Amita Ka Amit 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 13th August 2013 Written Update

Amit reaches the rehearsal hall and apologizes for being late. She still hasn’t changed her clothes. Amu apologizing says she cant go. Everyone got in problem because of me the choreo is upset he wants all of us to practise more. He has just given us a break for 20 minutes. Amit asks this means their date gets cancelled now. She nods in agreement. Amit says bye and leaves. She goes after him. If you are feeling bad then you can tell. He tries to dismiss it but she insists to know. I know you must be feeling bad as we are not able to go out on the date. He acknowledges with a nod. You are anyways going to rehearse now what if the date got cancelled we can go some other day. She gets into mischief. What if I say the date hasn’t been cancelled then? He reminds her she needs to be back

in 20 minutes. She is sure they can enjoy in that time. He is clueless while she smiles at him.

Amu takes Amit to a roadside restaurant and orders for a pizza. She shows him the table where they can sit. He is happily surprised by the setting and rose on the centre of the table. Hona tha pyar starts playing. They sit sharing a cute eye lock. They are so lost in each other’s eyes while eating the pizza happily. She notices time and takes him somewhere else. They sit down to watch a movie (?) in some store selling tv’s. The attendant helps them with popcorns (can I have the address if this store please 😛 ). Movie ends puzzling Amit. He says only the end of this movie was nice. Now that we have watched the ending means we have watched the whole movie (applaud you for your logic 😉 ). She drags him up as they have only 2 minutes left for the break to be over. Back in the car, she explains this will be their long drive. Amit smiles at her logic (we too are 🙂 )… are mad! She says, however I am, I am yours. They both smile at this. Amit notices a plants’ (yes! :O) on the road. He gets down and buys a flower for his lady love. a small gift for our small date. She thanks her Amit Romantic Shah. They reach the rehearsal hall…..AND THE CHOREO IS WAITING FOR THEM OUTSIDE (lol….guess he doesn’t have any other work to do 😛 ). AA are surprised. Amit notices her nervous expressions as Siddhant looks at his watch pointedly. Amu nods without him saying anything. Amit asks her (they are still inside the car) if he is mad as well making her smile. Why is he staring at me like this? She tells him to be calm and not be upset because of this arrogant sir. She gets down to face her “sir” who just turns and goes back inside. Amit watches them go and looks upset. Amu turns to signal something but finding him lost just walks inside. He actually misses her by a second.

Amu and her co-dancers are practising. The choreo wants them to strike a nice coordination among themselves. They start again. He is visibly not liking the arrangement (I too am not liking it…they aren’t even twisting their necks :O). He stops them again. He warns them they will have to match their steps well or no one will go home. He calls one girl ahead to dance. She is nervous. He is disappointed with the next one too. Amu is next. She is dancing well. Neeraj appreciates her dance and the choreo shoots a stern glance at him. The choreo asks her to stand aside (ha! No criticising then at least say a nice word to the lady 😀 ). She obliges. He tells the others to dance well. The warning stays put for them. Amu asks him if her were steps were right then can she go home. He reminds her this is a group dance. You are a gopi not radha. No one is going home till all pull it off nicely. She is asked to join them back. She has no option but to do as told.

Amu is home when she notices all seated at the dining table. Amit gets up and goes to her taking her bag. Baa teases him to pick her stuff like this at times as well. Fallu is clearly not liking it. Amu joins them for dinner and Fallu makes an exit. Kirath asks Amu about her rehearsals. She nods they are good but apologizes for coming late. Nani says have read in newspapers big stars come late only. Baa points out they reach late for shooting but are home on time. Fallu is back with more food. Baa asks Fallu if she is right who just feigns ignorance of any of it. She is about to go back to kitchen to make more chapattis when Amu stops her. I am sorry I had to made Kadhi…Fallu cuts her off. Its very late have food. She leaves silently. Amit notices the reaction.


Uggh the mad choreo asks Radha (I am confused about her name – Monali / Sonali / Saloni so would write Radha only till I get my facts right) to get the act right. She begins dancing nervously but its not liked by him. She slips on the floor. He looks at her disappointedly as she gets up. We are practising the same steps since last 2 hours. I have shown you innumerable times (oh I want to see it now 😉 ). She is sorry. He sends her home for now. He is worried about losing out on the trophy. Radha will have to be best to win this competition. So many people will come to watch it. Forget about gopi’s this Radha cannot even dance. He asks Neeraj to show the tapes of rehearsals to him once again. Neeraj goes to get them for him.

Amit is working on the lappy while Amu is leaning her head on his arm. I am a little worried Amit. He nods agreeing. She rues how that arrogant sir made her dance so much. Because of all this I am not able to help in the household chores. MIL has to do everything on her own. I am not liking it at all. So many things have come up all of a sudden that I don’t know what to do and what not to. I am not able to concentrate on any work. I am a little sad as well. He lightly pats his head on hers (aww love this one <3). She says this because he has been left alone. I dint feel like leaving you at all after our small date. But what to do had to go to rehearsal too. You too would have felt bad right? He delines. Stop worrying about me. Concentrate on your rehearsals. She wonders how can he be so practical at time doesn't he feel bad? He replies either of us will have to be practical. You dance I will be practical. She asks him to get a practical wife for himself and turns to leave. He pulls at her hand making her turn towards him. She wants him to free her hand but he doesn't let go. Think well I can leave for real. She challenges him for it. He again pulls her to him. An eye lock follows. -Break- The choreo is watching the tapes. He rewinds to see Amu’s dance (huh finally you fall in place Mr. 🙂 ). Neeraj asks him if he is sure about watching Amu’s rehearsal again. Siddhant tells him to play it. He is happy with her dance moves. The romantic stare of AA is broken by a phone call. He asks her who would call her at this hour. She jokes back sarcastically she isn't this genius. She picks up the call reluctantly. She tells Amit it is Neeraj’s phone call. Neeraj asks her to come to rehearsal hall asap. She reprimands the arrogant sir telling him to let married people live their life at home. Look at the time. He happily shares he wants you to audition for Radha. Amu is completely takes by surprise as Amit looks at her changing expressions. She conveys the news to him. She asks Neeraj to tell Sir to buy a watch so that he can look at the time when he calls someone. I wouldn’t have come even for a role opposite Ranbir Kapoor’s role at this hour. She disconnects the call. She thinks about the convo but then dismisses it. He is mad anyways keeps shouting all the time. He rightly deserves this. If I would have gone now then he would have asked me to do all the steps of gopi. He agrees with her and suggests sleeping as it is very late. She tells him she isn't sleepy. He couldn’t agree more. Both smile shyly and get under the blanket. Siddhant is watching the tape where Amu teaches that Radha girl some steps. She is a natural her every step is perfect. He is very sure she can pull it off perfectly. Only she will be Radha.

Update Credit to: pooja

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