Part 99 Mehrya My version

Part 99 10/10/2018

Mehak followed up with Arun and managed to learn on editing and how to create and upload videos or posts in YouTube. She was busy juggling between her yoga classes, creating new menus and dishes for White Chilies and her new upcoming channel and learning editing as well. On the other hand Shaurya was busy with his TV show. Every week a guest food blogger will come in and try the dishes and they pick the weekly winner from there. Those who didn’t meet the requirement where given wild card round added assigned hard task before elimination. Mr Venkatesh and Mrs Bhavna suggested the finale week episodes to be shot at somewhere outside Bangalore so it will increase the viewership for the program and it will create the hype as well. Quickly they started to discuss which destination is suitable and they decided to go for some hill stations and they started to search for the suitable one like Chikmagalur, Coorg, Munnar and many more hill stations. Mr Bhatt asked his team to start working on the transportation, accommodation and how to get local government approval etc. for the program and the team started to work on it.

That week shooting has been postponed due to scheduling for upcoming events, so Shaurya woke up late he heard the shower sound and he smiled as he knows Mehak is in shower. He sits down and ruffled his hair as Mehak came out tied her hair in the towel. She wished him good morning and kissed his forehead. As she asked him you are awake, good you get ready and go for gym, last night you told me you want to go to gym right she asked? She was about to leave he pulled her by her waist and she landed on his lap, I think I have better idea than going to gym he said in his husky tone as getting ready for some other things. Knowing him Mehak pinched hard at his hand and he let go of his grip with a sharp scream. She quickly gets up and moved to the dressing table taking off the towel from her hair and started to wipe and detangle her hair, Looking at her he gets up from bed and stands behind her closely as sees a droplet of water on her back he gets some naughty idea he bend his head over her back and kissed the droplet with a loud kiss and slowly rub his stubble over back sending her jolts of lightening and butterflies in her tummy. She twitched as his stubble graze on her skin. She tried to stop him but his arms tighten around her waist creating havoc in her. Just then Shaurya’s mobile started to vibrate which makes Mehak to push Shaurya and she asked him to check his mobile, he tried to hold her but she asked him to check his mobile and left the room as he goes to get his mobile, he checked the message he received and nodded his head and headed to the bathroom to freshen up. He came out with his work out pants and sleeveless tee with a cap. Mehak made his fruits mixed nuts smoothie and he gulped it down, Mehak wipe his lips with her towel, he hold her hand and said don’t use the towel use your lip to clean it, Mehak raised her eyebrows and came closer to him and pulled his cheek asking him morning itself today you started, go quickly to gym and come home quickly she wiped his lips with the towel and showed him the door. He before leaving asked that means after I came back from gym I can expect something sweet, hot and spicy is it? She pushed him out of the door and said don’t expect too much who knows you will end up getting something bitter she warned him, he manage to peck on her cheek and she closed the door leaning behind the door saying pagal. She pushed her wet hair behind and ON the hifi set played some songs while she prepares for the day meal. She went to their room and make the bed, she took their dirty laundries to the washing machine and throw them into the washing machine and started to arrange the cushion pillows on the sofa. It was scattered everywhere all thanks to her husband who last night throw at her when she was busy with her work in the laptop. When she was not paying attention to him he got annoyed and started to throw them at her. Later she left no choice to save her work and sit with him as he hugs her tightly. She started to prepare brunch for them and Shaurya came home. He smiled as he close the door slowly, she was busy with cooking. He slowly went to hug her and rest his chin on her shoulders, which startled her. She mumbled I got scared Shaurya, he asked naughtily so is it hot and spicy or something else for me, he was drenched in sweat and Mehak pushed him you are sweaty Shaurya, don’t hug me when you are dripping in sweat like this do one thing please go and shower okay you are getting nothing from me, but at least one small kiss he begged with a puppy eye, no means no , first go and shower then come to eat then you have to help me yesterday you distracted me while I was doing  work now you help me to complete them after that let’s see what to give you she said with smirk. He took off his cap and headed to the bathroom singing come then at least shower together, Mehak naughtily said I didn’t hear anything. She started place the food on the dining table. She arranged Shaurya’s work papers all in a stack and stands at their well decorated balcony admiring the beautiful sky. The doorbell ringed, she went to see who is it and no one outside the door. She closed the door and continued her work when the bell rings again, she went to check and still no one was outside. She rolled her eyes as this never happens before and it’s quite annoying, she locked the door and went to their room and from the bathroom door she said to Shaurya, someone is playing with the doorbell Shaurya I checked and there is no one there, he said maybe the kids are playing and ignore. She nodded and went to arrange her notes and computer so they can start work later after the brunch. The doorbell rings for the third time and this time she was telling herself if there is no one there and someone playing pranks with me they are so in trouble with me she huffed and puffed as headed to the door, as she opens the door a familiar figure stands and says laddoo, Mehak was totally surprised to see her PD there and she quickly hugged her kissing her, she manage to ask PD what are you doing here, how you came? Nehal quickly came behind Mehak and hugged her saying I bring her to visit you didi. Mehak was so happy and hugged her and bring them both inside. She make them to sit down and asked how they come and they didn’t tell her as well even when she did video call last night. PD said it’s all because Hero arranged for us flight ticket. He was saying laddoo missing you PD and he asked Nehal and me to fly down to Bangalore to surprise you so here we are, he arranged for the airport cab to pick us up and now a cab to drop us here. Where is hero she asked excitedly, Mehak smiled widely said he is in shower PD just got back from gym. She bring them to the guest room and ask them to rest here and she will be back soon. She was super excited seeing her PD and sister there, she quickly went inside her room and the shower has stopped she tried opening the knob and went inside as Shaurya was with his towel wrapped around his waist drying his hair trimming his beard. Mehak hugged him from back and rested her face on his back. He asked her how’s the surprise Mrs Khanna, she planted a kiss on his back and he pulled her to the front. Mehak cupped his cheeks and said you are the world’s best husband and I love you so much for that. He planted a kiss on her forehead and he asked her to attend to them he will there in a minute, she smiled at went out of the bathroom but came back again to pull his cheek to kiss him and giggled leaving him to see PD and Nehal. He smiled as he touch his cheek where her lip was there a moment ago and started to trim his beard.

