Bani Ishq Da Kalma 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bani Ishq Da Kalma 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 1st August 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Permeet ‘s place
Dadaji asks manpreet to keep the album somehwre where noone can see it, and its shadow shouldnt affect the present, and that he should never catch sight of this again. manpreet begins to talk but he stops her and leaves. She clutches at the album, and says that she wont let this happen again, neither injustice to bani, nor the history to be repeated, come what may. she is very tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Soham’s place
Buji is fidgeting around for tea, while angad teases her that its good that she’s exercising. bauji ask if he considers her as fat. angad again gets into teasing her, to wait till tea comes. Buaji hollers at rajji for bringing the tea sooner. Rajji is struggling in the kitchen, struggling between

the various works, one of making tea, and the other for making chapattis.

Kuki present her notepad to buaji wherein she would monitor rajji’s progress, aso that buaji is assisted at presenting her descision at the end of the month. buaji is very angry at rajji for delaying the tea, and continues hollering at her. guggi too comes and ask for soham. Buaji again says that soham didnt get tea, and he’s at home only. Buaji is about to go herself in the kitchen, when angad gets tensed, but is relieved when guggi offers to go. She goes inside, and after rajji is finished with plating tea, she asks her to get the tray. simran comes and see rajji and the kitchen in a mess. She asks rajji to go with tea, and begins to handle the kitchen.

Kuki comes out and gives the cup to gugi, while buaji is fuming with anticipation. when bua asks for her tea, she is told by guggi that rajji would get hers. Guggi stands beside Kuki. She asks buaji that now the next one to get married is her. Buaji is irritated, while guggi keeps on pressuring her for marriage. But buaji retaliates by asking her to learn soemthing first before deciding to get married. As rajji comes out, Buaji taunts Rajji that in the time given to her, she could have made a gallon of tea, when rajji just managed to make four cups. Rajji apologises and nervously gives her tea to taste and give her opinion. Buaji tastes the tea, and spits it out, trying to indicate the horrible taste of the tea. rajji is scared and tensed, as buaji taunts her about the foul taste of the tea. rajji offers to make again, but buaji asks her not to, as she would ask simran to make it now. Rajji is dishearetened.

In her room, rajji assures herself that she would be alright in due time, and that she shouldnt lose hope and go on, just like bindal had explained. She gets on preparing clothes for soham, as he comes out of the bathroom after bathing. He asks if she took it out. when she says yes, he says that she doesnt need to do this. she says that she did what she felt right, as its her duty. Soham places that kurta inside and gets back to drying hismelf. But rajji takes out a kurta and plaves it back. Soham sees this and is angry that he had told her not to, as he can do his own work, without anyone’s help, especially hers. He keeps the kurta inside, and wearing another one, he goes out. Rajji is very sad.

Scene 3:
Location: Parmeet’s, soham’s place and at the station
As bani is waiting for parmeet’s call, she is getting increasingly tensed. Soham’s aunt still waits at the train, dressed as a bride for her husband. Razia tries to hard to please everyone, especially soham and buaji, but without any success. Both seem to be highly angry at her and unconcerned with her feelings. Bani keeps trying parmeet’s number but in vain.

Scene 4:
Location: Parmeet’s place
Surjeet again is bossing around her husband, who is always trying to please her. she says that she’s very tensed. he says that he too is tensed. She says that parmeet hasnt called them, and not even bani. He says that he’s very tensed for ranveer, as he’s too inclined to bani. but surjeet says that if he wants, he can do this outside, and not with his young brother’s wife. She asks him not to overthink, and he too hopes that she is right.

Scene 5:
Location: Soham’s place
Soham is irritated at the fact that rajji is still continuing to set clothes for him, despite him telling her not to. Rajji happily says that if he wears this, then noone’s time would be wasted. Soham throws the kurta. Soham asks who is she doing this for, and why. She says that she’s doing it for him, as its her duty. soham says that she has no duty or the right to do this. Soham says that she should altogether forget that he would forgive her, if she continues doing this. He says that even if she gives her life, he wont forgive her. rajji asks him to let go, as its paining. soham realises his mistake, and lets go, and wears the kurta that she had chosen for him and leaves. rajji is filled with mixed emotions.

Scene 6:
Location: Outside
Soham is very frustrated. guggi comes and asks what happened. soham says that he hurt rajji despite knowing that she’s not to blame, as he cant control his anger whenever he sees her. he says that what he has lost, rajji only would have to pay the price for it.

Scene 7:
Location: Parmeet’s place
Bani is very tensed that she isnt getting parmeet’s call. ranv eer comes and says that he knows that she’s tensed for parmeet. Bani composes herself and asks if he’s opkay, and wonders why hasnt he called. ranveer says that he’s a mature person. manpreet too comes and agrees with ranveer. He asks her to call parmeet, as if not picking up, he would atleast get a missed call alert, and call back seeing that its bani. But bani says that he must be sleeping, and that she doesnt want to disturb him. But manpreet insists her to call. Bani calls and hears the following message, that the number that she has reached is permanently diconnceted, and that she should try again or check the number. She tells this to them. Ranveer asks her to try again. Bani tries and gets the same message again. bani and manpreet are highly tensed, both for different reasons. the screen freezes on bani’s face.

Precap: Bani is shopping in the market, and accidentally finds parmeet talking to someone on the phone, and getting in the car and driving off. She is surprised and wonders what is parmeet doing here.


Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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