Passion of devotion Abhigya FF : Part 14

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After the rituals Pragya and Bulbul bids a tearful goodbye to their family. Sarla tells Abhi and Purab to take care of her daughters. While Armaan goes in search of Alia calling out of her name.
Sarla : Purab, my Bulbul is very naive, please always keep her happy, I might not be able to keep her happy but I know youwill give her all happiness
Bulbul scolds Sarla for saying that.
Pragya feels Suhani and Alia’s absence on the venue and informs everybody.
Rachna : Di, Alia said shegoing to put all gifts inside but she did not return yet
Pragya : She might be coming but what about Suhani, I feel she is in some kind of problem
Bulbul : Di, why are you worrying, she must be fine

Pragya : No Bulbul, we did not see after we came back from mall, she didn’teven inform us
Abhi : Don’t stress out I will call her, but first let me find Alia
RSD : I got your both gift but they are inside the house, I will bring it
Pragya : Dadi, I will get it , you stay here
Tanu get to know about Suhani being attacked instead of Pragya.
Raj : what are you saying?

Tanu : I am saying truth, mom just called me that somebody threw acid on her face outside the mall
Raj : now face the consequence of your foolishness
Tanu : but what was the need for her to go with that Pragya
Armaan smells smoke coming from backside of venue and sees Alia’s stole on floor. He sees her unconscious on floor and runs to the door but the fire is surrounded the door. Somebody informs the family about fire on the venue shocking everybody.

Abhi : WHAT !!
Pragya : Fire?
Purab and Abhi gets everybody out of venue and makes sure nobody is inside. Armaan after lot of effort goes inside the room and tries to wake up Alia. Abhi starts searching for Alia and Pragya. Purab insists him to go and find Pragya if she is safe and decides to go himself to check Alia.
Armaan : Alia, wake up (pats her face)
At the same time Purvi calls Armaan but he cuts her call.
Purvi : why did he cut my call?

Slowly Alia wakes coughing but gets too scared seeing the fire. She immediately holds his hands but Armaan assures her she will be fine. He tries to find the way to go out safely but gets shocked to see the flame all around the hallway.
Alia : I am scared, we cannot go out of here
Armaan : Don’t worry Alia, I will not let anything happen to you, don’t give up this easily
Though Alia isterrified with whole incidence but deep down is relieved hearing his words. Abhi reaches the place where Pragya and brings her out safely.
Abhi : Are you okay?
Pragya : I am fine, where is Alia?

Abhi : Purab went to find her, I am going too, you stay here
Pragya : Please be careful
Armaan : Alia, cover yourself with this (wraps blanket around her)
He leds Aliya outside the room carefully. As they go down to hallway Armaan saw that the entrance main door had fallen and it was surrounded in flames. Abhi and the rest of the family sees Alia safely coming out. Suddenly Armaan sees one of door is creaking and lowering due to fire and tells her to go quickly before him but Alia gets too hesitant.
Alia : No! I won’t leave you
Armaan :At least listen to me sometime, go quickly
He pushes her outside safety and gets little bit hurt when the door breaks. The whole family rushes to Alia and Armaan. Soon enough the fire brigade comes and douses the fire all around the place.

Abhi : Alia, are you okay?
Alia nods in terrified state and looks at Armaan. Rocky takes him on side to inform him something.
Armaan : what is it?
Rocky : there is been a big problem, somebody threw acid on Suhani’s face
Armaan : what (shocked)
Rocky : she is in trauma right now

Armaan : but who told you?
Rocky : Actually I heard Tanu talking to Raj that their plan was to throw acid on Pragya’s face but Suhani became victim instead. I am glad you told me to spy on Tanu and Raj, your doubt was right, this two are planning together, I am sure they might double cross you anytime
Armaan : Find that goon who did this, i am sure Tanu would have bribed him to leave this city but we will have to find him
Pragya gets to know about Suhani’s incidence from Suhani’s mom
Abhi : Fuggy what happened?

Pragya reveals everything to him and both of them rushes to hospital. Tanu reaches there and shows concern to her sister while their mother is worried seeing Suhani’s condition.
Tanu : Mom, how did this happen?

Kirti : I don’t know, what is going on my child, she always has to suffer
Tanu remembers her fake swear of Suhani of not doing anything wrong. Kirti tells Tanu to go back at home not wanting her to be around Suhani at the moment.

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