Qubool Hai 10th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 10th August 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 10th August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Celebration venue and ayan’s residence
Asad and zoya are busy with the preparations for the celebration, along with nazma. Zoya hears the sound of bangles clanking, and is surprised, but turns around to find noone. She walks ahead, and adjusts the CCTV camera that seems out of place. She again senses someone’s presence swooshing past. As she turns around the bunch of papers in her hand fly in the air. Zoya picks them up, unaware that tanveer is standing right behind her, frustrated.

Asad is extra concerned about finding her father. He turns around to find zoya, looking at him. She comes to him and says that he’s trying so hard to find her father, and thanks him. Asad says that he hopes these efforts are a success. She says that her heart feels this happens.

Scene 2:
location: Ayan’s residence
While razia asks if its actually important to go to Eid’s celebration by asad, mamujaan says that he cant refuse to go, as he’s a board member. Shirin tries to talk rashid out of it, but he is adamant to go. They both decide to go then.

Mamu asks razia to come along, but she cites some urgent work, and asks them to go ahead while she comes in the next car. As they go out, they find ayan undressed for the function. He says that as it is, all wont be able to go together, and they would come in the next car. mamu says that he would have to wait for some time, as the other car is out to get gifts, and they can come when that car comes.

As the imposter is sneaking around, razia asks him to come along, as they have to finish their work. He lustily eyes Rajni who is tensed. He asks her to go, while he gets to his work. Razia says that she doesnt believe him, and will finish the work along with him. Razia insistently takes the imposter out for getting rid of badi bi. razia gets tanveer’s call and is very tensed to hear her voice. Tanveer says that she has done her part of enemity, anmd now its her turn. she says that she had to pay a huge price for what she plotted against her. Shje says that she’s very cunning, and she too would retaliate. Razia asks tanveer on the phone, what can she do. Tanveer says that what she didnt tell zoya, she would tell the entire Bhopal today, and bring out the infidel nature of her eminent and respectable husband. Raziz is shocked. she says that zoya would call her husband DAD and herself, NAYI AMMI. Tanveer sends that she would also send a photo of the same, so that she belives her threat. Razia gets a photo, which shocks her, as its the same sketch that asad had gotten made by the artist. Razia asks him to hurry up as she has to go somewhere else.

Mamujaan gets very angry that the car isnt working, and asks the driver to get another one from the garage, as he’s getting late for the function. As he goes, mamu sees the same doll, thinking that today he would give this gift to humaira, and hopes that she remembers everything, and he gets his daughter back.

As razia and he come outside, they are shocked to see that the car in which they kept badi bi is gone. They ask the servant, and are shocked when they are told that Mamu took that car, as his one broke down.

As ayan is looking around for rajni, the imposter comes and says that she left with Razia. Ayan is disturbed but goes anyway in his car. The imposter is happy. Rajni comes from inside, and asks if ayanh was calling her. He says no. She says that she felt she heard ayan’s voice. the imposter acts like a hurt husband. He says that he had called to go to the function for eid. she asks where are the rest, but he stayed back for her, so that they go together. She is confused but starts walking ahead. He thin ks that today he would take his price from her, for the slap.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
As mamujaan is going in the car, badi bi, in the back seat, tries her best to move, to catch his attention. Just then he gets a phone call, and badi bi is unable to reach out to him. she is distressed.

Ayan is happily driving on the road, hoping to reach the venue soon, but tensed for an unknown reason. He gets nuzrat’s call asking that rajni isnt there, and razia too has come and wonders where is rajni. ayan abruptly cancels the call, while he wonders where could vikram have taken rajni. Ayan is very tensed. He instantly turns the car around and begins to search for Rajni.

Scene 3:
Location: Celebration venue
Dilshad welcomes all and wishes them happy eid, and asks them to begin the function. He introduces Javed Ali’s performance. He gives a wonderful rendition of Maula and Kun Faaya Kun. While asad is tending to the arrangements, rashid enters with the family. shirin asks him to enjoy and not bother about badi bi, as shne would soon be found. a volunteer gives the sketch tp shirin, and tells her to tell asad if she knows him. shirin thinks that this is some person that she knows. others too feel that they have seen the person. Rashid asks if she knows. She shows it to rashid and he is boggled too, as it could be anyone. She says that she knows who this is, and she has recognised it. But her maturity gives away, when she identifies it as the jinn in Alif laila. Rashid gives the sketch back and takes her inside. nazma while mixing with the crows, comes across her half sisters, and remembers imran and gets tensed. They wish each other eid. Nuzrat is happy at the prospect of mehendi. nikhat refuses, and also tells nazma that she shoudl put the mehendi on her behalf. Nazma is tensed at its double meaning with her and imran in real life too. Nazma too gives a dance performance along with nuzrat. shiela and pruvi also give a dance number. All the girls join in and celebrate together. After that, nazma ollides into imran, while mixing with the guests. They wish each other eid, and she goes away. As he goes after her, he collides into Nikhat. They wish each other too. Nikhat severely hopes that he would say something, but he excuses to see the other guests. shirin sees her pain, and comes to her.

zoya is giving sketches to every guest who’s coming in. She is however called inside for the function. As mamujaan steps inside the venue, zoya is aware emotionally of his presence and as she turns around with longing, she is unable to find who her heart is lunging for, amidst the crowd.