In the living room Mehak was chit chatting with PD and Nehal. While Shaurya came out from the room greeted PD and Nehal and hugged them, PD excitedly said to Shaurya, hero you asked us to come and surprise laddoo here we are, to surprise her, look at her face. Shaurya bring them over to dining table to have their meal and he teased yes PD you are right, with me she seems to be happy but when you are here her face is glowing. Mehak served them brunch and Nehal said jiju you have to bring us to all interesting place in Bangalore. This 3 days must be fun filled she added, Shaurya said okay all done we will plan to go all interesting places. Nehal commented, di in Delhi you only wears kurti and long suits but in Bangalore you are wearing modern dressing like long skirts and trendy tops, jiju selection is it? Mehak smiled as settle down on the dining table to enjoy the meal she said yes your jiju selected. Later after eat lets go check out the malls here you can choose something for yourself as well Mehak suggested. They quickly have their meals and Shaurya ask them to get ready so they can go out and enjoy themselves.

Shaurya and Mehak with PD and Nehal went to around to discover the city. They tried the local dishes and came home at night. PD and Nehal went to their room and rested as well. In their own room Mehak changed to her nightie and sat with Shaurya, he was replying some emails Mehak snuggled wrapping him from behind. He smiled as he works on the MacBook, asking her is she tired, she kissed on his shoulder and mumbled no, tomorrow I need to email back to Arun on the task he asked me to complete yesterday night you disturbed me and I didn’t finish them later you surprised me with PD and Nehal and we fully enjoyed now have to complete work so tomorrow we can go out. She started to work on her pending task Shaurya was guiding her on the grammatical stuff and after both manage to complete them and went to sleep in each other’s embrace.

Next day was another day outing around the Bangalore parks, amusement park and shopping malls.  The third day afternoon PD and Nehal returns to Delhi. Shaurya and Mehak was in the car after sending them off at the airport, Shaurya suggested that to go for grocery shopping as he wants to invite his team Mrs Bhavna and Mr Venkatesh also Mrs & Mrs Bhatt for dinner , Mehak thrilled with the idea and they went to purchase all the necessary items.

