Veera 26th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 26th March 2013 Written Episode, Veera 26th March 2013 Written Update


The nri lady shouts on ranvi… but ranvi says I was making her quite the dhaba guy also says the same but the lady does not trust him… and calls her husband… and shouts on him… ranvi says she is hungry… feed her milk the lady says she had it half an hour ago but ranvi again repeats…the same…. Finally her husband says feed her she is crying there is some reason…and she sits to feed her… just then ranvi sees this and says check the milk if its hot baby will get her mouth burned… and then we see ranvi was right…. Baby was hungry… the lady sees him showing picture …. To people…she enquires about the same to her husband… and he says I dunno…. Ranvi again comes and the nri he says to pat her back or else she will vomit the lady says that’s the reason she vomited we were thinking of taking her to doctor…….couple is happy they ask him how do u know so much about children they say have u taken care of 10 kids… and he says no only 12 my sis I am her anokhi mom… the nri couple enquire more about his dad…. And finally the lady strikes upon a plan… she tries to be friendly with him she says we will help u but eat ur food first …. Ur tired… ranvi says I dnt wanna have lets go find him… but the lady forces him and finally she orders two parathas

[Nihal ratan veera]

Niratvee on road… veera sad… ratan says in mind where did u go ranvi leaving your veera…. They all are sad

[Ranvi on dhaba]

The lady asks him to show the photo she sees it and lies that I know him he is in usa and ranvi says he didn’t tell us…. She says he didn’t want to trouble her…. And says person does this for money he wants good future for u and your sis… ranvi says take me to meet him the lady agrees and says sure and ranvi says I will tell him to come back…. Just then her husband takes her aside… ranvi is talking with the baby… and the lady tells about her plan to her husband…now the lady come back she acts sweetly in front of him… ranvi thanks her but she says thank god he made u meet us… and ranvi says I will have to inform your mom he then says what about flight ticket money… lady says don’t worry we will do the need full…. And says your mom wont stop u from meeting your dad… lady tells h3er husband to go and pay the bill… and ranvi is talking to baby he says my sis is cute like u and writes veera on a table… the lady is smiling seeing this and remembers veera and in mind says I miss u…. and the lady now says lets go and her husband pays the money and enquires about the road and the dhaba guy shows him the road ans says the boy with u is very nice and he loves his sis… the guy just nods….


Niratvee now reach the same dhaba ratan is looking here and there … veera goes to drink water she sees her name written and she shouts beeji bro was here he wrote my name… ratan shouts his name and nihal comes she says ranvi was here he wrote veeras name…nihal now takes out ranvis pic and asks the dhaba guy did u see him … the guy says he went with his mom dad and sis … veera says I am his only sis no one else… nihal asks where did they go he says they are going to leave tomorrow and they may be in parking…. And ratan says lets go veera…. Before leaving she again repeats I am veerjis only sis and dhaba guy smiles….(awww so sweet)


Ratan picks up veera and says lets go… they reach the parking but have a hit and miss …both are not able to find each other…ratan shouts ranvi…. On the other hand lady says why did u leave him see now he wont come… Niratvee are searching and shouting ranvis name…. veera now reaches near nri couple car she asks them about him but they don’t even look at the pic and says we dunno veera says he is very nice looking but Nri couple ignore.… ratan who is also searches spots a boy who looks like ranvi… she runs towards him…but gets disappointed… the camera now zooms on ranvis pic fallen in the parking…
(ok to be frank what wrong with nri couple they want a ranvi to handle their kid… what is this is it not case of child labour )


Update Credit to: -Rashu-

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