Do I know you? ~Rikara ff (Chapter 5 and 6)

Okay I am back Let’s start
Now Gauri was not present and here Anika could’nt beleive her ears that Shivaay was marrying Ragini. How can he forget her ?

How can he forget their marriage?

How can he not trust?

From other side OmRu were coming. Because they wanted their answers and only their Anika bhabhi can give  them

Ru : Anika bhabhi where were you all these months?

Om :  And Bhabhi How that accident happened?

Anika : We were in Shimla these months. Where I used to take care of Gauri and Om that accident

After Gauri left the mansion . She was walking from other side a car was coming . And her accident happened. Hopefully there Anika was there. She shouted her. Gauri was in the pool of blood . Soon she was taken to the hospital . Doctor said that she is safe. But when Anika wentered the room

Anika : Thank god Gauri you are fine. Can’t you ser and walk if anything could happen to you then… And what were you doing?

Here Gauri was confused

Gauri : Who are you ? I don’t know you and Who am I

Anika : You are Gauri

And then she talked to Doctor. After the reports came he said that she lost her memory
Anika was shocked tears started flowing from her eyes. After that she started to take care of Gauri and then they got to know that they are sisters. And then Gauri and Anika moved to Shimla

Flashback ends*

Om was sad . He wanted to cry but he could’nt

Here Rudra was also shocked

Anika : From that time I tried mzny times but her emeory never came back


One day when Anika showed some dresses of Gauri which she wore in Oberoi Mansion. Suddenly some blurred flashbacks came in her mind. And she fainted . Then doctor said not to give her more pressure other wise her life will be at stake

Flashback ends**

Ani : From that they I never pressurized. But now shat I saw was shocking . She saw you all but nothing happend. And that’s the sign that there is a chance of her meory back

This made some hope in Om’s heart

Ru : Bhabhi plz do something otherwise Shivaay will marry that Ragini . Ragini is playing with Shivaay. She only wants his money.

Anika: Don’t worry Rudra  I will teach that Nagini a lesson . She will never get shivay

Part 6
Actually before saying there is a change
Here the marriage is of Ruvya
Shivaay and nagini are frnds shown in the show
Here dadi’s friend will suggest and then their entru will happen.Nagini entry will be afterwards
Omkara was walking and there from opposite side Gauri was walking

Soon Gauri was about to fall but on time omkara held her

As he held her
She was having some blur flashback

And then her vision was blank

Here Om was worried

Om : Gauri , Gauri get up

His eyes were red

Anika came and then they took her to Om’s room and laid her on the bed

Anika : Gauri what happened Om bring water

Om : Yes!!

And them om sprinkled water on her face and she woke up

As she woke up Om hugged her

Om : Thank god you  are fine .

Here Gauri was confused.. So she pushed him

Om was shocked

Gauri : Don’t you have manners. Why are you hugging me ? Di what is this and why he is hugging me . You stay away from me

Anika : Calm down Gauri he was just shocked

Gauri : So what you listen don’t touch me or else Ek jhap main deewar pe sata daibe

Here Om was smiling after listening that dialoge after so many months

He missed her but was not ready to accept it!!!

But was also sad from Gauri’s behaviour as this was first time she shouted on him. She could’nt remebet him

Gauri : Di I am leaving

And she left the room

Anika : Om…….

Om : I understand bhabhi and he left

Here Gauri was thinking
“What happened to me and what was that flashback?”

And then she continued her work

Precap : Shivika meet. Truth to come out about Gauri’s inmocence ,Omri’s friendship and many more

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