Mehak swiftly start work on her menu for the dinner, Shaurya came to kitchen few times to help her but she ask him to leave as he is not helping her except nibbling her ears and tickling her waist. She prepared the jackfruit Rasmalai and place them in the fridge continued with the other dishes. While she was preparing the other dishes Nehal called to inform they have reached Delhi and on the way back to PWG and Mehak ask them to take care and she will call them later. She ask Shaurya to taste the food, he tasted them and said all are good, he started to set the table and she pass the food platters to arrange them on the table, he followed her instruction like a good boy. She saw in the living room his jacket and cap still lying on the sofa she took them to put it back in the room and lit up some candles at the balcony and arrange the colorful cushions and went to her room to shower and change her clothes. Shaurya change as well to his casuals. The guests arrived, Mr Venkatesh, Mrs Bhavna Mr & Mrs Bhatt came too. Shaurya introduced Mehak to all Mehak greeted all and make them to sit down. They exchange pleasantries and after sometime Shaurya and Mehak bring them over to dining table to have the dinner. As Mehak serving them she mentioned is all vegetarian dishes and tell her how it does taste. All of them impressed with her and showered her compliments especially Mr Bhatt and Mrs Bhatt. Mrs Bhavna loved her pilau rice and mentioned it’s very aromatic. Mrs Bhatt added that if Mehak joined any cooking competition she will outnumber the other contestants , Mehak pressed her lips and smiled as she help the guest to add more food in their plates. Shaurya wiped his mouth with a napkin and slowly hold Mehak’s fingers and said, well that’s true if Mehak joined cooking contest she will be a great challenge to her opponent, and just to let you guys know Mehak was the 1st runner up from my previous show India Super Cook. All awe unanimously listening to it. Some misunderstandings happen and Mehak missed the opportunity to become the Champion but in the record she was the winner of ISC, Mehak signaled him with her brows raised at him. He looked at the guests and continued from there we fought with each other we pull each other’s leg then our love story continued and now Mehak manages all my food businesses especially my dream project White Chilies at Delhi. It’s doing well because of her creativity , the way she manage the team there from here, every morning she  video call and check on the progress as my brother who is based in Delhi follows them. My entire team listens to her more than me, and he chuckled saying that. Mrs Bhatt asked, Arey Mehak beta you didn’t tell me about it at all she was surprised hearing it, that’s one good thing about Mehak Mrs Bhatt she don’t like to tell anything about herself and she is very grounded yet talented and stay humble to all . Mehak learnt cooking from her mother and she continues the legacy till date he held her fingers tightly as he says that, Mrs Bhavna who sat next to Mehak praised wow Mehak if any other girl in your position would have been totally different than you, you look simple but very talented, and Shaurya you are so lucky to have her. Mr Venkatesh asked Mehak is there any cooking tips or classes you do, this is something interesting I want to know as well. Shaurya said she is in the midst of creating her own YouTube channel and will be uploading her recipes and her tips ideas and etc. She is busy nowadays with building her channel. She also have her own recipe book he added. So far Mehak’s expertise is only our desi food but now Mehak is learning western, Mediterranean dishes as well. He said she is pure vegetarian but she cooks non vege items with precise spice and herbs the taste is so accurate and remarkable too. Mr Venkatesh teased Shaurya looks like both of you connected because of food and you two have strong connection towards food.  Mehak lowered her head as blushing with his praising, Mr Bhatt said both of you are made for each other be happy and stay blessed always. Her redden face added more tone as he said that.

As dinner over , Shaurya bring the guest to the living area and Mehak served them the Rasmalai, Mr Venkatesh tried and said first time in my life tasting jackfruit rasmalai and its a wow, I love it , do you have more Mehak, she nodded and offered him one more bowl. The others started to discuss about their show and Mehak lead Mrs Bhatt to the balcony. Both sat down and Mrs Bhatt said after such a long time I ate a lot without thinking about my diet or my health thank you my dear for the wonderful meal, you have magic in your hands. Mehak gave the rasmalai bowl to her and said today all are nonstop praising me, what did I do, there are many women out there doing even greater things and they are real hero, for me I only know how to make good food and make people happy so this is me she said in a simple tone. Mrs Bhatt tasted the rasmalai and said this is mind-blowing the flavor and the texture of rasmalai is amazing.

