Amita Ka Amit 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 1st August 2013 Written Update

Ammu asks Nani if MIL broke her fast. Nani calls Fallu stubborn. She wont break it. She said it has never happened in past 25 years that she dint keep it. She will do it today as well. Don’t know how to make her understand. Ammu too gets worried as they will have to break the fast somehow. She thinks about the food kept for fast. Nani acknowledges it is in the kitchen but why. She replies will have to break her fast…if she agrees or not (I see another storm coming :O). Nani tells her not to stretch the situation as she is already upset with you. Ammu says there is nothing more important for me than my mummy ji’s health. I don’t mind being bad if it is good for health. She prays to Kanha to put the sin of breaking her MIL’s fast on her but make her well.

Ammu enters Fallu’s room who doesn’t make a happy face looking at her. She brings something to eat for her mummy ji. Fallu declines I told mummy I wont break the fast in any ways and wont have salt as well. Would I have to tell one thing to everyone individually? Ammu reasons she will have to eat something before taking medicine. Fallu tells her to keep it. Ammu obliges. She is still standing there quietly. Fallu asks for the reason. ammu says I will go only after making you eat. Fallu is about to take the bite when Ammu discloses that the khichdi contains salt. Fallu keeps it aside angrily. You know I don’t want to break the fast. Ammu says I could have told you after you had eaten it. I dint want to break your fast by lying to you. Fallu is still upset…if I would have eaten it…Ammu adds – your fast would break. Maybe it would have been wrong but if you don’t break it then it will be all the more wrong. You kept this fast for God. If because of some important reason its broken then is it not right? The doc had told me you will have to intake salt if you need to get well. If you don’t get well the puja wouldn’t be a success. Fallu simply tells her to close the door as she leaves. Ammu nods and gets up. She looks back at her MIL from the door and smiles and closes the door behind her.
Fallu very cutely looks at the khichdi and eats it ( 🙂 ).

Amit excitedly tells his papa, Baa and Ria that his mummy has opened her fast. Kirath smiles this is old news. Amit’s smile disappears. He goes to Ammu. You only would have told as you know everything. She affirms (sombrely). She recalls Amit’s words about how she should have been extra careful with the task mummy ji had given her. I only told her if she doesn’t open her fast then everything will be done by Amita so she did so immediately. Amit smiles (dint u realise what she just said :O). Its good she will be fine now rest of the work you can do. He asks Ammu how much quantity of sweets is needed. She declines saying that isn’t needed. He says they would need it as the one she had made is ruined. He notices the change in her facial expressions and stops. She says I know we need the Prasad every year for puja. I also know the one I made has been ruined. I also know that its made at home every year. He is confused. Nani comes to tell him Ammu is making Basundi for Prasad. He is surprised. You know how to make it? (band bajegi aaj Amit ki 😛 ) She reminds him she had made it a few days back only did he forgot? He recalls and appreciates her skills. I was anyways getting worried. It is very easy and you can easily make it (you hurt her again). She leaves quietly from there.

Amit comes in the kitchen and tries talking to her. Can I help you with something? How will you do so much work alone? She questions him why not. He points out that the work is too much that’s why. She continues with her work. He shares how he used to see his mummy making basundi when he was a kid but she used to make it differently. Can I show you once? She moves aside. He shows her how to do it for looking at her it seemed she is putting too much of an effort. She affirms I don’t have so much strength like you. He narrates how Batuk always ends up losing when we get into arm wrestling but here it is about technique not strength. He moves aside to let her do it now as it is very easier to do now. He compliments himself. I made the work so easy for you. Should I do something else for you? She tells him to go out of the kitchen (what else do you expect Amit Shah 😛 ). He promises not to bother her anymore but wants to do one more thing I go. He gets ice pack for her. keep it on your head as your mind will be cool this way and the Prasad will turn out nicely too (bad joke :/). He leaves from there and she throws the ice pack aside.

Fallu is worried about all the work how will it happen. Amit makes her sit and tells her to relax. There is Nani, I and Ammu at home. She points out he is here. He says but Ammu is working right. You don’t need to worry. She is worried for this reason actually. She points out at the way the carpet has been laid and blames Ammu for it. He says it has been kept perfectly what’s wrong in that? She wonders about the carpet and how according to him the Prasad (ghevar) was all fine as well. I think according to you everything she does is right only I am wrong. He wants to know the reason for her being so upset about things. She wants to know the reason as to why Ammu is doing so many mistakes since past few days. Either it is she who is doing them or it is I who is pointing out things for no reason. but you too will agree that she can do a lot better than how she is doing work. Its good that you brought the Prasad from outside but if she would have made it again then I would have been worrying about how it will turn out to be. Amit is about to say something about the Prasad when Ammu comes there with the Prasad. Fallu confirms with Amit of he got the Prasad from that Ghatkopar sweet’s shop. He looks at Ammu and agrees with his mummy. Fallu thanks him or else they wouldn’t know how the Prasad would have been made in this house. She sends him off to bring the priest. He signals Ammu to understand the situation. He leaves finally.


