Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 26th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Meera packing up when Nandini arrives. Nandini introduces herself as Ani’s wife and Meera tries to hold back her tears and tells Nandini to sit down. Nandini tells Meera the same. She asks Meera if she is leaving whilst Meera gets up to go to the suitcase when Nandini stops her. Nandini asks Meera why she came so suddenly from the house and if someone had said something? Meera lies and says that she wasn’t feeling well that’s why. Nandini asks about where Meera is from before asking if she’s from somewhere (didn’t catch what she said) and that Ani used to go there for some promotion and maybe that’s where Ani and Meera met. Meera nods whilst Nandini tells her that she is taking her home with her.

Balraj with his lawyer telling him that his son is gone and his grandson is gone so whose name will be on the house? The lawyer says that Nandini’s father will be back in 6 months to claim the house. Balraj says to do that he’ll need to put at least 15 crores in it and who knows whether he is alive or not? He says that he must be dead or is lying in some dirty place for the last three years and so how can he come back in six months time with 15 crores? The lawyer says what does it matter if he (Balraj) or Nandini owns the house? Balraj gets angry and says that he won’t live in his bahu’s house. The lawyer says there is only one way out – to find Nandini’s father.

Meera tries to leave but Nandini stops her. Nandini says that Meera is Ani’s friend and therefore something to her. She tells Meera that if she leaves then Nandini will feel as if she [Meera] is angry. Meera says its nothing like that. Nandini insists on her coming home and takes her suitcase.

One of Ani’s sister (does anyone know her name?) is on the phone but stops when Balraj comes in. Balraj tells her that she was given the phone for emergency calls when she says that it’s for study talks only. She manages to tell him about the computing course for three months and that something about a job. Balraj tells her that Asthana women don’t work and that she should be glad that at least he’s allowing her to study because after that she’ll get married. She is about to reply but Balraj tells her that she doesn’t have the right to talk like so. Agasthya watches all this and Balraj tells him to go inside the study.

Balraj asks Agasthya if he can trust him, Agasthya says of course. Balraj tells him to find a Mr Tiwari from wherever he is and that he is Nandini’s father. Balraj says that he must find out or else problems will start to arise but no one should find out about Agasthya’s mission.

Nandini brings Meera to the house and the whole family assembles downstairs. Nandini tells them that she brought Meera here as it wouldn’t be nice for Ani’s friend to stay in a hotel. Akhil tells her that she did good and Shyama tells Meera to stay and eat food made by her hands. Nandini introduces Beeji to Meera and Meera remembers what Ani told her about Beeji. She gets emotional whilst Beeji thinks why Meera started to have tears in her eye as soon as she placed her hand on Meera’s head? Beeji wonders what is Meera hiding that she can’t tell out front( aww! Meera!) Meera leaves with Nandini and Shyama whilst Balraj’s SIL tells her kids why they were talking so much in English with Meera. (what is wrong with this woman?) Balraj’s SIL tells Beeji that why did Nandini bring Meera here without knowing about her background, you can’t trust an unknown person. Akhil asks Beeji what is wrong? Beeji replies that she feels as if something is going to happen… Beeji says that Alokha(?) Balraj’s SIL was right and that Nandini shouldn’t have brought Meera here.

Balraj overhears and says why did Nandini do that? Beeji replies that it’s only for a few days. Balraj says where did she come from? What friend? He has never heard of her! Balraj gets angry and leaves whilst Beeji calls after him. Alokha tells Beeji that she was right but no one listens to her (something like that).

Nandini asks Meera if they were good friends? They must be for Meera to come all this way. Meera says yeah, they were really good friends. Nandini says that Ani never told her about Meera. Meera fakes a smile and says that Ani used to talk a lot and that he used to have a lot of energy. Nandini tells her maybe she is talking about someone else. Nandini says Ani was always so quiet but maybe he was different outside the house. Meera has tears in her eyes and has flashback of her and Ani moments. Nandini asks her if Ani ever told her about her? Both looking at each other.

Precap: Balraj asks Nandini why she brought Meera here without permission and without knowing of her background?..

Update Credit to: ZAHARA

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