After their discussion comes to and end they came to the balcony to join Mehak and Mrs Bhatt, Mr Bhatt announced the Bangalore Cooking Star final will be held at Chikmagalur, is a hill station located at Karnataka. Mrs Bhatt asked in surprise Chikmagalur, why pick that location? Mr Bhatt explained for the show’s success and to wrap up the show is nice idea to have it in a good hill station location and the crew shortlisted this place. Mrs Bhatt asked how we are going to transport all the participants and equipment’s etc. Mr Venkatesh explained from Bangalore its 1 hr. flight to Mangalore airport from there its 4hrs drive to Chikmagalur. Shooting license and other paper works is under process and once get confirmation from the sponsors and etc. they will announce this officially. Mehak looked at Shaurya who was equally excited on his new venture and she can see that he is very excited. Mrs Bhatt asked you guys sure there will be no problem, Shaurya answered absolutely there will be no issues Mrs Bhatt, we are working on it, and the crew are doing their level best. Tomorrow after the shooting we will sit down and have a discussion with the sponsors and authorities I belief it will be good opportunity as well it will definitely will increase the TRP for the final week. After the long discussion comes to an end, the guests thanked the host and left from there, Mehak tied her hair into bun and started to clean up the dining table, Shaurya went to tidy up the living area and joined her in the kitchen while she washing dishes he hugged from back, where his hand right below her chest she let out a small noise as he squeezed her. Mehak asked what you are doing Shaurya he kissed on her shoulder as she busy washing the dishes. She nudged him asking him to leave her she is busy but he didn’t listen to her instead rubbed her shoulder with his stubble she giggled loudly as it tickled her, she told him in her baby tone , to let her finish her work and she will come to accompany him. He responded her in his childish tone that he doesn’t want to leave her but he wants to be like this forever, with much hassle Mehak manage to complete her chores at kitchen, his hands didn’t stay quite a minute it travelled inside her tops, pinching her waist later to her sensitive part at the back. Later he bit her earlobe that’s when she chased him out of kitchen and before he leaves he slap gently on her butt naughtily and runs away. Mehak’s jaw dropped seeing his frolics. She smiled quietly as she arrange all the plates and cutleries in the drying rack and made some warm golden latte and pass him a cup and sat next to him resting her head on his arm and spend the rest of the night .

It was busy weeks for Shaurya as his show attended weekly by food bloggers on 1 of the episode, they tried the dishes prepared by the contestants and give appropriate comments and feedbacks. Total marks collected on that specific week will be calculated and other aspects such as behavior during contest, teamwork among contestants for completing the assignment where taken into note. Elimination round was held fortnightly and those who had tie in score will have wild card rounds in order to select the contestants to the next level.  Their final week shoot will be from Chikmagalur and the idea was welcomed by the sponsors and approved by authorities.

Next morning Shaurya left for his shoot, Mehak went to her yoga class and later she change to her casual to meet Arun to follow up on her online upload tutorials. She manage to learn some new technics and Arun asked her prepare all the recipes steps, pictures and details so it will be easy to upload once the channel started, Mehak note down all and left from there, She reached home and Neev coming out from his home, he asked didi you are back home, Mehak bring him to her home and one of Neev friend also followed them. She made them to sit down and prepare some quick snacks and the trio enjoyed the snack. Later Mehak put some songs and started to dance following the beat and rhythm. She showed Neev the real Punjabi dance movement as they dance for fast beat song. Their doorbell rings and Neev went to get the door as Mehak was in the kitchen, she was dancing still and came to living area sees Shaurya came home earlier than usual. His face was not in his usual self without realizing Mehak who was still dancing continued to dance, in front of him with Neev and his friend. He closed his eyes in frustration and turn off the TV, Neev looked at Mehak and said didi we go home first and left from there with his friend. Mehak sent him off and close the door , she came and throw her hands around Shaurya’s neck she asked what happen Shaurya today you are back so early, you came home to have fun right she pulled his nose. He was pretty annoyed he pushed her hands off and said Mehak my mood right now is very bad don’t play with me, Mehak naughtily said I know how to change your mood, tell me what happen he takes her hand off from his neck and said leave me alone Mehak and heads to their room and shuts door with a loud bang.

