Parvarish 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 1st August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Pinky coming to Pammi’s house along with Sunny. Pammi asks why she came to her house. Pinky says she came to talk to her servant, and blames Pammi for stealing her maid. Servant comes and Pinky asks her why she left her house job. Pammi says she was tired to do your work. Ganga says she offered her double salary and a new saree, which you didn’t give me. Pammi says she is respecting her work. Sunny says he have to do something but thinks mom doesn’t allow him to do anything. Rajesh talks with the Mechanic who informs him that he have to get the car tyres replaced as it is cut. Rajesh asks him to change the tyres.

Pinky sees the trash infront of her house, Rajesh and Raavi too sees it. Pammi asks them to throw the garbage outside. Sunny shares with Raavi that we shall do something about teejay. He says we will make him fear and makes some plan. Raavi scares Teejay by acting as a ghost. Pammi doesn’t listen to him. Raavi and Sunny laughs on Teejay after coming back home. They tells Pinky that they have scared Teejay, Pinky says she doesn’t like them to take revenge as they can’t stoop low as them. Rashi tells Raavi and Sunny to take her, along with their plan. Raavi shows the maintenance officer that Pammi and family are creating nuisance for them. He asks for the proof. He says Jogi’s family complaint him that Teejay saw the ghost on the stairs. He tells her to get ready for the society function.

Rocky tells Lucky and his friend about Jogi’s family keeping the trash infront of Pinky mausi flat door. Rashi and Sunny comes to the society secretary and he informs them about the function and asks them to participate. Teejay comes and nags Rashi. Teejay says he will sing Rap song. Rashi says she will sing Bhagan. Teejay looks at Raashi evilly. Rocky comes to pinky house and Raavi tells him that they have to do something about their neighbours. He gets an idea and shares with Raavi. She gets excited. Pinky tells Raavi about the mess outside their house. She says Rocky made a plan and hopes to get it succeed.

Rocky brings some camera and plans to fit it outside Pinky’s house. Raavi and Rocky tie it on the wall. Sunny and Rashi starts practicing for the function. Rashi sees Teejay and jokes on his name. Teejay spoiles Rashi’s bag and leaves silently. Rashi sees it and gets shocked. She comes home and shows it to Pinky. Pinky says she prays that Teejay shouldn’t do anything with them. Rashi gets upset. Raavi tells her siblings that Rocky fitted the camera outside their house and shows the live footage on the laptop. They waits for Pammi’s family to do something and it will get captured in the camera. They sleeps but anyone of them keeps an eye on the laptop. In the morning, Rajesh sees the garbage outside his house and tells Pinky, who gets excited and calls the kids. The kids checks on the camera footage and sees Teejay keeping the garbage outside their house. They gets happy to found the proof. Rajesh says he will give this footage to the secretary but Raavi says they will show this proof infront of all in the function. Rajesh says he will waiting to see the face of Jogi and Pammi.

Rashi says we will show this footage through the projector, in the function, and everyone will come to know about Teejay and his family…

Update Credit to: pooja

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