Amita Ka Amit 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 7th August 2013 Written Update

Ammu gives a new printed (satin I guess) shirt to Amit to wear. He makes faces you want me to wear this. She asks him to try something different too. I brought it with so much love. He asks if she doesn’t like what he is wearing. She says he looks cute in everything he wears. They hold each other’s hands.

Amit asks Ammu to drive fast for the rehearsal venue.

AA reach late for rehearsal and are stopped by the attendant. Ammu says it never used to happen before. The attendant tells him that there is a new choreographer now who is very strict. He has strictly told me not to allow any later comers inside. Amit notices Ammu’s sad face. He tells the attendant (Neeraj) that they got stuck in some traffic that’s why. Neeraj is helpless and leaves frm there. They start heading

back home.
They meet some uncle on the way whom Ammu knows. He comments if she is late again. She shares they got stuck in traffic. He notices her sad face. Is there some problem? She tells him that the attendant dint let them go inside. Neeraj is worried about Siddhant Sir (choreographer) but uncle asks him to let Ammu go he will manage. He leaves after telling Ammu to perform well. She thanks him happily.

Neeraj calls some girls inside to give auditions for Radha’s role. Amit tells him that Ammu too will give the audition. Neeraj is taken aback. Its up to you the line for the audition is really long. Amit agrees to wait. Neeraj nods. Ammu asks Amit why he wants her to audition for radha. There are so many beautiful girls here and you want me to go for it too. I have always been a gopi plus I never used to be in the front row either. I always used to dance in the back row. You feel I would be able to do it? He tries boosting her confidence. But she tells him that he feels this as she is his wife. He wants her to try. She declines. I should take up whatever I get to do but I want to e selected or MIL. He gets confused. She recalls what her MIL had said to her. I just want to be bet in whatever I do. I don’t want MIL to feel upset over anything. He says mummy isn’t here I am. I am just asking you to try if you don’t get selected then we will go for ice-cream again today. If you don’t even try then how would you know what you can do? Will you? She nods after thinking. I will try. But the line is so big you will get late for office. He wants to stay back. Nothing will happen if I don’t go to office for one day. I will be here only. She asks him to go as I feel nervous when you are around me. He agrees to go. But you must promise me you will give the audition dedicatedly and sincerely. As soon as it gets over you will call me. I will come fast. He leaves after wishing her luck. Ammu goes to stand in the line.

Fallu is flipping through the pages of magazines. Tina and Ria come there to add fuel to the fire. Tina asks for AMmu. She should tell before going out of home. We are so hungry. Ria suggests ordering from outside. Tina agrees and knowingly asks Fallu as to what to order. Just then Nani comes with a plate full of food. She tells them Ammu made the lunch before leaving surprising Fallu and shocking TR (tina and Ria). Tina then asks who will eat the cold chapattis. Nani replies she put them in casserole so they are still hot. You must ask Ria to learn from Ammu how to make chapattis for every time she makes it they get burnt but next moment jokes about it. Ria leaves quietly.

Ammu enters the room where auditions are being taken. All the girls are busy practising steps with one another. Another (2nd last girl on the list) is called. The choreographer (choreo) takes her audition. He remarks to that girl that she dances well but doesn’t have what it takes to be Radha. Ammu looks on nervously. Neeraj calls out for Ammu. She is about to start dancing when the choreo tells her to stop. He packs his bag as well. You were late now try for the audition next year. She is panic stricken. I am sorry I know I am late but at least take my audition. We get to see his face now as he speaks. Sorry but you should have come on time. If I take your audition then it will be unfair to the others. Rules are rules! She apologizes and wants one chance but he is almost about to exit when the same uncle appears asking him to take Ammu’s audition. The choreo declines but uncle requests so he stops reluctantly. Ammu thanks him.

Siddhant asks Neeraj to take Ammu’a audition for gopi’s role. She surprises him by saying she wants to audition for Radha’s role. He smirks. You have been doing gopi’s role since years. You must know you are not worth Radha. You are nowhere in comparison to Radha in looks or personality. You are just wasting mine and yours time. She asks for one chance. I have danced for so many years I know how to dance for radha’s role too. Please allow me once. Siddhant agrees for it.


Before she begins he asks her to stop. He calls everyone’s attention to Ammu. She has come to audition for radha. She has been acting as a gopi for years but she still wants one chance. He now calls Ammu’s attention. Look at these girls they are so beautiful yet I rejected them. You don’t stand anywhere even close to them. You cannot be a Radha by having acquaintances here and there. You need to have looks and talent to be one. A phone rings which puts off Siddhant all the more. Ammu runs off to pick it. Amit excitedly asks her if she has been selected. She asks him to call later.
She apologizes to Siddhant again. He remarks if she still wants to be a gopi then she can come again for the audition not today but tomorrow. You have wasted my enough time already. She is about to say something when he cuts her off. I am not yet. If you are selected then you must leave your phone home when you come for practise. After listening to all this I don’t think you will come back but if you do then I want you to come on time. He makes an exit.

Ammu is coming out when her phone rings again. Amit wants to know about her audition. She asks him if he can come to pick her up right now. He tells her to wait for sometime and is saying something else as well but she disconnects the call. He senses that her mood is off. I will have to do something.


Amit comes looking for Ammu. He finds her seated down on the floor. He offers peanuts to her. He sits down next to her. He tries to lighten her mood by making silly jokes but she isn’t interested. She narrates everything to him. He again diverts it to peanuts but she asks him if he wants her to forget everything that happened inside. Amit replies in affirmative. She asks him if he wants her to forget that he told me that I can never be a Radha. You want me to forget the insult? Amit nods. She replies that she isn’t as tough as him. Things / comments hurt me. When someone call me fat / average looking I feel bad even if it is truth or not. It is true I am bad. You married a simple and useless girl. She gets up sadly from there and goes.

Precap: Amit wonders it is as if you lost for the first time while trying. She takes it in the opposite sense. You mean I end up losing many times. He tries to boost her confidence saying she lost today but might win tomorrow. She retorts I was inside not you. It was I who was hurt not you. He shouts back saying you feel it is easy for me to leave office like this and come here running with peanuts and all.

Update Credit to: pooja

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