ishqbaazi kabhi soch ke nahi hoti – by Savera part-29

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Here the episode starts….

Next morning
Shivaay sees anika working he goes to her…. And said so r u ready….
Anika turns to him and said for what??
Shivaay said yesterday night i asked u about urself so r u ready to tell me….

Anika said yes i m ready to tell u about me….
Shivaay gets happy and thinks finally she is ready to tell me….
But just then anika bents down and pick her chandni in her hand…. And show it to shivaay …..shivaay gets scared seeing slipper in her hand…..
Shivaay said anika what r doing why u hold slipper in ur hand….

Anika said this is not slipper….
Shivaay ask then what’s it….and first u put down this…sli…. Slipper …

Anika ask now what happen shivaay as a friend u want to know about me and when i m ready to tell u .u r scared from me…see this is not slipper. …this is my chandni and u know my chandni knows karate very well so u can think what my chandni can do….i need to explain u….

Shivaay thinks why these girls r very difficult to understand…. When u think u now finally understand her then they do something different which can u never expect….

Anika said shivaay i think u r scared of my chandni that’s why u r lost i think u r thinking about the consequences….. Right….

Shivaay holds her hand and said while smiling u know what i loved ur this style….i think my friendship has a lot effect on u .see the girl whom i met the first day of her job is scared of everything but now i think i m seeing a different version of anika….. And i like ur this version….

Anika gets shocked listening him and then she realize  what she was doing…
She said wo..wo i m so…sorr…
Shivaay intrupted her and said no need to say sorry u should be like this only u look very cool in this version….
And anyways i forget to tell u my friend vikram is coming i want u take care of him… no one is at home rudra and sahil went to Om’s exhibition… So i want u to take care of him hope u don’t mind…

Anika said no problem i will take care of him….

After some tym

Vikram reached to oberio mansion
He hugged… Shivaay…

Shivaay said finally vikram u r here….
Vikram said so how r u?
Where is ur Bride….. I specially come to met. Her…..
Just then anika comes….vikram sees anika and get mermerised seeing her beauty…. And anika is little bit uncomfortable the way vikram looking at her…

Vikram said pointing toward anika so she is ur bride she is very beautiful….
Shivaay and anika look at each other…. And shivaay said no…no she is not my bri…bride she is my wedding planner….

Vikram hugged shivaay and said then its much better ….and looks at anika…

Shivaay said to vikram slightly she is not of that type girl….
Vikram said i know it but …..he goes to anika and forwards his hand to shake with anika…. And said hii i m vikram… And u….
Just then shivaay comes in between hold his hand and said nice….watch…. Nice watch vikram…. Its of which brand even i want to buy this watch i …loved it then he looks at anika and said anika why r u standing here …..go bring juice for vikram…. And she went…

And when she brings a juice tray vikram was continusly staring her…and shivaay was hell angry ….when she was juice to vikram the way he is looking at her she is scared and due to this she make fall juice on her dress in tension….

Shivaay seeing this stands and ask anika r u fine ? U just go and clean ur dress i will give it to vikram…
And she goes to clean her dress in her room….

Just then shivaay phone rings and he went to attend the call
Vikram mean while go behind anika hiding….
When anika was cleaning her dress vikram comes and hugs her from backside….
Anika was shocked and when she tries to turn…vikram’s grip is so tight he is not letting her to move….
Anika starts crying and said what….what r u doing…
Vikram said its OK baby its normal u know u r very beautiful… I have seeing such a beauty …

Anika while crying pl..plz leave me she shout shivaay…..
But he keeps her one hand on her mouth ….going to kiss on her neck but anika bite his hand and somehow she frees herself from his grip and she runs downstairs shouting shivaay…. Shivaay….

Shivaay comes there and sees her in a messy state he got shocked seeing her situation… She was crying terribly….
Anika just come to shivaay and hugged him ….she was sobbing ? ?
While crying she was saying shi…shivaay… Wo…vik…vikram tries to molest me
After listening her shivaay jerks her from his hug
Anika gets shocked by his action tears r continuously flowing from her eyes…

To her shock shivaay said to her if vikram tries to molest u then what will i do

Anika gets hell shocked listening him she feels like everything finished in her life the man who was continuously saying he is my friend i should share my pain to him now he is saying if vikram tries to molest me then what will he do..

Plz guys do comment

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  1. Fantastic episode…waiting for next one

  2. Aashi9

    Update soon

  3. Rehmat

    i think that’s was shivay plan superb update like always keep writing

  4. Why shivaay tell like that???
    Hey don’t make shivaay bad in anika’s eye I can’t see that please…….
    No more misunderstanding plz…..
    I was happy when anika was friendly talking to shivaay but last scene make me shocked …….

  5. Ashwinee

    Di itna bada twist .uff I loved it

  6. Dhar

    OMG.. Plzz do post the next update ASAP.. Loved it to the coreeeee

  7. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear

  8. Niriha

    Awesome…..eagerly waiting for next part update soon

  9. Alekhika20

    Fabulous update

  10. Yvonne Codner

    Wow….shocking display from Shivay…just like Anika, I did not expect that kind of reaction. Maybe he has a plan, we do not know.

    Intriguing episode Savera..looking forward to the next one!

  11. Ankita27

    Superb update…

  12. Gayathri.visu

    Hey this is Shivaay’s plan….right? Definitely he will not tell like that to Anika!

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