Parvarish 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 7th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sweety calling to Papaji and says that she needs to talk to something and asked him not to sign the papers before speaking to her. Pinky and Lovely too calls Papaji and says the same. Thee lawyer asks Papaji to sign on the papers but papaji says he will sign on his will only after talking to his childrens. He says he has faith on his parvarrish and now will see what happens. Lawyer says I saw so many times that childrens quarrel over property rights and he leaves.

Sweety comes and Papaji asks her will you drink tea. Sweety says these days I didn’t understand Rocky and says kids grows elder soon. She says Rocky wants to go to engineering college. She says parents are unable to know about kids mentality. Papaji says but you came to tell me something naa. so dont waste time and say. Sweety thinks how to say and says Jeet have everything and remember Lucky words that they don’t need Papaji’s money as Jeet have two daughters. Sweety tells papaji that Jeet is financially independent but he has more responsibility that’s why she asked Papaji to give the property to Pinky and Lovely and says I don’t need anything papaji. Papaji laughs. Sweety asks why you are asking.

Papaji says you are same as before. When you talked to me over phone, I thought you will fight with me to have more property. Sweety says she got everything being the eldest and don’t want everything. The door bell rings and Sweety hides in the room. Pinky comes and Papaji opens the door, Pinky and Papaji share a light moment. Papaji asks what you wants to say. Pinky remembers Jeet’s words that they don’t need money from Papaji and he suggests Pinky that Papaji should give their share of property also to Lucky and Sweety as they have more responsibility. Papaji asks what you wants to say? Pinky tells that Jeet made some investments and therefore she don’t want anything from him. She says give property to Sweety and Lovely. She says she don’t want jiju and sweety didi to worry about expenses.

Papaji laughs and says both of you have same thoughts. Again door bell rings and Pinky says I will hide somewhere and hides as she don’t want Lovely to know that she came. She hides in Lovely’s room. Papaji says lawyer came and left. Lovely asks did you finalised the will but papaji says I need to sign on the will. Lovely says he and his wife thought something together. He says as they don’t have kids, and his sisters have kids. So he wants Papaji to distribute the property equally to Sweety and Pinky. Pinky, Sweety are touched while Papaji is happy.

Papaji says Sweety and Pinky will be angry if he makes the will without their consent and calls out for Pinky. Papaji asks Pinky about the will and then calls for Sweety. Pinky says Didi was here, you didn’t tell me. Pinky, Sweety and Lovely hugs each other and Papaji smiles teary eyed and says this is my parvarrish, upbringing, my values.

Papaji says that he distributed his property equally amongst his three kids and whatever he did was with his own wish. Papaji tells the kids to take the family picture.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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