Mehak was stumbled seeing his sudden reaction, he never behaved in such way with her, not ever since their misunderstandings from Archie’s issues. Her feet can’t stand still she slowly went to their room she tried the knob it was locked from inside. She wanted to knock to check but afraid what will be his reaction, she quietly went to the balcony and sat there hugging her knees, without realizing her tears made its way down her cheeks. She was so afraid if Shaurya will hate her and they will be separated, she don’t know what happen and very much confused. Almost 1 hour passed Mehak gets up slowly from her seat to check on the room but it was still locked she was not sure whtr want to call him or not, She walked to the kitchen and started to work slowly for the dinner, She can’t concentrate cutting the vegetables properly as her mind is still worrying about Shaurya who went inside the room and locked himself, She wanted to call Mr Bhatt and ask what happen is there anything happen at the shooting spot but she refrain from doing so. She put back her mobile on the kitchen counter and continued to sauté the ingredients adding one by one. Her mind was scrambled with thoughts running all over. She took her mobile to send him a message she typed but she didn’t send instead she cancel the message and put the phone away. She rested her both hands on the counter and looks up trying to stop the tears from not flowing out again. Just then her mobile rings, it was Vicky he called her and ask about Shaurya and she said he is busy with his work and all he asked her to check his email he sent something important. Mehak said she will check later, her voice was not her usual she denied saying she is fine just the weather here is a bit warm so she sounds like this. Followed by Kanta chachi called asked how is she and Shaurya doing she was too busy with baby Mahi at times and didn’t had time to catch up the next day they are going back to Delhi. Mehak asked about Sonal, Mohit, Chachu and baby Mahi, as she was busy on the phone Shaurya came out change to his shorts and t-shirt standing behind her quietly. Mehak was telling about her work here and how busy is Shaurya with his shooting and all. Kanta chachi asked both to take care of themselves and she hangs up the call.

Mehak takes a deep breath and put her mobile away wondering what to do as it become 2 hrs. he is inside the room. She was mumbling to herself, what happen to him now he locked himself inside was it so hard to talk even, at that time he caged her in between his arms at the kitchen counter. Her breath hitched feeling his warmth around her, she wants to hug him but she decided to stay calm and quiet ignoring him and complete cooking the vegetable kurma. He bend to her shoulder saying gently sorry Mehak, will you not talk to me, she still ignored as busy at her kitchen counter. Please jaan forgive me I was in the bad mood something happen at the shooting spot and I didn’t think clearly but I let out to you please listened to me he pleaded, before his sentence ends Mehak quickly turn and hugged him tightly. She can’t stay angry with him and his pleas melted her heart immediately. He hugged tightly as he kissed her head and caressed her hair gently. He called her gently Mehak, but she started to cry in no time wetting his t-shirt. He asked why are you crying what happened, she said as she hugged him tightly you don’t even let me to cry peacefully is it, he asked again tell me what happened then you can cry peacefully, she sobbed and stuttered in between I thought you are angry with me for something and we will fight and separate again I was so scared Shaurya when you push my hands and went away like that. He shushed her as she let out her fear, he murmured why I would leave you and gets angry on you, something happened at shooting spot and I came home in that thought so that’s why I was harsh on you , I am sorry he apologized again. Mehak tilted her head to see him and ask as she scrunched her nose pakka, you are not angry with me right, never I will be angry with you he joined his forehead with hers and kissed her forehead. She hit on his chest khadoos kahinka, kareila king he chuckled at her. Mehak pulled him and made him to sit on the seat and she sat on his lap she cupped his cheeks and asked tell me what happen? He looked deep in her eyes, she was his innocent angel with full of love and she fixed everything about him, painted his life with colors, filled him with love she was the unspoken prayers for his existence he felt bad for causing the past 2 hours emotional raging in her as he went and stayed away from her instead of sitting down like this to talk to her, he rested his head on her bosom, she was surprised with his sudden action he hugged her tightly she start to caressed his head gently  pulling him closer to her. She rubbed his back to calm him and whispered all will be fine. They sat like that for sometimes, Mehak slowly said is okay if you don’t want to talk about it Shaurya, wait for a while she gets up from his lap he watched her going to the kitchen after some time she came with a tray of food putting them on the table and she sat in front of him and started the tear the roti and dip into the kurma and bring it to his mouth, he was lost in her again, he knows she loves him more even though he hurts her badly and made her cry , she filled him with all the love she had in him , every cells and ounce of him knows her love is one of the kind that he is been longing for with her unconditional love she buried  his anger away but today without realizing the anger was long gone has visited him again and he again hurt her but she is full of magic with her motherly instincts she brought food for him and now ready to feed him this made him feel like a needle pricked deep in his heart. Shaurya she called him and he came out from his deep thinking, what are you dreaming open your mouth, he opens his mouth and she feed him gently. I am sure you must be terribly upset and didn’t even had lunch then this will increase your stomach acidity issue , eat first , calm down and rest properly, Whatever happens it will be fine she said as she continues to feed him. Shaurya as well took the roti to feed her she said I will eat later you eat first, he said or else I am not eating now. She pouted at him and said you are the most stubborn person I have ever seen in my life. He grinned as he bring the food to her mouth, both ate together as they feed each other.

