The Buddy Project 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

The Buddy Project 19th June 2013 Written Episode, The Buddy Project 19th June 2013 Written Update

The epi begins with Panchhi admiring her crown n being congratulated by one n all. ..
JeeMi excitedly offer to throw a party n end up fighting
Panchhi stops them n announces a party tonight at her place . .
In the process JJ is busy msging his KPD. . .
RaHiMiVi wonder where he’s lost n Panchhi teases JJ when he says he was msging a good friend. . (aww . .cute)
Panchhi invites JJ to the party n RV offers to invite the others n takes their leave
KiPi are shooting for the MV . . .
n while shooting KiPi do numerous hilarious mistakes like alternatively both of them falling down!!!
Making KD who was conveniently sitting on a tree’s branch laugh like crazy(Awww . .Fahad . ur smile)
Pidhhi asks him why is he laughing so much. ..
if he finds all this funny why doesn’t he teach them how to do it. .
JeeMi start fighting over who will drop Panchhi home only to realize Panchhi already left with JJ
KD’S Day dreaming sequence
Mere saath tum nahi. . .
on KiSha

(oooh so. . .SEXY!!!!)
KD Playing harmonica after ages. .
n KiSha in blue. . ..
my heart goes. . . .DHAK DHAK!!!!!
Piddhi brings him back to reality n asks his opinion . . .
Kiya to the rescue. . .
says its their(KiPi ‘s)
MV n they’ll manage it somehow. .
Kiya asks Piddhi to lift her. .
Piddhi wonders if she’s serious. . .n points at his physique
Finally Piddhi agrees to lift Kiya.. . .n is trying hard. .
keep keeps on complaining. .
n KD is simply enjoying the scene before him n encouraging Piddhi . .
but his face falls . .sseing police coming. . .
the police comes. . .n asks that this House had been closed since a long tym. ..
how are they shooting here . .
whr’s the permit?
Piddhi says there’s no permit n they were just leaving anyway. .
Police says thr’s been complaint from the neighborhood . ..n that they are being booked . .
the police recognize Kiya as the MMS girl n asks if they shooting for another MMS!!!( SERIOUSLY????)
KD comes to the rescue. .
Tries to pacify the officer n explains that they are clg students n were just shooting for their clg project . . .but the officer books KD tooo. . .
when Piddhi says that KD ‘s father is also in police which KD confirms. .
n also says infact he helped ACP Shinde in the fake entrance exam case
(what a weird way to reveal the truth. .. )
Avi gets a call from Ishaan. . .that he’s coming n is gonna stay with him for a day. .so that he also knows how his Clg ppl are . . Avi says. .he knows what Ishaan really wants to see . .Pretty girls. . .n Ishaan smirks ..

the other unit members Start pleading for mercy n KD confirms . . .they’ve got nthn to do with it. . . .
so they are all pardoned except KiShaPi. . .
KD n Officer have a war words . .making Angry Young Man in him wake up. .
KD somehow controls his anger . .
the hawaldaar says they cant book Kiya without the presence of a lady constable. . .n he offiershuts him up. . but calls a lady constable anyway .. .
on the way The police snatch KiShaPi phones. . pissing KD even more. .
n top it all the officer in questions looks at Kiya with wrong intentions. . . .
KD cant handle it any more
RV is trying to call KiShaPi. .but their phones are switched off . ..
in the process he sees Rukmini and tries to apologize. . but Rukmini is in no mood to listen n starts off with the story of her life. . . angering RV
(seriously girl stop acting like u r the only bechaari abla naari around. . .u’re not the only person with a troubled life for heaven’s sake. . so stop acting like one)
finally RV has had enough n he forcefully drags her to his car .. makes her sit in the passenger seat n drives off. . . .

same as yest . .
KD hands over his hard earned money to the police. ..
n he lets PraSha go
but starts misbehaving with Kiya. .
Piddhi threatens to complain the police abt it. .
the officer starts beating him up. .
an already pissed KD springs into action
the officer threatens with a gun. .
a Gun shot ..
Kiya shouting KD at the top of her voice shocked . .
Piddhi on the ground Crying
KD falls on the ground unconscious, beeding

Update Credit to: Serendipity

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