragati says she know everything about your childhood. Raghbir gets tensed and says I was a kid and can ask about underwears too. Pragati says what? You used to ask about underwears? Raghbir says I used to wear different colors. Pragati says it must be a rainbow at the end of week. Raghbir laughs with her.

Pragati and Raghbir comes to office. He opens door for her and says dont tell anyone. They come inside. All greet Raghbir. Raghbir asks about peon’s daughter’s education. Peon thanks him for helping. Pragati thinks person who is so nice with people cant kill his wife. She sees him working and gets lost. Raghbir stares at her too. They try to ignore each other.
Raghbir is working, Pragati comes to his office and says you were looking at me? He says yes, I thought.. Pragati says you thought I was Bani.. you usually say that. Raghbir says I didnt feel that. Pragati smiles.
PERCAP- Pragati finds key in Raghbir’s room. She goes to basement and finds Kuldeep there, she says you? Kuldeep glares at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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