Later in the couch Mehak rested on his chest as he caressing and playing her hair, it started to rain slowly outside and they remain calm in the position, Shaurya slowly started today at the shooting there was a problem. A contestant named by Ananya came to my vanity room while it was a break time. I asked her to leave as contestants are not allowed to speak to the judges or any crew members after shoot and break period. She blamed me because we paired her with another contestant who she is not in good terms and because of their arguments during shoot they scored low. Their dishes didn’t turn out to well too as the fish didn’t cooked well and had raw smell, you know me I was very disappointed and said with this way of cooking people who are eating the dish will get Salmonella and end up being sick, instead of fighting with each other at the station they should team up to prepare a good dish. So she was upset with me and came to see me in the vanity room and ask me to change her partner and for that favor she is willing to do any favor. Mehak immediately tilted her head to look at him, just then he cupped her by her neck and said my crew who was in the vanity room with me warned her and we need to call for emergency meeting to highlight this matter. Now they are discussing on the next course of action to take against this contestant. Mehak in her innocent tone asked phir kya hua? He chuckled and said then I came home in that same bad mood yell to my wife, made her cry and locked myself in the room and now my wife is calming me. But Shaurya you should tone down on your opinion not all will like your comments, maybe you should think properly before giving comments she said, he looked at her do you think all are Mehak Sharma, who will quietly listen to you is it, you see what trouble you landed in she said as she hugged him back. Mehak being a judge in a show is not easy besides that you were not there to witness what all clumsy things they do while shooting some fighting like cats and dogs not bothered being recording in the camera, so it was terrible day all together he concluded. Mehak gets an idea and she gets from there and ask him to get up as well, he asked why what now, she manage to pull him off from the couch and said I know what will make your mood better, she skipped and went to the home stereo set and selected a song, it was humma humma from Ok Jaanu. She looped her arms around his neck and he wrapped his around her waist, both danced while giggling twirling like mad and Mehak’s mission was successful making Shaurya to smile and cleared his mind from his bad day encounters.

Note: Apologies my readers , been not well as I had injured my wrist which the pain goes upto my shoulder , I was on physiotherapy as well . the more I used my arms the worst it gets, so sorry for the delay caused, to compensate all I have uploaded this long chapter , do read and enjoy them , click on Like button and write me a feedback too thank you and stay blessed always

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      Thank you Kavya for the feedback I am glad you like the chapter, I am slowly recovering and wrote this in small paragraphs and joined them in one large chapter to compensate my readers. Yes I am taking care of my health taking vitamins , essential oils , good rest etc to recover quickly. is having a contest for best fan fictions, I would really appreciate if you could nominate me if my work has impressed you. thank you so much and stay blessed always

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