Raglak FF-Blind Of Love (Part 30) By Anaz

Blind of love ????

Part -30

Omg its 30th part ?? thank u so much guyz who read my ff regularly and leave ur comments ☺☺☺ once again thank u for ur lovely supports …… ❤❤❤❤

Lets start …. part -30 ??

Ragini : laksh its cheating ????

Lak : start to laugh ??? no.. no i will found it na …

Rag : without my help u cant find it laksh.. she turns her face .. childishly. .. ???

Lak : oops my dear raginiii… plz turn na.. i am sry .. he touch his ears with his two hands and ask sry to her ???

Ragu watch it and said its ok… ???

How is it … laksh… ??

Lak : its wonderful ragini… ??

Rag : mmmm she said sadly …

Lak : what happend y did u sad …

Rag : u know laksh this mehandi gonna decided how much i love u.. ??

Lak : touch her shoulder and ask what ??

Rag : yah laksh ur aunty told to me .. how much this mehandi turns to reddish thats shows how much i had love on u … ??

Lak : really … its funny .. don’t worry ragini she lied to u…

Rag : no laksh i don’t gonna give up….
I want to prove my love is worth ??

Lak : ragini its just a mehandi its dont gonna decide our life so just chill…

Rag : but laksh…

Lsk : chup.. keep mum….

Rag :?????

Lak : good girl… ???

Its already too late ragini so go and take rest ….

Rag ; mmmm ….

Lak : what. . Say something na..

Rag : laksh.. .. u told me na keep mum ..

Lak : omg how can i live with this child..

Rag : oh really… if u dont like this child go from here… ????

Lsk : he dont know how to console her …

So he pulled her close to him .. awe mera bhachaww love u lot ❤❤❤ plz forgive me…

He pull her more tightly and kiss her cheek ❤❤❤ she is shocked … then they losted in their eyelocks ❤❤❤ gently breeze toched them her hair start to play in air ….

( sanamrey …. sng )

He adjusted her hair and move his lips to her forehead …. ❤❤ she looked down bcz of shy…. ???

She shout laksh…. and pushed him away….

Lak : stared her confusingly .. what happend ….

She signald him to show his dress …..
Her mehandi stain ….. on his dress

Lak : so finally u proved ragini u loves me lot … bcz i dont gonna wash this …..

Rag : ????? start to laugh. ..

Few hours later …..

Ragini sleeping on bed ……

Laksh went out of her room… rocky and shreya already waiting for him out …

Rcky : IS she is ok …

Lsk : yes … i managed it….

Shreya : we must found who is she ….

Lak : whoever she is ,, ?? i cant forgive her in my life…. ( i thought … my past start to follow me again )

Rcky : dont worry laksh all will sort out soon…..

Hospital ….

Passengers admitted kavya into hospital, she was unconscious bcz she gets injured in her head and leg ….

Her jewellery removed from her body and give it to nurse … before enter ICU

Her diamond ring attracted by that nurse so she stoled that ring …..

Maheshwari house :

Lak : thank u guyz for staying with us .. so plz go and take rest tmrw is marriage

Rcky : ok u too… bcz tmrw is ur mrg …

Lak : nodded yes….

Rcky and shreya left that place ……

Laksh came back to ragini room , and sat beside her …

Then staring her lovely face… ❤❤❤

He hold her hand … and said …. ragini i am really sry .. i thought my past keeps follow me to take revenge. .. while he saying tears overflowing from his eyes… ???

I wanna say my past to u raginiii ,i knew its must hurt u after hearing that… bitter past … but i am swear ragini i am not responsible what was happend …. but all circumstances make me do like that…

That whole day he didnt sleep properly…

Next day morning :

Some noise disturb his sleep so he gets up… and look around … ragini was not in her bed …. ??

Lsk : raginiii….

Rcky : laksh don’t worry she went with shreya to get ready did u forgot she is the bride and u r the groom so gets ready fast….

Laksh gets ready….. another side ragini also ready….

She wore a beautiful blue leganga and amazing make up …. ?? she was damn pretty in that dress …. shreya help her to gets ready ….

Shreya mbl rang ….. she picks that call and said ragini is ok dont worry laksh i will be with her….

Laksh and rocky comes out …. from his room … to confirmed all safe …

Lak : rcky that bottle is safe in ur hand …

Rcky : dont worry laksh i will placed in study room …

Lak : rcky plz watch carefully i will be come back soon ….

Rck : ok

Study room :

Laksh searched that bottle everywhere but cant found so he make call to rcky …

Suddenly one file fell down….

He picks that file in his hand .. it was full dusty ….

Lsk : which file is this … i didnt saw this before … he cuts that call

He opend that file and read …. that agreement …

He was shocked ???? his heart broked ???? tears start to overflowed from his eyes …

He went out from that room angrily ?? his hand hold that file .. too

He goes near to dp …. he was busy with speaking to relatives …

Lak : pappa i want to talk to u … plz come its urgent

Dp : laksh wait i will come …

Lsk : angrily ?? i told u na its urgent …

Laksh hold his hand and pulls along with him …..

Raginii notices this… she tried to go behind him but some relatives blocked her ….

Dp : what is this laksh y did u behave like this ??

Lak : yes dad i am just asking the same question to u what is this ??

He forward that file to dp and ask what is this ??

Dp gets shocked ??? after seeing that…

Dp : laksh … actually. ..

Lsk : stop it dad i knew what do u trying to say ….

Y pappa y did u do this to me ….

Dp : laksh plz let allow me to explain ….

Lak : what the crap … he throw that file down …

U saled me to kavya father …. ???

Dp : laksh not like that ….

Lak : then what is it means ??

Dp : laksh read that agreement carefully, if u won the title winner in that dance competition. .. i wanna allow ur mrg with her but its not happend laksh so its not a big issue …

Lak : whatever pappa u tried to sale me for this silly reason ( so only money is important in ur life na not me and my happiness )

Dp : no laksh dont misunderstand me plz try to understand i just used that situation to become high .. thats it . I dont wanna lost u thats y i destroyed ur passion …

Lak : rght u totally destroyed me … ???? but y did u tried to kill my raginii

Dp : raginiii….

Lak : dont be act like oversmart i know u played back this … without ur knowledge no one tried to kill her ..

I hate u alot and u dont deserve my love …. ???? he went out angrily ???

All these heared by raginiii …..

Guyz hw was the episode … leave ur cmnts ….

Precap : dp will accept this mrg or not ?? What will happen next guess guyz ….

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