Parvarish 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 8th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Papaji saying that this is my Parvarish( upbringing), my sanskaar( values). He looks emotionally and remembers his wife. He says he is proud of his childrens, his real diamonds of the world. Papaji confessed that whatever he has done to them for their upbringing is for his responsibility as a father. He says I have a request and says let me do what I wants to do. He says whatever I have, I distribute it equally amongst you three. Sweety interrupts but Papaji asks her to distribute the love among themselves. Papaji says love, and values will be alive and money will come and go. Papaji asks them to hug him and they had a emotional hug. Lucky talks to his clients about some project. They asks him to get permission for it. His associate says he will get it soon. Lucky asks him to invest the money in plot. He agrees.

The lawyer comes to Papaji’s house and he asks everybody to look carefully while he is signing the will. Papaji says he took the decision and says now I can go to the forest. Papaji asks everyone for the family pictures. The lawyer gets impressed with their unity and his upbringing. Papaji says he believes to fulfill his responsibility as soon as possible. He asks Jeet and Lucky, Jeet says he already appointed his nominee, While Lucky says he didn’t think about it yet.

Lucky gets the cheque for the plot from his associate and they talked about the business. Lucky thanks God for the new project. His associate talked with someone and says he had fooled Lucky and relieved him of 5 crores rupees.

Rocky says he have to choose the best college, his mom asks him to select the one which is best and says we can’t compromise on your education. She says we will take care of it. Lucky comes and asks what they are talking about? Rocky says he have to choose his college, Lucky asks him to choose the best college and he will manage. Lucky says he got a good project of 25 crores and praises that associate. Rocky says him congrats. Lucky thinks he will be floored with more and more money. Someone calls him and asks about the office, he gives him the address.

Jeet comes to have breakfast, Raavi says she has decided to work as social worker and that’s why she wants to serve the people and thinks society needs her. She says she wants to appear for social sciences exam and thinks to leave her graduation. Jeet asks her to complete her graduation first and then can work in NGO. Jeet tries to make her understand about life’s reality. Raavi tells her mom to talk to her Dad. Pinky says she is with Jeet in his decision. Raavi agrees.

Gini tells Rocky that she is going to UK for indian cultural programmes. Gini says one guardian is allowed to come with me, Rocky says he will come for sure. Gini says he will take mom along with her. Sweety says she is happy and surely come with her. Rocky says he don’t want to go and will go with his own money. Gini says we need to go to british council to sign the papers.

Lucky gets a call and says he didn’t get meet the guy and waiting for him since long. He says he is not there and his number is switch off. Lucky panics and searches for his office phone number. Gini says she got ready to go to council, Sweety tells Rocky to have food. Lucky searches for the receipt but doesn’t find it. He thinks he is ruined.

Lucky tells Sweety that he is ruined and says Sukhdev sharma was a fraud and relieved him of 5 crores rupees. He says from where will I get the money to give to the investors.

Update Credit to: Hasan

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