Savitri 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Savitri 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 7th August 2013 Written Update

At The Palace

The episode begins with Nakshatra and Uttara asking Damyanti about her whereabouts and she replies that she had gone outside to dine with her father and then tells them to bring her food while they give her weird looks but agree.

At Chandal Singh’s Place

The fake Senapati is telling Sughanda that Chandal Singh barricaded the kingdom but still didn’t do anything and took back the orders. Chandal Singh wonders aloud about the dark powers the man (Rahukaal) possessed due to which he was hypnotized.

At The King’s Court

The king shouts on the Senapati that with whose orders did he conduct the search and even if he did then why did he stop the search in between ? The Senapati (fake) is shaking with fear and Chandal Singh decides to step in between. He

says that he did this all himself when he came to know that some outsiders had entered the kingdom and eh couldn’t take orders because the king was not there … He stops when he realizes his mistake.

The king gets suspicious and cross questions him and finally Chandal Singh tells him that he had directly gone in to his chamber and didn’t find him so he assumed so and further says that he couldn’t find anyone because the information he got was wrong.

At The Market

Damyanti is sitting at the market waiting for Veer to come but when he doesn’t she buys a basket full of bangles form a lady in plight and exchanges her clothes with her and leaves to Veer’s house, dressed up as a bangle seller.

At Veer’s House

Veer is cooking when Vidu tells him to bring something from the market when he goes next time but Veer denies and says that now he wouldn’t go for the next 5 days or so. When Vidu asks him why he replies that he met a silly girl there who kept on speaking and questioning him about stupid things and even knew his name. Vidu laughs and says that his bravery has made him famous and Veer gets annoyed at him.

Vidu suddenly hears a music and asks Veer about it and Veer goes out to check and finds Damyanti there.

At The Palace

The fake Senapati asks Chandal Singh about the man and he says that he had some dark powers. Suddenly the Rajguru comes there and Chandal Singh tells him everything and he gets worried. He says that they would have to make a trap to catch him and leaves.

At Veer’s House

Damyanti and Veer get into a tift again and she says that he would go after having dinner and sits down in the tent. She tells her name to be Savitri. She eats the food and Veer and Vidu are irritated with her.

At The Palace

Nakshatra and Uttara are worried when they don’t see Damyanti in the palace. The maid corms and calls the princess to dinner and they get more worried as to what would they reply to the king and the queen. Uttara says that they should tell the truth but Nakshatra relents.

At Veer’s House

Damyanti talks to Veer about the Senapati and Vidu intervenes saying that the Senapati is an odd man and tells her the incident. Veer is annoyed at her and tells her to leave an advises her to not roam about at night on the hills. Damyanti gets worried thinking that now everyone would be searching for her in the palace.

Precap : The queen approaches Damyanti’s chamber and Uttara is lying down on the bed pretending to be the princess. When the queen tries to turn her around, Nakshatra intervenes and says that she might be not feeling well. Suddenly, Damyanti enters the chamber and is shocked.…

Update Credit to: catty2000

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