Parvarish 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 26th March 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Ginni’s friends inviting her for a holi party and insisting her to bring Dev along. Ginni is confused. she is trapped in her own lie

@alhuwalia house:

ginni is home. sweety tells her to not to make this “coffee business” a frequent affair. ginni says if she refuses her friends then they would call her “bhenji”. this irks sweety. she politely tries to explain it to ginni how people make fun of others when they feel “jealous” of them.

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doctor diagnoses sunny with food poisoning. jeet gets disappointed with pinky for not being able to take proper care of the children’s diet. pinky repeatedly tries to explain herself telling that she never ordered any food from outside.

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rocky enters ginni’s room. he sees party invitation and inquires about it. he asks ginni if she wants to go for the party or not. ginni says mom would never allow. rocky tells her he will handle mom.

so rocky the genius is on “mom manao” mission…he straight away goes to sweety n tells her to allow ginni to go out with her friends. he tells sweety to allow ginni to go for the party. sweety is taken aback as she has no clue about any party. ginni comes. sweety inquires ginni about all this and scolds rocky for advocating but eventually sweety permits ginni to go. she promises her mother that she l never come under peer pressure from now on.

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jeet and pinky in the bedroom. pinky adorns a drama queen avtar and starts with self pity saying she’s a useless wife a useless mother she tells jeet to handle his kids on his own as she is an irresponsible mother. jeet ignores her tantrums…

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lucky jee enters. rocky inquires about the “holi colours” rocky jee gives a unique statement… “iss baar holi mein no rang
holi manayege hum sab sirf pani ke sang”

he then starts with his child hood story of how once during holi his eye got damaged because of the colors and he got these spectacles. rocky n ginni tell him that they have heard of this story 10000 times . rocky insists of playing with organic colors like always. lucky says no to even organic colors stating that even those colors are adulterated these days.

@ahuja house:

sunny is fighting with his friend who is not allowing him to play with them. pinky intervenes. the kids says sunny doesn’t budges an inch while playing. he is totally lazy and is best suited for playing video games. pinky takes sunny inside the house where raavu to tells how the junk food has turned sunny into a lazy boy… pinky tries to calm her down telling her to go study. and there sunny maharaj sits on the couch like a king

pinky taunts him for being lazy and not being able to play like other boys. sunny pays a deaf ear and insists on drinking cola. pinky says she l get him “nimbu pani” but he insists on having only one sip of cola. pinky gives in. she gets the bottle of cola, gives it to sunny and reminds him of his “one sip” promise. and here sunny maharaj finishes the whole bottle in one go leaving pinky amazed like anything

pinky thinks to herself that jeet is right when he says that she gives into sunny’s demands.

in the evening jeet comes home. sunny and rashi are fighting cutely. sunny tries to scare rashi saying they l put “kichad” on her on holi. rashi tries to tickle him. sunny rushes to the washroom and vomits. he faints as soon as he comes out of the washroom.

@coffee shop:

ginni is with her friends waiting for Dev. they all start asking her questions about how she and dev met and how did their love story begin. ginni makes up a story saying once she was singing a song and Dev was there , he likes her voice so this is how they started talking. ginni then says Dev might have gotten busy with his foot ball prac to he might not come. her friends gets disappointed.

dev enter. every one’s happy. ginni tries to hide herself. she then goes and receives Dev. Dev is limping as he got hurt while his prac. everybody is impressed about how he has come to meet ginni with an injury. dev insists on going stating he has an appointment with the doctor. ginni goes to see him off. she tries to speak something but he interupts her saying he has to rush…


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