Maharana Pratap 8th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 8th August 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 8th August 2013 Written Update

The students are tired of the hard labour but Pratap keeps on giving them courage to go on and finish the task. It is lunch time when one of the students refuses to eat the simple food after back breaking work and complains to Pratap for not using the privileges of a prince and doing away with such an arrogant teacher .He coaxes Pratap to get someone else appointed to teach them in Raghavendra’s place… The wise Pratap replies that if he did so he would never get the pearls of knowledge that Raghavendra can impart.

Raghavrndra is not happy to hear of such thought of insubordination and punishes his students with continuous digging without a break till the well is ready.

The weary boys carry on with the task. Pratap tries to help one of the student buy telling him to use

the shovel for digging in a particular manner which would get the job done without an extra thrust to the already strenuous work. The well meaning advice is unheeded and the student faints out of exertion. Raghavendra is unmoved and tells him to get back to his work of digging the well on regaining consciousness. The student than starts digging the way Pratap had mentioned…

Raghvendra hands down another lesson to the young lad (without acknowledging Pratap) that hoarding of knowledge is useless unless it is used in practical sphere for benefitting from it.

Shakti has had enough and decides to complain about Raghvendra. Udai is in the midst of a meeting with his generals talking about the upcoming Lakshmandangal and how the invited Rajput kingdoms have responded to it.

Shakti enters the room unannounced and complains about their torture.. On being asked by Udai to explain in detail.. he elaborates their hardship. Udai listens maintaining his calm only to reprimand his son fiercely.

It is mentioned to Shakti in clear terms that he cannot hope for preferential treatment on being the king’s son and is warned to not disturb the king on this matter ever again. If he did so, he would be punished with imprisonment. Shakti is very surprised and hurt at the reception of the matter by the king. He follows the words of his father and returns to the Gurukul. Udai informs his generals that he is totally assured that his sons have received the best teacher for their training .

Basheer Khan on the other hand cleverly extracts information about the great Maharana of Mewar, heroic Pratap and general information about the kingdom.. Ahmed Khan unknowingly in his Mewar bhakti passes vital information for Basheer Khan to exploit in the future. Basheer thinks out aloud of not letting Pratap escape from his clutches as he is so near to his target.

The students continue to dig and finally manage to build a makeshift well. They pause to rest when Raghavendra comes to enquire if their work had been finished. Pratap answers for them saying it has been done . Raghavendra is unhappy with the quality of work after his inspection. He orders the boys to continue working and finish building the well so that it is fit for being used .Pratap tries to put across the grievances of the boys with the teaching methods in a gentle and humble manner to his teacher..Raghavendra hears it with in an expressionless manner ans states the students can leave if they wish to..

Pratap tries to pacify his teacher’s anger stating it was not their intention to leave. The students do not agree with Pratap and express their desire to leave the tutelage of Raghavendra. Pratap tries to convince them other wise but is unsuccessful.

We see a kneeling Pratap in front of his guru as his friends get ready to leave the premises.

Pratap is shown running like a fierce cheetah to an undisclosed destination as Basheer promises himself to lay his hands on Pratap and end the prince’s life. Udai Singh hopes the wrestling competiton will help him to realize his dream of uniting the various Rajput clans to fight against the Mughals and Afghans..

Update Credit to: sunshine99

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