Main Bhi Ardhangini 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Vaidehi shocked to know Nilambari’s greedy truth, Chitra captures her in mirror

Main Bhi Ardhangini 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nilambari telling that Vaidehi is very clever among others. She says she will not take even a minute to cut her feathers. She says until she is alive, she will talk about truth and goodness. She says she refused to sign on the papers, I have to end her game. She plays archery on Madhav, Chitra and Vaidehi’s pics. She calls Tantrik and says I want to meet you. Vaidehi tells Madhav that she did what she think right and apologizes to him. Madhav says I am thinking something else and asks if you believe me and my love. He says if you don’t believe me then my victory or defeat, doesn’t matter. Vaidehi says I trust you fully. Madhav says I want to hear this and says if you are with me then I can get mukti for Chitra. Vaidehi says whatever happens today, but you will be in my heart always.

Nilambari reaches Tantrik and says she wants Vaidehi to go to Chitra (means death). Tantrik asks her to read the mantra. She reads. A bottle comes out from fire. Vaidehi comes to Nilambari’s room and thinks to sign on the papers, thinks when badi maa comes, she will see. She opens the file and signs on it. Just then her pen falls down and goes inside the sofa. She goes behind the sofa to get it. Rani and Sangram come there and don’t see Nilambari there. Rani says Vaidehi also refused to sign like Chitra and says we lost wealth once again. Sangram says Madhav and his wives are stuck in our necks and says first wife came and went due to these papers and now the second one. Vaidehi is hearing everything and is shocked. Rani says I think that this will also go and the third one will come. She takes the file and goes with Sangram. Vaidehi gets up and finds the file taken away by them. She thinks what to do, that they are plotting big against Madhav and he is unaware. She thinks I did a mistake by signing and thinks to talk to Anuradha. She comes to Anuradha’s room, but she is not there. She thinks where is she and asks Jaichand. Jaichand says I don’t know. He asks if everything is fine. Vaidehi says yes.

Tantrik chants mantras and the bottle flies in air. Tantrik says this is the wood doll and you can trap Chitra inside it, the question is do you want to do this. Nilambari says yes, once she kills Vaidehi, I will trap her. Tantrik says Chitra is very powerful, if you fail to capture her in this doll then Chitra will not leave both of us. Nilambari says I have no other option. Tantrik says I will tell you what to do and you shall not do a mistake while doing the kriya. Nilambari says I will end Chitra and Vaidehi today.

Vaidehi thinks if I did right and thinks shall I tell Madhav? She thinks he is already stressed. Just then the mirror falls on the way. Vaidehi says this is abshagun and goes back to room. The door gets locked. Chitra appears infront of her and says abshagun.. She says your time is up, you have to go. Vaidehi says I will not go, but you have to go. She says you can’t ignore the truth, Madhav has chosen me. Chitra says Madhav has chosen you, yes..she takes Vaidehi’s avatar. Vaidehi is shocked. Chitra says Madhav will not chose anyone else other than me, I will be his ardhangini always. She pushes her and makes her lock in a big mirror. Vaidehi knocks and asks Chitra to take her out. She asks for help. Chitra says she feels good to trap her and says whatever happens, will be right infront of your eyes and you can’t do anything. Vaidehi cries helplessly.

Nilambari comes back and says this illiterate is very clever, I never thought that she will refuse m sayings. Rani says I already told that she is very clever. She says what we will do now, we will not get the wealth in her presence. Nilambari says we will get the wealth and this matter will end for forever. She shows the wooden doll and says Vaidehi is the guest for few days.

Precap: Chitra tells Vaidehi that she asked her to go away, but she didn’t agree. Madhav is coming there holding the trishul. Chitra sings song.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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