Kya Hua Tera Vaada 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 26th March 2013 Written Update

mona’s MIL all upset bcoz mona threw her out of d house…blames her (shud have done dat with ur son too…but anyway better late dan never..)…anyway den comes my most fav part…mona talking 2 pradeep’s pic…(did she ever talk so much with him wen he was wth her???) and telling him dat she is sure he will understand her. rano too missing her family (no brains but at least she has a heart.). morning rajbeer argues with mona dat she shudnt have thrown rano out of the house. he blames jatin dat now when he has come she has started behaving harshly.

bulbul comes in defence of mona and tells dat her decision is correct. dey have a lovely daughter-mom convo and assures her dat rano will come to her senses soon. early morning anu sees rano sleeping with mona’s pic and promises dat she wud make rano hate mona. anu assures rano dat she has full freedom to do watever.

finally Vibu…
vihaan insisting dat he will wear a particular blazer and his assistant argiung dat its a very common looking blazer. but vihaan says its very special to him. bulbul overhears him & remembers dat its d same blazer she had gifted vihaan when she believed dat he didnt have money to buy one (when did dis happen????which episode???). Anyway vihaan’s dress designer asks for bulbul’s help 2 decide clothes for vihaan’s award receiving ceremony for upcoming enterpreneur award. bulbul congratulates him. vihaan says he will wear dis blazer as it was a special gift given to him by sum1 special when he was a no one. how it inspires him in life.

as vihaan leaves…bulbul pours coffee on d blazer and imitates vihaan’s words. vihaan overhears & tells dat dats like typical bulbul. he says she shud have just cut out d blazer as now she has to get it washed.
bulbul all riled up leaves and vihaan wonders why shez reacting dis way even after listening to his voicemail…but feels dat she looks very cute even when angry …

anika comes in and hates rano from first sight…anu tells anika dat rano is just a needy employee and tells rano dat anika is just an orphan staying with her. anika snoops in rano’s room (like mother like daughter…) & relaizes dat she is mona’s daughter and decides to teach her a lesson.

mona worried about rano and jatin gets food for her (dis couple is slowly growing on me ). jatin says dat he knows she is worried and says dat dey will go & meet rano. but first she needs to eat & den dey will together fight dis situation.

rano all impressed with d variety on anu’s breakfast menu. anu wonders how even her siblings havent called her. she says dat mona only might have prevented dem. d butler comes in to tell dat mona maam has come to meet her. mona all fancily dressed (looking good i must say…wedding glow maybe!!)

Precap: mona all in tears how she cudnt hug rano…but thanks jatin for all his support

Update Credit to: madhuban

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