Parvarish 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Parvarish 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Parvarish 13th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with CA telling Lucky that he checked all the papers and come to conclusion that they can arrange 3.5 crores and they are short of 1.5 crores still. He advices them to sell off the house. Lucky, Gini and Rocky are shocked. Rocky asks his father not to get tensed. Gini asks for her mom. Raavi talks with Jeet as Rocky is thinking to work for running the house work. Raavi says you was right, I will study and fulfill your dreams. Rocky tells Jeet that they have to sell their house because they are short of money.

Rocky is determined to get the house back anyhow. Jeet says he will arrange the loan and assures Pinky about it. Rocky says he talked with Mausa ji and he promised to arrange loan. He says Dad you are our hero and tries to cheer him up.

Jeet supports Lucky in his tough time and arranges money for the loan. Papaji says someone will come to see the house. Rocky gets a call and he says that papa is suspended. Papaji says how he is suspended when he was the one who got cheated. Papa comes to the secretary and introduces himself and Jeet, he says Lucky is innocent and got cheated. That man says how can he signed the papers without checking its authenticity. Papaji says they went to Police for filing the complaint. He says he always think about the way out. In lucky office, peon comes and says he will come to office tomorrow morning. Jeet tells the secretary not to tell anything to Lucky. Lucky calls him and he says he will be happy to help him. He asks papaji to have tea, papaji agrees.

Lucky tells Rocky not to think like that and he will work and pays the money. Papaji informs Lucky that secretary will help them and Lucky smiles. Someone comes to see the house and Lucky sits sad. That man says that they liked the bungalow and decides to pay the money next week. Jeet says what is the need to sell the house, Lucky says to pay the investors. jeet says that loan is sanctioned for rs 2 crores and will be transferred in your account soon. Lucky and Rocky gets happy.Rocky goes to inform his other family members.

Raavi and Rashi introduces Jee le Zara stars, Sanchi to Rohan to their family.


Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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