Outside the venue, razia finds badi bi parked in the car, and is relieved that mamu didnt see her. But then she is tensed when she thinks what if he sees his daughter and is lamenting at her situation. Just then, she notices a sign for special chairs for the handicapped. She dresses badi bi in a burqa and wheels her out.

In the control room, asad monitors the entire venue for traces of zoya’s father. Mamu waits in line to be escoreted inside, at the helm of which zoya is standing. Razia steals inside the room. He takes the sketch from a person but before he can meet zoya, he is taken aside by razia, who tells her that she wants to help someone, and shows her badi bi clad in a burqa, and says that they have to take her to a suitable place for her. mamu agrees to help razia for that woman’s sake. But on the way, he is stopped by Siddiqui Sahab, who asks him to wait for the function to start, and asks him to go after the function. Mamu tells the same to razia. Razia is speechless and complies. Next is arjun and a participants from DID Super Moms’s chance to perform. In a corner, nazma is very sad, thinking about imran. Imran comes to her, and she composes herself and is about to go, but he holds her hand and asks her not to go away, as he needs her. She says that this canmt be, as its wrong, and asks him to try and understand. she is again going, but he threatens her that if she leaves, then he would die. she is tensed. Nazma still continues walking, and imran collapses dejectedly, while the bangle in his hand falls on the floor, and rolls to nazma’s foot. she remembers how she had gotten it as a gift once. She tunrs around to find him distraught and in tears, and hurriedly goes to hug him tightly. zoya eyes the photo, with sad eyes, when asad comes and sees her like that. He sees her looking at the show piece with longing. He sist besdie her, and tries to cheer her up, saying that the next level of this celebration if lots of fun and frolic, and the next act is dedicated to a special person. He takes her hand and leads her down, like a gentleman. Raj has a grand Salman like entry for his performance. Other zee tv stars too join in with raj.

Dilshad is talking to asad when she comes fac e to face with rashid and his family. An awkward encounter follows. Raqshid eyes asad. Finally zoya breaks the silence, and greets them on Eid. Rashid too responds. She also wishes mamujaan, and he to responds, not knowing the relation that they share. He raises his hand to bless her, but remembering that she was responsible for humaira’s poisoning, he refrains from blessing her. She is hurt. Dilshad too wishes a Happy Eid to rashid. She asks for badi bi. They are tensed. Badi bi, who’s in the wheelchair is distraught at being so close and yet so far. razia is tensed. Rashid tells dilshad that badi bi is not with them. Dilshad asks howcome that she’s not with them at eid. Rashid says that she would soon return as she knows how much she is missed. Dilshad and her family excuses themselves to tend to other guests. Badi bi manages to brush her hand with rashid’s and he asks if she needs something. razia hurriedly says that she might be feeling uncomfortable here in the noise, and she would take her to somewhere quiet. They agree. mamu gets busy with the guests. shirin comes an dtells him that nikhat is sad and wants to go home. Rashid also agrees to go. But nikhat asks him not to leave, as it would be rude, and shirin is also going to be with her. rashid complies. they leave. Dilshad thinks that she wasnt expecting to meet rashid. Rashid comes and calls her from behind. she turns around to face him. As she begins to leave. rashid stops her to ask how is she. She politely excuses herself to tend to the guests. Rashid insists for two minutes of hers, to talk. She complies. they both leave to talk.

Razia thanks the lord that she found badi bi, and decides to keep her in an unnoticed corner, and covers it with drapes. Tanveer sees razia trying to get rid of badi bi, and wheeling her out of the room. Razia however doesnt know that she’s being watched. Razia leaves. tanveer goes and she takes off the burqa, and wheels the chair out again, and taking a dupatta on herself, to cover her face, she walks out along with badi bi, in the chair.

Rashid and dilshad sit down to talk, while all kids from DID JUNIORS come and throng them for their Eidi. Rashid too joins them in their dance performance. Razia is tensed and decides that this is the right time to get rid of badi bi, and once she manages that, she would kill her altogether. she meets some reltive who starts to engage her in conversation, while she eyes the drapes behind which she has kept badi bi.

