Amita Ka Amit 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 26th March 2013 Written Update

The episode had the friends of Amit and Amita dancing to a gurati cum hindi song.. Batuk and Sanjay looked damn funny dancing in a gujrati attire minus the turban..

After the diary it is time for the mobile to take centerstage…Ria manages to lay her hands on Amita’s mobile with some near misses.. which took a good 6 mins:roll: she had to dodge Varsha,Atul and Kajal to get it..Ek mobile ke liye bhi papad belene padte hai !!

Ria and Tina send a msg from the mobile to suraj posing as Amita.. talking about the fact that she loved Suraj and not Amit and wants him to rescue her from marrying Amit.Tina wants Amit to hear this fact when Suraj and Amita talk on the same. What were the dimwits Tina and Ria thinking???
Here I thought they wanted Amita to be married twith Amit to be daily insulted by them.. Now they want to drive a wedge between Amit and Amita by manipulating Amit to listen in the convo of Suraj and Amita about the her crush???
Do they think the marraige will go through if this happens? ??Their future as smart vamps has a bleak future ahead.

Tina’s grand design of Amit eavesdropping fails…But she gets a nother good piece of news Snehal comming for the Sangeet Sandhya.
Amit is shocked to see Snehal.He tries to make his mother see the sticky situation she has landed him into but Phalguni is too obtuse to get her son’s embarassment.She instead tells him to think it as a new start by putting it all behind..
Snehalben has a change of heart :affraid:she tells Amit that if they were not involved with others they could have gotten together!!! What happened to no chemistry thoughts she had before?? Bechara Amit he had just started to accept Amita as a part of his life and Snehal had to drop the bombshell that Rajeev and she couldnot make it as a couple as it was a onesided thing from her. Karma can be a devil at times!!!
Suraj tells the about the sms he received from Amita’s cell .Poor Amita is shell shocked as she had not sent any msg to him. But before they can sort out this embarassing confusion about her love for Suraj and dislike for Amit which no longer exists.Aarti drags her for the upcoming dance of Amit and Amita.

The dance begins on Radha teri chunri… and I have to sday I loved Nishad and Chandni here.. Nishad relaaly aced the non dancer Amit who gave us few good laughs with his sincere dance effort which was goofy. Chandni danced well to showcase the dancer part of Amita.
The performance starts well but Amit freezes when he sees Snehal… everyone is shocked. Snehal’s mom rubs in Phallu darlings wounds by saying if Amit and Sneahl were on stage things would be different.

Precap: Amita tries to manage the situation by using the propwala idea suggested by Suraj.She tells Amit she can handle the situation if he just stands still.

Update Credit to: sunshine

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