Parvarish 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 19th June 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with sweety telling pinky that she never wants to see her again and that she needs to leae. Pinky says fine if this is hat u want. Pinky tells jeet that se will be in the at n he can bring the kids. Sweety tells everyone that the party is not over and that they should eat before going home. As jeet is leaving the man who brought the bike asks him what to do jeet says leave it here but lucky right then says please take it. Then jeet says fine just bring the bike to my house and leave the bike there.

Scene change: sweety comes downstairs n lucky asks her to sit down he tells her that what she did yesterday was not right because she was very rude to pinky but sweety says no as pinky went too over board with the bike and she doesn’t want pinky to act like Rocky’s mother because she is still alive.

Scene change: Ravi n jeet r in the kitchen n they r talking about pinky n sweetys fight. They talk about how pinky was crying all night and that now they should not bother her all day. Just then pinky comes and jeet and Ravi are surprised to see her smiling. Jeet leaves but Ravi says what up n pinky says since it is not her fault she will not say sorry n so she will remain happy and not worry.

Scene change: lucky goes to rocky n asks him if he is okay rocky says he is fine and that he wants the bike his parents will get for him this makes lucky very happy and he says rocky is the best son in the world.

Rocky meets kitu n kitu says he is very sorry rocky forgives him n then he meets pinky she says he can drive the bike as it is his.

Precap: Ginny calls pinky saying rocky had an accident n is in the hospital.

Update Credit to: Sanaaya

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