Ladies Special 18th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Meghna Breaks Down

Ladies Special 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meghna shatters seeing her factory burnt into ashes and tells Mandar that she was flying high and lost now. Mandar consoles her that she is a fighter and rebuild her business. Meghna says she cannot. Mandar says they both will fix things right. He says he is right, now let us go and attend children’s school meeting as they promised children. Amar thinks how to inform Bindu that he does not want her to leave, he should at least inform Kangana that he does not want to marry her, reminisces Kangana slitting her wrist previously, but then reminiscing Bindu’s words thinks he has to inform Kangana anyways. Mandar and Meghna return home. Children and Baba says their school meeting is canceled. Kangana asks why. Baba agrees that they lied. Meghna and Mandar emotionally hug children. Raghu informs boss that as per his order, he shifted Meghna’s factory consignment to their godown and burnt her factory. Boss says now Meghna will be finished

Kanganga sings song Mayini mayi munder pe tere bolraha hai kaaga.. and asks her maid if she sings like kaaga, her hospital employee/Punith says she sings like nightingale. Maid says Kaaga means crow. Kangana fumes. She reaches Punith’s house and scolds him for telling him lie.
He jokes. Their nok jhok starts. Amar walks into her cabin and nervously says he needs to speak. She asks what. He removes stethoscope and any sharp objects from her desk and says I am sorry. Kangana says it is okay as he was angry. He says can they be just friend as he cannot marry her. Kangana shouts how can he say that and cuts her wrist. He gets conscious and realizes it was his imagination and thinks he cannot inform Kangana yet.

Meghna tries to breakfast tensely. Mandar notices and says he will prepare breakfast. Meghna says she cannot do anything and his James Bond failed, their life will not change. He asks her to calm down and making her sit plays holy music. Mota Pappa/MP hears Bindu’s phone ringing and picks it. Umedh thinking her as Bindu says he is coming there, they will go to a movie and then restaurant, she should not say it is too much as they have to show MP.. Bindu walks in calling MP. Umedh realizes it is MP. MP asks what he wants to show. Umedh says wants to show his wedding arrangements. MP asks not to worry as he has hired wedding planner. Umedh says he is taking Bindu for a romantic Gujrati movie. MP gives phone to Bindu. Bindu says he is coming and leaves. She gets into Umedh’s car and asks if he cannot ask who is speaking. He says he will remember from hereon and says he is taking her for cartoon movie. Bindu sees Amar and walks to him. She gets Baba’s call about fire accident in Meghna’s factory and informs Amar. Amar says he will drop her to Meghna’s house. Umedh says he will as he is marrying Bindu. Amar insists. Bindu says they both can accompany her. They get into car and rush towards Meghna’s house.

At Meghna’s house, Ram informs Meghna that employees want to meet her. Khadar bhai says he will handle them and walks out. Employees ask when will they get their salary. Khadar Bhai scolds them that Meghna gave them job and if she had not sent them from factory last night forcefully, even they would have burnt into ashes. They say they need to pay their creditors. Khadar Bhai warns not to give more tension to Meghna. While traveling to Meghna’s house, Punith asks Bindu which way to go. She gets memory loss attack and sits silently. Amar gets call. She gets conscious hearing Amar’s name. Amar asks what happened to her. She asks where are they going. He says Meghna’s house. She remembers getting call and asks what are they doing here, they need to reach there soon, thinks what is happening to her.

Precap: Bindu addresses Meghna’s employees that Meghna garments will restart again and their dream will not shatter. She tries to cheer up Meghna.

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