Chanchan 13th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Chanchan 13th August 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 13th August 2013 Written Update

Manav says  he never leaves anything in between he likes Mayuri’s pictures on the social networking website and she tries to say she is not interested in boys and who sees her pictures in the website and she is a doctor  . He brags that he wants to meet her before he leaves for London then  to Switzerland to meet his family and God wants Mayur Patel and Mayuri to meet and she agrees he tells her the name of the restaurant . He says OK sweetheart and CC comes and gets angry as he never called her sweetheart and they have a sweet moment with CC jealous and Manav trying to placate her saying she is always in his heart and very sweet that he will get sugar. CC goes and She sees Kaumidi walking up with difficulty after climbing 200 steps in the temple and she takes her up and tells

her she will buy new clothes so that Mukut will keep looking at her. She comes to the room and finds Manav on phone and she goes and changes and gets angry with him as he is busy texting  then Manav says he is chatting with Mururi and Manav teases her and she angrily  turns and sleeps and he tries to persuade her and again a romantic moment between them.

CC and UB says  husband does not change with clothes and Sanjana says  her husband always notice and asks how much they cost all  make a face and UB says are Kaumudi’s her clothes not well the CC explains  to them and they all go to a shop to select clothes along with Manav and he goes from there finds a mannequin in white dress and imagines CC in it and Cc goes and disturbs his dreams  of hugging her  saying what are you doing and takes  him back to UB who is buying a heavy saree for Kaumidi  and Manav again  goes and CC convinces all and buys light sarees and  jewelery for Kaumidi. Manav has to meet Mayuri and ChanMan send Kaumidi and UB home Kaumidi is thoughtful CC reassures her.

Mayuri  comes to a restaurant and Manav removes his glasses and rings her up he is with a goatee beard and she is sorry as she made him wait he says he is not angry  and when she asks where he saw her picture he says  he saw it at Mukut Baorisagar’s office  who is their Comman friend and then when she asks what he does he tells her he owns a chain of hotels and says he likes her a lot and then asks her whether she is single and she says yes and the Mukut scenes are shown side by side. Mayuri asks where his hotels are and then says she likes to travel a lot but  her job does not permit her and Manav says he will take her to lot of places Mukut is trying for her and she keeps cutting the phone and Manav thinks CC  is correct about Mayuri.  And CC dresses up Kaumidi who looks very lovely and UB likes her a lot saying she is looking very pretty and modern  and Mukut will marry her again and then CC says she needs  a purse  Kaumidi is bit uncomfortable  and asks UB will Mukut change his opinion when he sees me like this and  Mukut comes inside and he says yes  I am thinking  that you are  unclouth  but you are also silly and  wearing all this you won’t become like Mayuri  and asks her to change  and start cooking for all. Kaumidi has tears in her eyes  CC angry and UB scolds him saying not another word..

CC comes and stops her from removing her saree and bangles and UB and CC placates her saying that he has changed  that why he is saying like this and she disagrees if he is not happy and she told me that I  can’t  be like Mayuri  then why should I  be  like this.CC says do it for yourself as you have to do what you like as you are a woman 1st then wife and mother do it for yourself as  it will help you find yourself and if you are convinced with my words then be like this otherwise you go back to your old ways Kaumidi  is  thinking.

PRECAP Kaumidi is looking very good and her saree in modern way and CC tells with breakfast  there is a surprise Ranjana Sanjana are surprised  and when she goes out her FIL and all BILs are surprised and Manav is happy and Mukut  comes and tells her she is looking very nice.

Update Credit to: chalhov

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