Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Natasha walking on the road thinking about the moments spent with Karthik, a song plays baarishein naraaz bhi jata jaati hain kabhi kabhi ambar bhi….while it is raining, she looks at the flowers and takes white bouquet as karthik like white flowers. She keeps the white bouquet on the bed beside Karthik. Karthik is still unconscious. She says you hurt me, please wake up. Please fight with me, what happened to our love? She asks him to get up. She says I still love you. We will make a new beginning forgetting everything. We will go from here and start afresh. She cries throughout and urges him to wake up.

Shipra remembers the old days spent with Karthik. She remembers the flashback when Sudhir asks for a tea and Shipra gives him saying she made a tea for Karthik but he was sleeping so she gives the same to Sudhir…She remembers Karthik waking up and hugs them. She asks him to study in Mumbai. Sudhir suggests Shipra to go to the hostel with him. Karthik assures them that he will come after completing his studies. Karthik asks her not to shed tears remembering him and he will come as soon as she starts smiling. Shipra prays to Ganapatti Bappa for Karthik’s wellbeing and says she is smiling naa, so please save Karthik.

Scene shifts to Vikram and Ram:

Vikram says Priya is stressed because Karthik is in ICU. It is normal. Ram says Karthik is in ICU because of me, I sent the police there. Vikram says Priya dont think like that.

Scene shifts to Priya and Neha:

Priya tells Neha that Karthik did wrong but he was repenting for his mistakes and he promised me that he will correct his mistakes and trust me he was ready to surrender. If I didn’t faint then he would have surrender to the police. He brought me here to the hospital. She says to Neha Mr. Kapoor should have tell me about his plan. I dont think there is a neccessity in our relation to hide something from me. My brother is not a criminal. He is battling for life because of me, he saved my life. If anything happens to him, then I will hold myself responsible. She cries throughout. (Superb natural acting by priya, simply awesome). Neha listens quietly.

Scene shifts to Rishabh:

Rishabh tells the inspector that he gave all the information and their family is going through difficult times. Inspector leaves.

Scene shifts to Shipra:

Shipra comes to Sudhir and says that the baby is missing from the baby ward. Ayesha asks the nurse, she tells baby is in the same ward. Rishabh asks her to calm down and he will go and check for the baby. Shipra cries for the baby and Karthik.

Scene shifts to Natasha and baby:

Natasha looks at the baby angrily and says everything is happening because of you and your mother. You both came in between us. Karthik will come back to me and we will start afresh and you have to get out of our lives. I dont care if you have to stay alone. We will begin our life and there is no place for you. I hate you and your mother. Baby starts crying, Natasha feels irritated but takes the baby in her hands and says you are feeling fear. She says him sorry for shouting at him. she says you are not at fault. You are also worried about your papa naa, I am also feeling scared. She says doctors here will save your papa, he will be alright. your papa will be fine. She kisses the baby.

Scene shifts to Priya:

Priya wipes her tears when she sees Soumya and Pihu. Ram asks why you bring her here. Pihu says Khush said mama will die. Priya says nothing will happen like that. Pihu says khush said we will not be able to talk to mama. Priya says he will be fine. Ram says rockstar, remove your fears from your heart. Pihu says if anyone kill you and mama then.. Ram assures her that no one will kill them. We will be fine. He says we can’t stay without you and we will pray to God to save mama. Ram asks her to go back home with Soumya.

Scene shifts to Shipra:

While she is crying badly, Neha tries to console her. Ayesha also feels bad. ( hope she changed for good). Nurse comes out of the ICU and calls Doctor. Everyone panicked. The doctor rushes inside to attend Karthik who is sinking. Doctor informs everyone that patient is critical and is sinking. He asks them to pray. Shipra and Shipra are shocked. Shipra is about to faint but Neha and sudhir holds her and helps her sit.

Scene shifts to Natasha and karthik:

Natasha comes with the baby to Karthik and says you love kids naa. you wanted to have10 kids naa. She says him sorry, and says I didn’t give you the baby. you wish we had a baby but nothing happened like that. she says this chotu is your child, your baby. She keeps the baby beside his bedside and asks him to look at him. She says chotu wants to play with me, wants to feel you. She says chotu and I have becomes friends and we are requesting you to get up. she cries. She says she will never forgive him but also never be able to forget that this baby is his. she asks him to wake up. Ram and Priya listens Natasha talking to unconscious Karthik. The screen splits into two, showing Ram and Priya tensed.

Precap: Priya tells Neha that Karthik gave chotu’s responsibility to her, she should go and take care of him. Neha asks her to relax and says you saw naa Natasha has accepted chotu, she will take care of him. She says if God can do a miracle by changing Natasha’s heart then can’t God make Karthik well.

Update Credit to: Amena

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