Veera 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Veera 19th June 2013 Written Update

Veera hears Ranvi calling her. The tiger is seated in the ground. Veera tells the teacher that there is nothing to worry as her brother is here, she will ask him to save other children also. A girl asks how come her brother fight the tiger all alone but Veera is confident that her veerji has strength to fight against all odds. She tries to call Ranvi. The teacher asks Veera to be quiet else they May get into more trouble. Veera tells the teacher that it was she who told them that they will be safe unless you try to harm the tiger.

Ranvi calls Veera again. The tiger makes noise. Veera is the only child who is smilin on hearing the noise. Chaiji asks Ranvi to be quiet else the tiger may get into action. Ratan notices a boy coming out crying. All ask him to go back but he doesn’t. On hearing the voice, the tiger moves towards the boy. Nihaal takes two men with him to do something and save the boy. The forest officials are not picking the phone.

Nihaal jumps into the school , gets the boy and gives him to the other men he took with him. The tiger is approaching Nihaal fastly. He gets out in neck of time and is safe. Chaiji blesses him. A man brings a net that can be used to trap tiger. Nihaal asks someone to help him to bring the other kids out. No one respond. Chaiji irritatedly says that these people won’t put their life in danger for other people’s children. She wants him to be courageous and save other children too.

Ratan says that no one is doubting on Nihaal’s bravery but he is scared of heights. Kartar tells that Nihaal must only do it as he has no family to cry behind him. Chaiji blasts him for not being a human. Nihaal accepts the challenge. Another man accompanies Nihaal to save the children. Chaiji blesses him and Ranvi hugs him. Nihaal asks Ranvi to be brave and others to pray to give him courage to save children.

The teacher and other children who are trapped inside pray to God to save them. Veera has a different request to God. She asks rabji to give food to tiger outside so that it gets satisfied and then plays with them. The teacher , children look at her weirdly.

Ranvi says its his mistake that he left Veera and went. He tells God that he will not be able to forgive himself if something happens to Veera. Chaiji consoles him saying that nothing will happen to Veera as she has got a brother like him. Veera realizes that it’s Ranvi’s class where they have been locked. She asks teacher as why didn’t she say it to her before. The teacher asks her to be quiet.

Nihaal climbs the wall. The tiger is resting. People outside are praying for safety of their kids and Nihaal. They signal to Nihaal and the other guy about the tiger as both are not able to notice it. Nihaal comes a little down and is now able to see the tiger. He is feeling dizzy and tiger is not visible clearly. Nihaal uses the net to try to trap the tiger but slips. All shout his name. The tiger gets alert and notices Nihaal’s leg. Chaiji warns him. The other guy helps Nihaal and is saved from tiger attack.

Chaiji thanks God as Nihaal is fine. Ranvi keeps an Ardaas to God to save Veera. Chaiji consoles him. The other guy who helped Nihaal says that the only way to save children is to divert the tiger’s attention. Veera wipes the tears of her classmates and asks them not to cry. The teacher sees this and smiles faintly. A man informs the people that he couldn’t locate the forest officer anywhere. Ranvi requests God to take care of Veera.

Precap: Veera comes outside to feed tiger and calls it. Everyone are shocked. The tiger approaches her.

Update Credit to: seelaks

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