Dil Dosti Dance 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 7th August 2013 Written Update

Swayam and Rey are at Swayam’s place. Swayam clears Rey’s misunderstanding about him being angry on Rey. He evens tries to tell him about AK intentions. He tells him that why did AK put such stuff in Rey’s mind when he is just the teams manager. Rey says that he wants to emotionally support them that’s the reason nothing else. Swayam gets a hint that AK wants to divide the team.
Next day in college Neha and Rey are talking in a classroom. Neha talks to Rey about Sharon being the lead part and tells him that everyone should get a fair chance and he should talk to AK about this. Rey tells her he will till then AK hears everything and asks what they want to speak to him. Neha says she has some meeting to attend and goes from there as she is not comfortable to talk to AK about

this matter.

AK asks Rey whether he got the RH permission letter signed. Rey gives him the signed letter. They move out of the classroom. While walking Rey tries to talk to AK. AK says he heard them. Rey says Neha is an awesome and strong dancer of the team he should give her a chance. AK says that not to get him wrong but Neha seems like a wannabe to him. She is not a star material whereas Sharon is, that’s the reason Sharon’s the LEAD. Rey says if given a chance and with a little grooming Neha will become fit for that part too.

In the RH everyone is greeting each other. Neha enters, Simmi asks through signs that whether all is done she says yes. Meanwhile Rey and AK enter.
AK tells them that there is going to be the first official photos shoot of them and the designer will be arriving soon so will be the costumes. Everyone’s excited. Sharon comes to Swayam. Both are not facing each other. She nudges him by her hand and tells him that she can groom him personally so that everyone will be looking at him only. Swayam says no as he doesn’t want everyone’s attention he just wants her to look at him. They share a LOOK LOOK HAWA HAWA moment.

AK tells them that he has appointed Neha as the scratch dancer for Sharon as in a backup dancer. If Sharon is not available due to some reasons Neha will play her part. Gang Is not happy nor is NEHA. AK informs them that Swayam is Rey’s backup dancer Rey has himself appointed Swayam for that part. Bharat comes to Swayam and says you will dance under Rey when you can be the HERO. Vicky and Nilesh too feel the same and they are astonished that Rey has kept Swayam under him when he deserves the best. Swayam senses the tension in the Gang and is confirmed that AK wants to divide the TEAM.

He goes and hugs Rey and says he is very happy because he selected Swayam for his backup as well as the choreography as choreography is the main part of the dance. He THANKS Rey for this and says Neha aren’t you happy we will choreograph together. We weaklings will make the Dazzlers dance according to us. Neha who is sad suddenly realizes this and is happy to be Sharon’s scratch dancer as well as choreograph them.
AK watches this and thinks to himself that whatever he tries to do to break this team Swayam manages to bring them together again. He has to do something soon.

Scene shifts to Boys Locker Room
Boys talk amongst themselves in the locker room whether Aditya Khurana is excited or not regarding photoshoot. They all find something weird about Mr Khurana, especially Amar who says, he looks very strange.. maybe he doesn’t like me.. maybe he doesn’t like all of us.. on which swayam explains to the boys that whom Aditya Khurana likes, he tries to understand them.. and whom he doesn’t like.. he tells them a lot indirectly without saying anything…and by the time that person realizes that Khurana doesn’t like him, its too late. The boys talk how important their friendship is for each other. Swayam tells Vicky he should be with Neha as she is upset. Boys are upset about Rey being in center and baaki sab side mein. Boys are glad Swayam agrees with the other boys about AK. Swayam mentally thinks “what I can see.. you all can’t see” and swayam reassures the boys reminding them if AK is biased towards Rey its not Reys fault. Rey calls Swayam and asks him to take the guys to the rehersal hall as their costumes have come. Swayam informs the boys that costumes have come and that Rey has gone to meet designer’s assistant.

Nil says since our professional team is made.. Rey doesn’t keep us informed about everything. Vicky says Rey likes doing that and staying away from us. Swayam handles the situation and says dont talk rubbish. Amar says photoshoot will be done together anyways and swayam asks them to come to the rehearsal hall fast. Vicky says if the costumes are not good he will not tolerate to which Bharat asks him not to take tension as they have Sharon with them and if anything is wrong with the costumes then Sharon won’t spare anyone. Nil says girls are very sensible when it comes to clothes to which swayam adds that girls are sensitive in other matters as well and hence they boys should keep their discussion about AK and that they find something weird to themselves.

In the rehearsal hall Sharon gets angry at the delivery boy who comes to deliver that costume that they have sent the costume in a carton box and instead they should had ironed the clothes and hung them in individual hangers along with the team members name. Swayam asks Sharon to calm down and that its a small thing to which Vicky reacts and tells Swayam its a big thing as Rey’s costume has come in an exclusive separate carton box and all other boys costumes have come together in 2 common carton box.

Nil and other boys go to check Rey’s “special” costume and Swayams stops them saying they have come to check their own costumes to which Bharat reacts and tells him that again Swayam is saying the same thing on which Sharon questions regarding what. Swayam asks boys to keep quite and Sharon insists to know whats the matter. Vicky tells Sharon they all know this and Sharon should also know that they all feel AK is doing partiality with Rey and he is gettting royal treatment and other team members as side members. Sharon gets Shocked.

Rey calls Swayam and Swayam tells Rey that he should had been with the team on which Rey informs he is selecting costume design and colours and Swayam gets surprised to know that. Vicky and Nil tell Swayam they have a right to know the truth too and that only Swayam and Rey dont have brains, they too do. Swayam tells them the truth. Bharat shouts out and calls they other boys to come fast and Simi tells them while Bharat shows them a ‘black starry’ costume for Rey and ‘white’ costume for the other boys. They episode ends with a tensed expression on Swayam.

Update Credit to: namratajadhav

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