Razia is tensed to find zoya talking to mamu. She thinks that she is in double trouble, one with badi bi and the other with this father-daughter duo, who if find out about the relation, will be a big problem. mamujaan hears the same music that had been inserted in the doll that he had given to his estranged daughter. In the function, mamu asks how is she so sure that her person, who she is searching is here. He asks her to go back. zoya says that she cant as her present and her future is here, eyeing Asad and now only her past remains to be found. Zoya talks to Mamu himself, saying that she’s looking for her father, and he being a noted person, and member of the committee, can help him out, as he too is around is father’s age, and can have a clue about him. He says that he helps those who are mannered, and doesnt bear any relation with the illmannered. zoya requests him to look at the sketch, and consider it as her eidi. mamujaan agrees to help her. Razia is tensed as she hears from a distance. She is about to stop them, when she is stunned as Zoya produces the same picture that has Mamu in it, and for her, her clue to find her father. Mamu extends his hand to take a look at it. Just then, a person informs him of a performance dedicated to national integrity and the upcoming independance day. mamu leaves with him to watch the performance, of the new jodi that is soon to be aired, DO DIL BANDHE EK DORI SE. All applaud while razia is tensed. mamu comes and asks about zoya, as he wanted to help her. she asks him to let be, as she was irritating him. He asks for humiara, and razia says that its good that she isnt there, in this condition. Razia excuses herself. She is shocked when she finds that badi bi isnt where she left her. He thinks about his daughter, and sees the doll, thinks that he had thought that he would give this to his daughter, so that she remembers but she never evn turned up. Zoya too is in tears, and says that she wont lose hope as she has full belief that she would turn up. Asad sees her sad and gets emotional. He comes to her, and says that she shoudlnt lose hope, as the evening isnt over yet. She turns to him and asks if he would forever be with her like this. he wipes her tears, and says that he would always be by her side in every trouble, pain and search. She hugs him tightly. Zoya and asad have a romantic performance together.

Scene 4:
Location: In a dance bar
Outside a building, rajni is very uneasy to be entering there, but the imposter takes her inside, assuring her that she would have fun. She is shocked to see the cheap ambience inside. While the impsoter is lustily engaging with the dance girls, throwing money at them, rajni is increasingly at discomfort, and asks him to get along so that they can go home. He says that soon she shall enjoy too, and asks her to wait for some more time. Rajni asks where are the others and is very tensed. He asks her if she doesnt like spending time with him alone. She is tensed.

Rajni calls up ayan, the first chance that she gets, and hurriedly tells ayan on the phone, but before she can tell the address, the imposter cancels the call. She is very scared now. He tells her that he would show her how to enjoy the party. She refuses to go and is hesitant to go on the dance floor with him, but he forcibly tries to impose. He takes rajni to a room and again tries to impose himself on her, and get physically intimate with her, while she keeps insisting to go home. He asks if she doesnt like being with him. She tries to get her to come out of the room and go home. He tries to feel her up, and as she tries to resist, he shouts at her to shut up, and says that she had slapped him, and now asks her to hit again. He pushes her on the bed, saying that its him right to do this to her. Ayan finally gets to the bar, and decides to call on the number from where humaira had called. The landline starts ringing. He asks a person if he has seen anyone looking like humaira, but the person is drunk and isnt able to answer properly. He is unable to see rajni and the imposter behind in the balcony, where rajni sees ayan and tries his best to shout to get his attention. She manages to throw a vase to catch his attention, and when ayan looks up, he finds rajni screaming out for help. Ayan beats the crap out of the imposter, after asking him how dare he touch her. Rajni asks him to stop but ayan is in a rage, and doesnt listen to her. He is about to give a fatal blow, when she stops him, by coming in his way. he is shocked. she asks if he has gone mad, as he ‘s her husband after all, and he doesnt have any right to do this to him, even if he behaves badly with him. Ayan tries to make her recognise herself, that she isnt Vikram’s wife and in fact, his fiancee and mamujaan’s daughter, humaira. She is shocked. He shows her the imposter’s I card, which falls on the ground. He says that she didnt identify him as she doesnt even identify herself. but after his outburst, he realises that she is stunned into silence. ayan asks her if she actually doesnt remember anything about their past. He is shocked to see her turned into stone. He wonders what did he do to her.