Nani brings their ancestral plate for puja. She gives it to Ammu to clean them. Fallu tells her not to give them to Ammu. I will do it on my own. Nani tells her not to be scared Ammu will do it. Ammu too agrees to do it carefully. Fallu nods reluctantly.
After Ammu leaves, Nani asks Fallu why she is still miffed with Ammu. Fallu rues if Amit was alone in siding with her that she too is speaking on behalf of her. Your favourite has taken my plate. Till when she doesn’t come back with the plate all intact I wont be relieved. Nani tells her to be it.

Ammu is cleaning the plate when her phone rings. It is Varsha’s call. She is about to wipe the soap off her hand when Amit comes offering to help her talk to her mom. Ammu tells her to hold for a second, goes to wipe her hands and takes the phone from him. She talks to her mom. Amit too wants to talk but she ends it without letting him talk. He asks why so. She replies I spoke to her what I wanted to so I disconnected it. He wants to talk to his mother-in-law. She asks him to call himself. I don’t understand a thing. He asks for an answer but she is busy cleaning the plate. He holds it. The plate is about to fall when they both hold it in time. She gets upset. If it would have broken then I would have been scolded. He points out it dint and what’s the problem if it would have broken (go ask your mummy ji 😛 ). It is just a plate. She calls it a responsibility given to her by her MIL. If it breaks from you then it wouldn’t be an issue but if I break it then people will say that daughter-in-law has lost hold of their values and traditions. He doesn’t understand anything (as usual). She tells him there is a big difference between me and you. You can make mistakes for they can be pardoned but mine wont be. He is still unable to understand. She tells him to go for he as it is cannot understand anything. Why do you talk to me when you cant understand anything I say? He very sweetly tells her she is upset with him and he wants to make her happy. She moves aside angrily….so that you can hurt me again like before? He is clueless about this as well (God save you my boy 😛 ). She has flashback of how he lied about buying the sweets from some shop. This is the only thing that I have to make you understand each and every thing. You don’t understand anything on your own. I don’t want to talk to you please go. He tries to make her realise if she would have given the time to him that he is trying to put in while cleaning the plate then the whole issue would have been sorted by now. She retorts at least some good came out after putting some time in cleaning it but there is no point talking to you. You don’t realise anything. If you want to stand here then you can as I am leaving. She leaves with the plate while Amit stands helpless.


Ammu brings the plate to be checked by Fallu. Is this ok or should I clean more? Fallu tells her it is fine. Keep it near the idol before anything happens. Nani tells her not to worry as it is clean now. nani instructs Ammu a few more works to do. Fallu continues making faces till Ammu keeps the plate.

Ammu meets Batuk on her way outside. He asks about the Prasad. She teases him he will get it only after the puja. He very cutely tells him to offer it to him too as there is a God inside him too. She laughs. He offers to help but she tells him to just sit and enjoy the puja. He tells her that Amit told him about aunty being unwell so thought can help. She comments if it is upto him then he can ask for help from neighbouring countries too. I am here to do the work right? He asks for Amit Shah. She tells him to find out by himself. Your friend so you must know about him. I don’t know where he is. She goes out to get stuff from the car while he is confused.

Batuk calls up Amit to know what he is up to. Amit tells him he is stuck in the puja. Batuk comments he is rather sitting easily (on the swing). Amit realizes he is around only. Batuk comments he had no other option as no one was telling him where is he. Amit wonders who wasn’t telling anything. Batuk takes Ammu’a name. He tells her not to talk about Amita. Just then Ammu comes with a glass of juice for Batuk. Amit asks about his glass of juice. She tells him where the juice is kept. You can take it whenever you want. I have work. She leaves.
Amit turns to Batuk. Did you see? Batuk nods. She works so much. Amit is surprised. You saw that but dint see that she dint get juice for me? She is upset with me since morning. Batuk explains that her anger means come and make up with me. amit is clueless as he tried to make her feel happy so much that I forgot why am I trying to lighten her mood. Batuk smiles. For every hubby there are 2 rules for a happy married life. Say sorry both the times whoever is at fault. When you have to say it then what’s the point of knowing why. Amit tells him to keep his ideas to himself. She is not going to meet me alone so should I hold her hand in front of everyone else? Batuk points out he is feeling scared of holding his own wife’s hand. Act like a hubby! Amit doesn’t know what it means. Batuk tells him to apologize for no reason. epi ends on Amit’s confused face!

Precap: Baa asks Ammu if all the preps are done then give me the plate I will offer the flowers. Ammu goes to get it while Batuk reminds Amit of the task at hand. You wont get time after the puja begins. Amit comes and holds Ammu’s hand and she screams thereby dropping the plate. And finally it breaks! All look at it shocked.

Update Credit to: pooja

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