Scene 5:
Location: Celebration venue and the bar.
Zoya finds razia hurriedly searching around for something. She asks her if she can be of any help. But razia reprimands her and says thgat she isnt in such a bad state that she has to take her help, and asks her to stay away from her and her family. She leaves in anger, asking people for the wheelchair, and zoya follows her in curiosity. Razia sees the wheelchair in the balcony, with a draped woman in it. She goes there and cursing her, she tries to wheel the chair, but is shocked when the woman sitting stops it, and gets up to face her. she removes the burqa to reveal that its tanveer. She toyingly asks razia if she’s searching for badi bi. Razia threatens her not to mess with her today. tanmveer says that she too knows what she can do today. Tanveer asks her not to fight today, and asks for her eidi, she being the elder amonsgt the two. Razia eyes the empty wheelchair, and asks her what does she want. Tanveer says that she just wants two crores only, saying that she would forget everything and put it in the past. Razia is shocked. tanveer goes but reminds her that she has time to decide before the function gets over. as she leaves, razia is in a rage, and throws the chair and other things around. Zoya sees them from the other end of the balcony and is shocked.

Razia calls up vikram’s phone number, and says that he couldnt do one thing properly, and tells him that the old hag has disappeared from here, and sh is stuck badly. She asks him to come straightaway and help her find him. She doesnt realise that ayan has picked up the phone and tells everything, while ayan himself is shocked at what he hears. Ayan cancels without saying anything while razia is surprised, about what just happened. Another set of performances follows.

Zoya takes asad to the control room, and tells him that razia is searching around for something fanatically, and there’s something wrong. She asks him to rewind the footage, and tells him that she was searching for the wheelchair from what she could hear. Asad says that he knows this woman and the lengths she can go to, to get what she wants. They both wonder what could she possible be searching here for. Tanveer too with her face veiled, comes to give her dance performance. In the control room, asad gets ayan’s hassled phone call who tells him that razia has captured badi bi, and doesnt know eher but knows this for sure. Asad is shocked to hear this, and asks him not to worry. ZAoya asks what happened. Asad deduces thats why she was searching the wheelchair and tells that badi bi is in the wheelchair. zoya decides to reveal her true face to everyone.

Zoya and asad get the wheelchair together amidst the gathering. all are puzzled as to who’s in it. Zoya picks up the veil to reveal badi bi’s distraught and worn face, seeing who all are shocked and disbelieveing. rashid and mamujaan are shocked. He rushes to her, while she is in tears. Razia is shocked to see badi bi reunited with her family. tanveer too is disappointed, and leaves hastily. Asad gets ayan’s call, and he puts the phone on loudspeaker, and ayan tells everyone about razia’s evil plan and the imposter’s involvement in it. mamujaan says that he doesnt believe and where was she for this whole month. Rashid says that only badi bi can answer this. mamujaan asks her. rashid too coaxes her to speak, as to how kept her in captivity and who’s responsible for her condition. Razia motions her not to tell her name. Badi bi somehow manages to point her finger at razia, who is stunned at her crime being out. they are all shocked. Rashid and mamujaan along with others look at her accusingly. Rashid confronts her that this was her evil plan all along, while she concocted stories. he says that she tortured her so much, that she got paralysed. Dilshad asks where was badi bi all this while. Nuzrat remembers how razia had been very protective of the almirah. She spills it out, that razia had kept badi bi captive in the almirah and tels how humaira had doubted that she heard breathing sounds. He asks mamujaan what would he do now, the very respected person would turn his face away from injustice now, or see that his wife, who did such a heinous crime gets punished. He asks mamu to speak up. Mamu says that today the world shall see that before injustice, mamu doesnt see personal or impersonal relations. Razia is shocked. Mamujaan reprimands razia for this and also for dangering her ownj daughter’s selfrespect, and asks her what kind of a mother or a woman is she. He says that he’s embarassed that he couldnt recognise her. He says that he would decide at home, what punishment should be meted out to this woman. Razia, unable to say anything leaves from there after mamujaan. Rashid thanks asad and zoya for this favour saying that he cant repay back by anything. Badi bi motions out to zoya, and caresses her, with tears in her eyes. asad too is emotional.

After the party is over, he thanks her that for her, they saw their dadi. She says that she would find her father too like this. Asad asks her not to lose hope as the evening isnt over. Zoya rushes out saying that she has an idea.

Mamujaan calls up ayan, who has placed humaira in the car. Ayan tells him that she’s safe with him. As zoya puts on the microphone to the music of the doll, in a desperate attempt to search for her father, asad waits along with her to see the reaction in the crowd. Mamujaan talking on the phone with ayan, is instantly distracted by the music and turns around to find where is it coming from. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: The celebration of eid continues. Zoya asks him whats his wish. He gets close to her and says that actually he wants to….and then drifts off. Zoya is very nervous with his increasing proximity to her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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